Thursday, November 28, 2013

Reasons to be Thankful!

Why Hello There Everyone! 

I had a really great week! Super hard.. But also super great! For the sake of time and trying to stay focused.. I'm probably going to tell you about transfers first then do some bullet points. 

Transfers are this week, the day before thanksgiving to be exact. I am going to be staying in the Coal Mountain Ward (which I couldn't be more happy about!) Woot woot! That also means I am still a Sister Training Leader, which means another 6 weeks of 2 exchanges per week and we now have a 6th companionship of sister in the zone. By the end of this transfer it will be my 6 month mark of being a Sister Training Leader. I love it! But I'm also pooped! haha Good thing the holidays bring an added level of excitement so I'm sure I'll find enough energy :) 

For the month of December the mission has asked that you send ALL letters and packages to me directly. My address is 6416 Mayfield Dr. Cumming, GA 30041. So ya.. Write me! :) 

Here is a rundown of the week: 
  • We met some of the coolest people this week! I went on two exchanges with Sisters I hadn't gone with before so that was exciting :) On one of the exchanges I met someone who served his mission with Chase Adams-Hart. Small world? YES! So.. If anyone in the Adams-Hart family gets this.. I'm supposed to say "Elder Broadhead says hi." (At least I think that's his name.. haha)
  • Wednesday we were tracting and we knocked on the door of Nicki, a pretty young mom. We had been knocking doors in this neigborhood for an hour with no success only fiesty people. And we couldn't figure out why we had felt like we needed to go there. Then we met Nicki, and we knew :) All of her extended family are members and she was so excited to meet us! She said she really wants to learn more and asked us to come back next week when kids are out of school because she wants her kids involved too :) Miracle, I think yes! 
  • We were on a team-up with Sister Norton visiting some sisters in the ward who haven't been coming. As we drove into one neighborhood Sis Norton says "My friend lives here!" and we kept going to find this girl in our ward.. well she moved.. So as we were driving out of the neighborhood Sis Norton goes "Well Sisters, wait a second, we weren't here to find Betsy, we're in this neighborhood so you can meet my friend. Ya. Lets just stop by!" :) SO WE DID! And it was awesome! Lyndi was SO excited to meet us and know there were girl missionaries (Sis norton's son is serving in Brazil). As we were getting ready to leave Sis Norton says "You know Lyndi, they teach free lessons about our church.." to which Lyndi responded "You do?! Well then lets get them started! Can you come after thanksgiving and start teaching my family, we really need a church." So we talked briefly about the youth programs available for her kids and it was awesome. :) A miracle, umm YA!! 
  • On Thursday we made many a batch of cookies with Sister Davis (one of our offical Grandma's in the congregation) for the troops. There is a thing each quarter that people ship off homemade cookies and southern treats to troops overseas. It was SO fun! I think we made about 20 dozen cookies in 2 hours. It was awesome :) We boxed 225 full of cookies and goodies to be sent to the Military! :)
  • As we were making the cookies I rememberd that Thursday was Barbara R (someone we are teaching) son's birthday. He was killed in a car accident a year ago. So we wrote her a card and took her over some of the cookies. I'm not sure I have the adequate words to express how much I love that woman. Nor can I completely describe seeing her that day. To see her light up a bit as we gave her cookies and a needed hug. She told her friend (a member in our ward) how much she loves us and how much it meant to her that we remembered Kyle's birthday. She said "those sisters of yours are welcome at my house everyday!" (Someday remind me to tell you of the miracle of Barbara R. and Mary--I'm not sure I have time today, but its definitely one worth sharing)
  • We are having lunch with Mary and her friend Sister Berg to talk about the church and answer some of her questions :) Cool huh? :) 
  • We had a Sister's work out/party on Friday with Sister Wolfert :) It was all the sisters in two stakes. It was really fun! We worked out, ate breakfast, did some trainings, and then talked. I unfortunately had to train on not flirting again.. DOH! I trained on it last week in a meeting and then on Fri Sister Wolfert said "Sister Hamilton I know I didn't ask you but.. will you go train on not flirting right now?" So that was "fun" aka not.. haha But its okay! :) It was fun to see a couple of my past companions :)
  • Oh and Sister Wolfert called me and gave me marriage advice.. Yes. That happend. And I'm pretty sure that doesn't happen everyday as a missionary! haha She just kept giving me peptalks about finding the best guy and not settling so that he and I together could do great things.. haha Okay Sister Wolfert, THANKS! :) On a serious note I really do love her, she's amazing! I really lucked out and got the best Mission President/Wife. 
So ya, things are great! All the ward is making a schedule of where we will be for what holiday (multiple members each day have us coming) so we are all taken care of :) Its so fun! haha And its a miracle to see them starting to jump into missionary work and be involved. We have about 4 families right now who have nights set up where they have invited friends over and we are going to do a lesson and a game. WHAT A MIRACLE! :) 

Alma 34:38 "...and that ye live in thanksgiving daily, for the many mercies and blessings which he doth bestow upon you." Lifes good! Find reasons to be thankful for! :) Because believe me, there are blessings all around us. 

I love you all!! 
Sister Julie Hamilton

P.S. Sorry, no pictures this week. I took a bunch.. but alas.. I forgot my camera cord :) 

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