Monday, November 18, 2013

"We're praying for you... You're welcome."

Why Hello There!

Don't you just love my favorite church sign of the week? "We're praying for you.....You're welcome." So when in doubt.. At least know the Hopewell Baptist Church is praying for you! :)
It has been a great week and an interesting week! Full of meetings, service, miracles, and fun! But before I recap on last week let me give some shout outs for this coming week..

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Wayne and Kristin!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! I hope you like the surprise I sent ya!
WELCOME TO The World Little P&L!!! <--Assuming that little one comes this week :)

Such fun things happening for Hamiltons this week! I'm excited!
Now for a quick rundown on the week..

    Sister PaePae and I at Zone Conference! 
  • We stopped by to see Barbara one night and read the Book of Mormon with her, she told us we had to wait and surprise Annie, so we did! When Annie got there Barbara proudly told her of the miracles the Savior had done in the Americas (3Nephi17) :) It was so cute to see her retelling all that we had read and how you could see it really meant something to her- a tender mercy! 
  • We were landscaping with Mary again this week and she started asking wonderful questions about the Church. She then told us about an experience she had with her neighbor. He asked her "Mary, why do you have two young girls over doing landscaping, my dog ran over to them and they were just so nice.. So what's the deal.. Did they get caught with drugs or underage drinking?"--HAHAHA--She that she told him "Bill! No. Those are Mormon missionaries." To which he asked "Well what are they doing at your house, you're not a mormon." And she said she boldy responded "Mormons are the nicest people and best church, they take care of everyone. You should really talk to them!" 
  • We stopped by to see a woman who hasn't come to church in about 10 or so years.. And she said "You know what, you're right. Its time I come back!" Meliah and her two daughters sat with us during church, MIRACLE. 
  • Sister Nielsen and I at Zone Conference!
  • A little boy in the primary program said "My faith increases when I learn the recreation of the Gospel." HAHA :) SO funny, and SO cute. But hey, I love the fun "recreation" that comes from the gospel too! 
  • I got a letter this week from a future Sister for the Georgia Atlanta North Mission. I guess she found my blog somehow and so she wrote me and asked me questions for prepping for Georgia. How cool is that? I had no idea that anyone actually read my blog! Thank you so much Lindsey for posting everything on there! And future Sister Johnson, if you're reading this, I'll be sure to write you back today with some helpful suggestions :)
  • We made cookies with a woman in our ward this week and took them to her neighbor. It was so fun she said "they just really need the gospel and they have been coming to ward activities for a long time. Its time I be a good friend and simply invite them to learn more!" So her goal this week is to invite them to a FHE at her home. Will you keep her in your prayers that she'll have courage and love to invite their neighbors over for a fun activity? :)
  • As we were teaching a member family the restoration.. Sister Alder was sharing her testimony of the Book of Mormon.. it was a great moment and the spirit was really strong. I see the BIGGEST cockroach climbing toward Sis. Norton.. I just watched it.. so I would know where to kill it afterward so Sis Alder could keep teaching.. well Sister Alder saw it and yelled "YIKES YIKES A BUG ON YOUR SLIPPER!" To which Sis Norton literally SCREAMED and kicked her legs back and forth, not only making her slippers fly but also the cockroach. Which flew across the room onto the coach we were on.. Needless to say.. it was HILARIOUS! Now.. that doesn't happen everyday! 
Anyways, its time to go. I love you all so much. I know that God lives, this is His work, and He loves each and everyone of us so much. We are never forgotten, we are never alone. We are His favorite! All of us, His favorite. And that my friends, is a miracle.

Sister Hamilton
Exchange with Suwanee!! Sister George and I had a BLAST!! It was so much fun!! :) She's a hoot. Its my second exchange with her so that was fun.

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