Monday, November 18, 2013

Feeling more than blessed!

Hey Everyone!! 

I have to leave in about 30 min to go sew my skirt... so I'll make this fast.. soo.. it will most likely be all over the place :)

I hope you are all doing great! I know I am !! :) Life sure is wonderful. Its been an interesting week here full of miracles and blessings. I realize I say that a lot.. its kind of my mission catch phrase because its so true! Miracles are all around us. You know what's another reason I feel so blessed? I just felt so much love from everyone this week. Don't get too crazy, of course I still met some very feisty Georgians, but I also met some of the kindest people and felt so much love from them and for them. It was a miracle :) So.. let me start with a few miracles and blessings from the week. 

  • Miracle of technology and the sweetest Relief Society President ever. I got a text from her Tuesday that said "Lindsey is in Labor!!" Then a phone call around 8:40 where she said "Hello Sister Auntie!" Seriously! How fun is that? I didn't have to wait for Monday to roll around to know Lindsey had had little Benjamin :) Also because of technology Paul was able to text her pictures so I could see how cute he was!! 
  • Remember the girl in our congregation who has sooo many reptiles? Well we saw her this week and she showed us all of her animals again and things she's collected over the years. She's getting married and is SO excited which is fun :) As we talked to her I just kept getting the feeling that she needed to know she was appreciated and loved. So I did something which I'm pretty sure I've never done before, I prayed for an immediate interest in her reptiles and hobbies and for an increased love for her. And it happened, immediately. All of a sudden I was "petting" snakes, holding lizards, sharks teeth, bones, etc and she was literally beaming. She looked so happy.  Next thing I knew I had scriptures come to my mind that I could apply to her perfectly and she loved it. Before we left she asked if we could come back again soon and she gave us necklaces she has made out of sea-glass she collected. As I gave her a hug, thanked her for the BEAUTIFUL necklace, and told her I loved her she responded "Thank you for being my friend." If there is one thing serving a mission has taught me its that everyone deserves a friend, everyone needs to know they are loved. 
  • We knocked on the door.. A man answered with his wife standing next to him and without any introduction said "Well come on in!" Turns out Rick and Cookie just returned from a 15 year mission in Thai Land for the Southern Baptist Church Foundation. We talked about missions and it was so cool. They showed us an "evangicube" basically the plan of salvation in a cube that you twist and turn.. Lets just say.. I need one! (haha) Anyway, they were so nice. :) It was a definite blessing! 
  • As we did a family home evening we asked the kids to do something and one of them said "if I remember" (mind you this kid is 10.. so that is a normal response). His Dad responds by saying "Son, do you know who these girls are?" --Missionaries-- "Did you know that when they speak, they speak for the Savior.. They aren't the ones that asked you to do that service. It was the Savior." He left it at that. It was one of the most powerful teaching moments I've ever been in. I learned so much. What a huge responsibility it is to be representatives of Jesus Christ, but it is also the biggest joy and blessing! 
I think I am one of the luckiest girls in the entire world. Truthfully, I feel that way. I don't know how I got so lucky to have the best family, be serving around the most wonderful people, and to be in such a beautiful place! I mean its 70 degrees today! :) 

This week I was even lucky enough to have the BEST dinner ever. A family in the ward flew in "Moes" clam clowder from Oregon and Boudin's Sour Dough bread for me. Our first dinner there they asked me my favorite thing to do in SF because he goes there for work all the time and I said "Clam-chowder in a bread bowl" They mentioned they havea  favorite place in Oregon.. and so when we came over for dinner this week they had surprised me. How amazingly thoughtful is that?!? :) I mean hello.. here I am in Georgia and I just had Boudins! So mom and dad.. in case you ever doubted.. I am being completely taken care of :) 

Well.. I have to go. So let me just do one or two funny lines from the week 
  • I showed up to the Relief Society Pres house for a lesson and she says "Sister Booger, its so nice of you to join us! hehe sorry your brother told me his nick name for you" haha Thanks Paul! I sure love you! 
  • "Jesus Recycles" -Mt Tabor Baptist Church
  • "I don't want to be mormon unless I can have 10 wifes"--crazy old guy.. haha 
  • We went Visiting Teaching.. at the Dawsonville Pool Room. Yes. That really happend. Visiting teaching in a pool hall with billiards slot machines and more. And to make it better we took a picture of course :) And one of the sisters asked the guys at the bar to join in to which they responded "Y'all just want some hillbillies in yur picture." HAHAHA I LOVE THIS PLACE!! 
Well I have to go. I love you all sooo much!! Thank you for all the letters and prayers. 

Have a great week! 
Sister Hamilton

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