Friday, February 28, 2014

I love these people!!

Hey Y'all! 

Well :) What do ya want to hear about this week?.. There seems like so much to share on one hand and then.. not a lot on the other.. I'll start by letting you all see me have another "cheesy missionary moment" I do say another because I'm pretty sure each of my emails scream CHEESY! But the fact of the matter is, I LOVE these people so much. I don't know if there will ever be another place on earth and group of people that I love as much as I do those in Georgia. And this week just proved that to me once again. 

You see.. I was really sad to be moved from the Allatoona congregation to the Woodstock congregation.. And it was a total double edged sword that they met in the same building.. On one hand it helped me feel like I really wasn't that far and could still see them Sunday, but on the other it made me feel even further from them because I couldn't see them during the week. Each Sunday I was in Woodstock I would see the Allatoona people and just be so happy because I LOVE those people! Well, now that I am back in Allatoona I now realize I came to love Woodstock just as much in those short 3 weeks.. Because yesterday as I saw members in the Woodstock congregation I couldn't help but get so excited! I gave people hugs, asked how they were doing, had little kids run to show me something they had drew, and for a second wished I was there..

Its like how we got out of a lesson with some new people we are teaching and my new companion says "Sister Hamilton.. I know this might sound strange because I've only met them once, but I love them." All I could do was smile and say, "Its not strange, because you do love them." You see missionaries are given the opposite problem of the Grinch.. our hearts seem to be a billion sizes large. :) I feel like Nephi when he answered a question and said "I know that he loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things." I KNOW that God loves all of His children, and sometimes I feel like well what the heck who cares what else I know.. I know God loves us, what else matters? 

So now with that fun tangent :) Let me tell you about my new companion. Mom you ready for this? Her new name is Sister Smith! Sister Smith and Sister Hamilton serving together.. HAHA sorry :) Anyways! She is from South Jordan Utah, no shocker there. All of my companions seem to be from Utah. But seriously.. 8 of 13 are from Utah. That's real! But its not a bad thing, I promise! She is the oldest of 4 girls. She graduated from High School in 2013 and attended one semester of BYU. (Is that a better bio for you Dad?) :)

Well.. Let me just list all the little miracles I saw this week and probably funny moments too:
  • We give basically everyone we see a card.. Sometimes I wonder "WHY ON EARTH DO WE WASTE THESE?!" I've been in GA over a year and have never once had anyone call off of simply being given a card. Well.. Mr J Biebs did teach us all to "never say never" and I guess I should have listened.. Tuesday while trying to plan Sister Smiths first day the phone started ringing and as I answer a sweet woman says "May I speak to Sister Blaylock and Sister Lindsey? I have your card and I decided it was time to call." Seriously my jaw hit the floor. Did that really just happen? YUP! Her friend (a member of the church who hasn't been in years) regifted a card that those sisters gave her.. 6 months ago. She said she sat all day twirling the card with the words "if you ever want to make a better life for your family, call this number. They can help you" going around in her head.. So she called. I still have a hard time believing that happened.. We taught her and her husband Wednesday and will hopefully be seeing them tomorrow! So if y'all could pray for Wendy and John that would be great! :)
  • We have had a lot of sweet experiences tracting this week and have even found a few people that have agreed for us to come back! One sweet woman named Wendy (not the same as above) asked us if she could pray for us right then, we of course said yes. But truthfully sometimes I get a tad nervous because of the things that have been said in prayers before, if you know what I mean :) But hers was so genuine and SO kind! One thing she said right before she closed the prayer was "We thank Thee, we love Thee, and we need Thee." and that phrase just keeps ringing in my ears, it is so true. 
  • The weather has been a huge blessing. I don't ever realize how much of a California girl I am until I don't see the sun for awhile.. because then when it comes out I am automatically in the best mood ever literally BEST mood and all I want to do is be outside. :) It was high 60's and low 70's all week..  It was GLORIOUS!
  • I had to say bye to Sister PaePaeTaaTa this week. The Assistants made it possible for her and I to drive to the mission office together so I got sometime to chat with her before she went off to Tahiti, which was a huge blessing. I miss that girl already! So.. whose in for a trip to the Pacific?! 
  • The Dixons are doing great! The Elders are probably going to keep teaching them since they have taught them the past 3 weeks, but President did give me permission to go the baptism, so that's exciting! :)
  • We went to meet a members neighbor, and as we were walking the street we here "Sisters!" Turns out the Rogers were about to go plant flowers for that neighbor, so we had a nice impromptu service project, in skirts.. HAHA We planted some daffodils, my favorite flowers, a good sign? I think YES! 
  • My last couple days with Sister Porter were awesome we seriously had the best time! So many pictures, so many laughs!
  • The Book of Mormon is true, can I just tell you that?! There is a certain Elder in the mission who is a tiny bit of a punk.. In a funny way. I enjoy serving around him because he's hilarious and I've seen him grow so much these past months. On Tuesday he came up to me and said "Sister Hamilton! Look!" Opening the book of Mormon to Moroni Ch7. I was so excited because I knew this was his first time ever reading the whole thing. With tears in his eyes, this Elder, who has the reputation of being a total punk said "Sister Hamilton, I'm going to finish it tonight.. I'm going to get on my knees and I am going to ask God if its true.. Then I'll be able to say as surely as you do that I know its true. I'll be able to tell people I knoew its true because I've read the WHOLE thing and prayed about it." I wanted to give him a big hug and tell him that I was so proud of him! I saw him the next day and indeed he was happy to report that he had prayed and he knew it was true. The Book of Mormon changes lives.. Don't believe me? Try it. :)
So basically I am back to doing what I have done my entire mission.. Going into an area where neither my nor my companion know basically anything.. and doing our best to help the ward and find people to teach. It was fun having a companion know something about the area for like 3 weeks.. haha 

Its weird training again, its been so long since I was a trainer.. I've forgotten so much that goes into having a new missionary around all the time. Like all the questions.. Sister Smith asks me a lot of quesitons, and I'm surpised at how many I don't have an answer to.. Haha Seriously though she stumps me all the time! Even more so I'm thankful for the example of Nephi and that although I may not be able to tell her things about Georgia weather, why the culture is a certain way, I can at least respond and tell her "Well Sister Smith, I'm not sure.. But I can promise you that you are going to love this place." 

I sure love this place!! And these people :) and I love you!
Sister Hamilton

Monday, February 10, 2014

Hippie Juice!!!

Hey Everyone!!

I love going back and reading my journal entries.. Honestly I'm a funny kid :) But I think its hilarious because I'll go through phases where each day I begin an entry with "Wow! Today has been a great day!" Then a few weeks later it'll say "I officially say wow to much.. I need to switch it up.. So.. Today I am so happy!" then I'll do "today I am happy!" for awhile.. etc etc. Its pretty fun. And I was just about to say "What a week!" for all of you.. but I think I say that all the time.. so I'm trying to figure out what I can say different but really it has been another "what a week!" kind of week.

Honestly, missions are the hardest and best things in life. Nothing I have done in my life as of yet compares. Nothing is as hard as this mission and nothing even comes close to comparing in the joy that it has brought me. 

Now.. let me explain my week to y'all. Monday was seriously a blast! Sister Dunn, Sister Breinholt and I had a great p-day and saw so many miracles that night! We had a Zone P-day activity where we had Olympic games, it was so much fun! Then we went home so the assistants could deliver new mattresses for the apartment. BLESSING!! NO more bed bugs!! YIPPIE :) then we went out and visited a bunch of people and saw some serious miracles and had some major laughs :) 

Picture two: Brother Monettes baptism :) 
President Wolfert is pretty much my buddy, its been so cool to work so closely with him for the majority of my mission, but sometimes.. I hate his phone calls.. haha So Tuesday morning I hear Sister Dunn yell "President's calling!!" so they answer and I hear the phone (on speakerphone) "Good Morning Sisters (in presidents happy booming voice) is Sister Hamilton there? I need to speak to her in private." So I get the phone and go get my scarf while I'm talking to him.. He tells me how happy my email the day before made him and how he is always so pleased with how I can jump into any situation and make the best of it.. He then mentioned a certain sister whom I had been a Sister training leader for months ago.. We talked about how she was doing and he informed me that she was having to go home the next day because she was really sick.. And then he said "Sister Hamilton, I am so sorry to do this to you again, but I need you to pack your bags and go help her companion by being her companion for the next few weeks." 

You might find this surprising consider I am the daughter of Holly Hamilton :) LOVE YOU MOM! but I don't cry all that much.. My family reading this is laughing because they think "YA RIGHT! you cried on skype!" Now shh. Its true, I can count on my fingers the times I've really cried as a missionary.. most of which when I skype my family haha Don't worry, those are happy tears! Many companions of mine handle their stress with tears.. but thats not the way I do it. Yet as President told me I was going to be transferred again, for the 3rd time this transfer, tears just seemed to form.. It was hard. And as I was having my little mini pity party I found myself asking a horrible question that we often do when times are hard.. "Why?" "Why me?" "Why do I have to move again?" And then the words of Sister Shinkle rang in my ear "Whenever we ask ourselves that question.. why.. its a great clue. We can then say ah ha! this is a trial. Then all you have to worry about is figuring out how to endure it with grace." 

I am so thankful for the advice of that woman, advice that actually came to her husband through one of the 12 Apostles. Because it helped so much! I knew almost immediately that it was going to be a trial and I would just have to figure out how to endure it gracefully and find the blessings. 

So Tuesday was my last day as companions with Sister Breinholt and Sister Dunn, what a FAST companionship! President told me to not worry about packing until Wednesday morning and to just enjoy working with them. So my goodness we worked so hard! And we saw so many miracles. We taught some of our.. err.. their investigators and the spirit was so strong! We taught Brother Monette, the one who got baptized last week, about the Priesthood. Oh my, he came to church in a white shirt and tie this Sunday, it was so precious! And really, it was just a great day. :) 
Picture one: Sister Beasley and I :)
Wednesday morning we drove to Lilburn and I did my best to handle my emotions with grace. The Lord seriously blessed me, honestly He loves me so much! Yes, He loves all of you as well :) At the leadership meeting I saw 7 of my 12 total companions. It was such a blessing to see all of them and have time to talk to a few of them. Like Sister Pabst and Sister Beasley--Those two women are saints! It was also good to see a lot of the Elders that I've served around throughout the past year and to hear that Danny indeed got baptized on January 25th and wished that I could have been there. Me too.. but I'm just so excited that he did it :) 

Now you are all probably wondering who my new companion is. My new companion is Sister Porter from Richland Washington, she's probably one of the most bubbly and happiest people I have ever met! Despite the crazy week we've managed to have a lot of fun and work hard. :) Oh, I'm still in the Woodstock ward by the way, just in a new apartment, with new people to teach, different members to work with etc.. basically it feels like a whole new ward.. haha 

But despite all the craziness I have seen miracles and had many laughs this week which have helped me to tackle this little trial with hopefully some level of grace and find reasons why the Lord needed me here at this time. Here are some of them: 
  • I met a woman here and we talked about how she is from Layton Utah.. long story short she knows Cherylin (Firth) :) 
  • I met a woman who looks just like my sweet Betty in Johns Creek and when she gave me a hug I just felt like it was a hug full of love from Betty. So.. Thanks Betty! :)
  • We met a woman named Ana tracting. She allowed us to teach her a little bit and say a prayer for her family. As I was praying my mind was filled with things to pray for and include, I remember hesitating.. not sure if I should pray for worries or concerns I could sense that she hadn't mentioned.. but I decided to follow the promptings and pray for them. As we concluded the prayer tears filled her eyes and she asked "How did you know?" I was then able to testify that Heavenly Father knows exactly what she is going through and His Spirit told me the things to say so that she could know that God loves her. Its honestly amazing how in some of our most powerful teaching moments.. it seems I am the one  being taught the most. 
  • We live in a members basement again and Judy is the sweetest southern belle you will ever meet! She's teaching us all about Southern Cookin' and I'm so thankful for her kindness and love.. Like how she had two peanut butter chocolate cup cakes waiting for us when we returned from

    Lilburn Wednesday :) 
  • Judy is also worried about my hiccups.. so she did what Mom would do.. She went to the health food store and got me some drink I had to drink.. Basically it was like drinking straight up vinegar.. No.. I'm not kidding. And I had to drink one two days in a row.. YUCK! But I did it for Judy and I thought "well I've tried a million other things with members.. why not try this?" So Sister Porter and I named it my Hippie Juice.. I wish words could adequately describe the vinegar and who knows what in that drink.. Oh and the best part is them saying "You need to not shake it, or it will explode the bottle." Say what?? then what on earth is it going to do to me? haha But don't worry.. the hippie juice was just gross.. oh and made my hiccups worse.. but hey! It was worth a shot! 
  • Cheryl is our new best friend and grandma. She let us in yesterday while we were tracting and gave us a tour of all her artwork. She then showed us all her recipies and let us try all the things she had made for dinner.. haha they were SO good! So we are going back today to get copies of some of her recipes. They'll go in the book of all the recipes I've gathered from the south :)
Picture three: sister Porter and I at one of our many service projects this week. We painted a members photography studio, so she had us pose for some fun pictures! :) 
So ya.. that's pretty much my crazy week! I guess moral of the story, when you are tempted to ask yourself "why me?" Just remember that whatever is happening is a great chance for you to learn how to better rely on the Lord and to feel of His love and power. Its also a great opportunity to continue to develop the Christ-like attribute of grace. And I must say.. the best remedy for a sad day is to just help someone else out. That is what has worked for me this week, and I am so thankful to be here with Sister Porter. She and I probably will only be companions for another week but we intend to see some amazing miracles during this time!  :) 

Happiness is a choice! And I choose to be happy! :) 

I love you all! 
Sister Hamilton

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Picture Time!

The Dixons!!! I LOVE THIS FAMILY!!! :) 

the car that got drowned.

sis george and I at the play :)

Sister Harris and I in the snow!  
Sister Harris and I at the mission office 

Us outside of the Fox Theater
The Fox Theater
The snow starting to fall :) 

I couldn't help but want a picture with this sign :) haha 

"Want to meet a REAL missionary?" :)‏

Hey Everyone! 

My oh MY! I don't really know where to begin or what to talk about for the week.. because there is SO much to say about this last week! Better put your seat belts on because this email is going to be jam packed with good stuff, crazy stuff, and just.. stuff! haha :) 

I mean.. I could talk about the fact that I made history this week by living through a snow storm in GA that shut down the world over here..  Ya.. lets start with that :) That storm was CRAZY! To everyone reading this in Utah and Idaho you're probably thinking "what woosies over there in GA, don't know how to drive in the snow. Its just a couple ounces." TRUE! But wow!! It was crazy! Literally everything shut down.. The Dixons were over in Roswell (18 miles away) and it took them 18 hours to get home because everyone kept spinning out or just parking their cars and walking away. As we were out walking the next day it was like an end of the world movie.. Just abandoned parked cars EVERYWHERE. I saw a car that had hit a fire hydrant, created a sink hole be submerged in water! Oh and it was so bad the busses couldn't get out from some of the schools which are located at the bottom of super steep hills, so over 100 kids were trapped in the school for a couple of days.. It was honestly just craziness. Over 2,000 accidents reported! But don't worry, all of us missionaries are safe and accounted for :) I hear the county I live in got the worst snow.. so that's exciting? 

Because of the snow we couldn't do a ton of work, no car, and no bike. Just good 'ol fashioned walking. It was a bit cold, but super fun. And because I don't have snow boots I was basically ice skating everywhere.. and didn't fall once. SUCCESS! :) Sister Harris and I walked all around being offered rides by just about everyone who passed by, including the Police. The only problem was.. we didn't' know where we were walking too! haha Just walking to be obedient and to hopefully find some service. Eventually a ward member saw us and picked us up so he took us to the Dixons where we had a great visit and it was nice to see they made it home safe. 

I am so thankful for the families that I have come to love in this short time serving in the Allatoona ward. We saw a family the Whitlow's on Monday and were able to do family home evening with them :) It was so fun! They had literally 4 pianos in their living room, so we had the kids show us some of the songs. They are amazing! I loved being in their home because I could see in their joy that they live the gospel.. Its not simply about showing up to church on Sunday.. its a gospel of love. And I could see that they love not only their family but those around them and I feel blessed to have been recipients of that love. Also, their 2nd oldest daughter looks alot like Rachel Clark, so I loved that! And gave her a big hug because of it :) And she wants to come out with us to do missionary work as she tries to decide if she should serve a mission or not :) 

Now let me jump to the fact that I am no longer serving in the Allatoona Ward, I am now serving in the Wootstock Ward. Its real bummer to not be Sister Harris' companion but I'm glad she's able to get feeling better so she can come back. My new companions are Sister Breinholt and Sister Dunn :) They are Sister Training Leaders.. and I like to think of myself as.. well a friend tagging along :) But alas, I am back to two exchanges a week and leadership. It should be temporary, President hopes to put me back in Allatoona as soon as the next transfer begins in a little less than 3 weeks so we'll see. In the mean time I'm here and I love it. I love being with Sister Dunn (from Logan Utah) and Sister Breinholt (from Gilbert Arizona). We laugh a lot and have seen so many miracles, seriously, God's love is all around us! 

We, and by we I do mean they because I was here two days before it happened, were able to see someone that they taught be baptized on Saturday. It was such a huge blessing to see! The day before we taught Brother Henderson, a recent convert of about 2 months, about the priesthood and made sure he was ready to preform the baptism of Brother Monette. I must say it was such a blessing and tender mercy to be able to see Brother Henderson baptize Brother Monette. To see real growth, not just having someone be baptized but seeing someone who made the promise with God to be baptized turn around and help someone else along that same path. Another miracle is someone we are teaching named Tommy came to the baptism. Ready for another miracle? Tommy has now accepted the invitation to be baptized and came to church for the second time yesterday! The three of us are filled with so much gratitude and love for all of the blessings of the Lord. 

Y'all are probably wondering what is going on with the title of this email.. I am the author of this wonderful saying of the week :) And let me explain how it came about. Have I mentioned that the Book of Mormon Musical is in Atlanta? Well.. it is. And President Wolfert and President Hammond (ATL Mission) have assigned a couple missionaries to be outside the Fox Theater each time it has a showing. :) Basically we are there to hand out copies of the Book of Mormon and cards and see if we can get anyone interested in meeting with the missionaries. I mean the church has purchased so many adds in the playbill, so its just another way for us to find people to teach :) 

Well, as you can probably guess, I was able to go to the play last night and will again on Sunday. Not to see it, but to be outside the theater and talk to as many people as I could. It was SO FUN! Of course there were many people who were rude and not happy to see us there, but there were also many times that I was able to use fun catch phrases and testify that the Book of Mormon has completely changed my life. I was the missionary closest to one of the exits and there were so many people flooding out so to catch peoples attention, I stood there with a stack of copies of the Book of Mormon and smiled and said "Want to meet a REAL missionary?!" I was surprised at some people that walked up to me and said "Wait, that's a real tag! You're not from the play." To which I'd respond, "I'm not, I'm the real deal, and although I haven't seen the play I can tell you that this Book is true and will change your life if your read it." And they'd take one! At times people were literally grabbing the Book of Mormon out of my arms. 

Or I'd say "Now that you've seen the play, do you want to hold to book?" Or as I handed them a card "Call this number and meet with missionaries who can tell you real funny stories that happen to us each day!" Or "Check out to see what we really believe." 

Basically it was so much fun! Even though there were many people who were mean.. It was great :) We had an experience walking in Atlanta during the play and this man was really kind.. We talked to him about the Book of Mormon.. and invited him to read some of it with us right then. I'll never forget seeing the tears stream down his face and him looking at us and saying "Thank you, I've been wondering if God cared for a long time, and now I know.. He does." 

I too know that God cares. He loves us all. He is so aware of our needs and desires to bless us. One of the ways He blesses us is through the Book of Mormon. I know that if you read it it will speak comfort to your soul, guidance to your mind, and love to you heart. And I know this because it has for me. It has changed my life.

I love you all!! Have a great week! 

-Sister Hamilton

I'll send more pictures when I have more time :)

Also.. write me!! 1150 Cole Rd. SW 
Lilburn GA 30047

"You better pick a man who likes biscuits!"

Hey There Y'all!! 

I hope you are all having a wonderful week and enjoying the weather wherever you are. It was stinking cold again this week. UGH! Everyone says "Y'all just came the wrong wintEr.. this is the strangest thang we've eva seen" And I just think, AWW! just my luck, the wettest summer on record and the coldest winter they've seen in 20 years. Just makin' history I guess!  Yesterday and today's weather were awesome though! Its back up in the 50's (which is normal "winter" weather) and I feel like I don't even need boots or a coat. Its awesome! 

Well Sister Harris and I have had quite the week! Its been pretty.. entertaining in many ways.. and very.. normal in others. Sister Harris wasn't feeling so well so I got to study a lot again. Which was kind of cool, I mean I read like 1/3 of Jesus the Christ as well as the entire Gospel of Luke and most of John. And I love to learn so that worked out. Plus reading Jesus the Christ was like reading a novel again so I just got sucked in and read whenever she was in bed :) Alrighty.. Due to my lack of knowing where to start I think I'll just start with the more kosher matters of the week and then move on to listing all the funny and most eventful things that happened this week :)

We are still teaching the Dixons and I seriously just love them more and more each time we go! As I watch their faith increase and their desire to share the gospel strengthen I too become more excited and dedicated to the work. They are such an example to me! I am so thankful for their love and kindness and for them taking us in as part of their family. I look forward to going to their home and sitting next to them at church each week! I'm not sure I have ever seen and individual or family so hungry for truth, I am completely amazed at their willingness and deep desire to study the scriptures and even more amazed at the things they teach me. We showed them that they can listen to the scriptures on their ipads and iphones and they were so excited! In fact, Brother Dixon made a run to Chick-fil-A so I could try their ice cream and when he came back he was happy to report that he had listened to all of 1Nephi1 on the way there and was so excited to tell us all he had learned. Can you imagine if in all of us there was that level of desire to know God's word? Its such a miracle. 

We had a fabulous stake conference this weekend! Saturday was just our stake and Sunday was a regional broadcast from Florida with Elder Nelson of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles presiding. Both were great! Satuday was all about "Hastening the Work of Salvation" and Sunday was about Hastening the work and keeping the commandments/understanding the Doctrine of Christ. As missionaries we got to be the Choir for the Saturday meeting and sang the song commonly known as the EFY medley "As Sisters in Zion/We'll Bring the World His Truth" It was pretty fun! I had a chance to briefly talk with our Stake President afterward, he's hilarious! But I was really surprised that he remembered me as I've never served in this stake before. I met him about 7 or so months ago when I trained at a Zone Conference. He welcomed me to Marietta asked where I was serving and then said "Well Sister, its a blessing to have you here. I will be expecting nothing but the best of things from Allatoona now." Um.. no pressure? haha I was really sweet of him to say though. 

I also got to see the Marcoms, from the Coal Mountain Ward who attended our stake conference because their son was speaking :) It was so fun to see them! I got in a little trouble for not saying goodbye to them personally.. haha :) Sister Marcom said that Sister Aeschbacher was complaining in Relief Society that she missed me and needed a "Sister Hamilton Fix" so if she's reading this.. Hi Sister Aeschbacher! :) 

I loved the meeting we had on Sunday! It was awesome! Elder Nelson was so funny but the things he taught seemed to be exactly what I needed to here, so for that I am so thankful. I always love hearing the Apostles speak in smaller settings than General Conference because they seem to let their personalities show a little bit more. He said something like "A large church is like a large body, it needs a good heart. Hey, if Brother Uchtdorf can talk about planes, than I surely can talk about hearts!" haha It was fun. He then went on to explain how the United States is the heart of this Church and we need to strengthen it so that it can continue to "pump blood and oxygen" to the other parts of body meaning the church all around the world. I think my favorite part of all he taught was at the very end when he said he would like to bless those viewing, just as President Monson does at the close of General Conference. The spirit was so strong as he would say things like "I sense someone is worrying about this.." and then give counsel. I know that Elder Nelson is one of the Lords chosen Apostles and because such is a Prophet, Seer, and Revelator. We are so blessed to have the First Presidency and Quorum of the 12 Apostles to help us in this life to know how we can best come unto the Savior. 

Now for the funny aspects of the week :) 
  • As we were driving to go tracting a saw a dog running in the road.. you know me.. I couldn't let that happen so Sister Harris pulled over. So tracted down the dog.. Mind you it was 20 degrees outside.. And I read the dogs tag and we decided to call it.. As it starts ringing to the point that I know I'll have to leave a message I kind of panicked and said "uh.. what do I say?" Sister Harris gave me the "Uh.. I don't know look." So I was bound to make myself a fool. The message went something like this "Hi! I'm a missionary from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Um.. well. I found your dog!" HAHA EPIC FAIL! I am proud to report that we decided to walk it home in the cold and the Dad and Children looked relieved. Now I just pray they didn't hear the voicemail.. 
  • We were at the Pharmacy and this old woman (like almost 90) was sitting next to us. She asks "So..who are you? did you just get off work or something?" We told her we were missionaries and what church we were from to which she responded simply and promptly. "Wrong Chruch." HAHA Thanks Bobbie! Oh but don't worry, not 10 min later she said "Oh hey! The Book of Mormon, I've read that book and I loved it." What?? haha 
  • I have officially been held at gun point.. by three 10 year olds.. holding a nerf gun. haha :) We were tracting and they were in the front yard being spies or something and next thing I know I hear "Put your hands up!" Knowing what they were doing, I put my hands up and said "Oh no! don't get me" And they just laughed and said "Don't worry Ma'am, you're a good guy." 
  • I saw Sister George on Saturday and she asked me a very important question she said.. "So.. what are big girl panties? My mom said I have to ask." Haha  I gladly grabbed my camera and showed her the pictures of Big Girl Panties and said, "Well.. I guess the moral of the story is. You're mom reads my blog.. and you and I should put on our big girl panties and go to work" We just laughed and laughed! I sure love Sister George and her mom, like seriously! Her mom even wrote me a letter :) I'm going to hang out with Sister George today for Pday too! 
  • Last we saw a woman in the congregation named Gerry Cox, she's super short and old and has the best southern accent ever. The kind of accent that completely drops syllables and the jaw keeps going up and down to make this "uh-uh-uh" noise in between words. I sure love that accent :) She was telling us about her husband and their courtship during WW2 and how he left for the war and wrote her each week. She then gave us this advice.. "Girls, you better pick a man who likes biscuits!" haha I guess she's assuming now that we've served in the south that we are going to be great cooks as far as biscuits and friend chicken goes.. So.. I guess I just need to throw out the idea I have of a husband, the new most important quality simply is that he likes biscuits. Simple. haha
So yup! That's a pretty good rundown of our week. Oh how could I forget!! I reached my one year mark.. so.. I burned a skirt of course! And it was pretty epic :) I will include pictures. Also, Sister Harris likes to be a jokester.. so.. the picture that just looks like a closet door.. look closely.. and you will find me in it.. HAHA There I was minding my own business grabbing clothes to sleep in and I get a nice nudge so I take a step forward (into the closet) to catch myself and next thing I know the door is shut and the extra dryer is moved in front.. Realizing no one would believe that I became Harry Potter I asked her to grab a picture. haha So there you have it! She also likes to jump on me while I'm praying so I don't know its coming.. So I often ambush her with the nerf disks that the Grants put in my Christmas package :) Like I said, lots of laughs are had! 

Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!! 

Sister Hamilton