Monday, June 24, 2013

I am the luckiest!!

Hello Everyone! 

Another week has flown by.. seriously where does the time go? I feel like I live the longest days and shortest weeks--but wouldn't trade that for anything. Sister Beasley and I witnessed some remarkable miracles this week and have such a great love for  the people here, both member and non-member, and for the Savior. 

I hope many of you were able to watch the broadcast last night from many of the Apostles on Missionary Work. We were able to watch it and I loved every bit of it. I know that those men who spoke are Prophets and Apostles of God, the words they speak always seem to touch my heart. I'm excited for their continued emphasis on every member a missionary because I've seen first hand how much having members on your side can further the work along. And just to clarify.. I cannot go on Facebook, Blogs, etc. Each mission will be phased into that and so until I hear otherwise the answer is still no. So Linds, can you still keep them up for me? Thanks! :) 

I received many cards and packages for my birthday--thank you so much to all of you!! I'll talk about most of it later.. but one of them from sweet Barbara said "I hope you enjoy this Birthday Season!" Did you hear that, not just day but a season! Well I assure you all I took that to heart and decided what better way to spend my Birthday then spreading the love and joy I have even more. Each day this past week has been wonderful. The Lord gave me little gifts, disguised as Tender Mercies, every day! You ready to hear about some of them? 

Monday- Our dinner apt had other obligations so they asked us to pick up a pizza they paid for and share it with the Elders. We aren't allowed in their apartment so we just sat on benches in their complex and ate. While we were eating a man walked up and said, "Missionaries?" He told us of how he hasn't been to church in a long time but he really wants his wife to learn about it. He asked Sister Beasley and I to teach his wife about the gospel. Since last Monday we have taught her twice and she is amazing! She keeps saying "Oh well.. I believe that and I'm Catholic. Maybe its not as crazy as I thought!" :) haha. Its not everyday you meet someone who pulls out her calendar and says, "Okay, I want you here twice a week. Pick your days." And we set up appointments for the next several weeks. We even had a lesson with her on my birthday :) What a beautiful gift and tender mercy to be apart of. 

Tuesday- We knocked door after door, only to get them closed abruptly in our face.  One woman was on the phone and at first wasn't interested until a huge smile came to her face and she said "Hamilton!? I'm a Hamilton! Okay, you got me. Can you come back in 30 min?" We did and said a wonderful prayer with her. We went back the next day and taught the Restoration. It was probably the best lesson Sis. Beasley and I have ever taught. The Spirit was so strong and at the end she prayed and thanked God for coming to know that there are Prophets again today. We taught her again 2 days later with a member of our ward there who instantly became great friends. She seems so prepared, what a miracle! I can't lie.. I felt very special when she said "Well you just won me over with your smile, light, and of course that great name of yours!" Go Hamilton's! :) 

We have seen an incredible amount of ward support this past week. The Relief Society Sisters are really becoming involved in the work. We have at least 3 Sisters come with us to appointments a week or drive us to visit members who haven't been attending regularly. It is such a blessing! 

Rock and Coco are being baptized this coming Saturday. Last week we taught her the English words for bearing her testimony. As she had a lesson with the Elders yesterday they asked her, "Do you believe in God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost?" To which she replied with energy and enthusiasm,  "I understand and I BELIEVE!" What a blessing it has been to help her prepare for baptism. They have asked Sister Beasley to speak at their baptism because we have been such a part of their learning. I hope that means we can get permission to go! :) (President Wolfert has a new rule in the mission that we can't go to any baptism unless it is someone we are teaching right then and we get specific permission from him. So if you wanted to say a prayer that he lets us.. We'd appreciate it!) :) 

Now I'm sure you are all wanting to hear about my BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! Well First of all, thanks to the post-office I really did get to celebrate all week as I got letters and packages throughout the week. Mom and Dad, thank you so much! I LOVED the pictures (you better believe they are on my wall) and the treats and goodies. Thank you! Paul and Lindsey, Can I say AMAZING! I love the shirts and you better believe I'm wearing it for P-Day! Mangos=Delicious! Thanks for the letters Jenn, Barbara, Tamazine, Tabitha, and Dad! And thanks to all the others that I hear are on their way :) And thank you for the delicious ice cream cake!!

I'm not exactly sure how it got out, but somehow the ward found out it was my birthday and they spoiled me. I truly feel so so blessed! Sister Brewer took us to CPK for my Birthday lunch, the tradition lives on! :) Sister Kerr, who was coming with us to appointments, brought me flowers and a card. Sister Kalke who we helped move gave me a gift card for lunch. And Sister Hughes, our wonderful Relief Society President, who had us over for dinner gave me (and Sister Beasley) a charm bracelet with charms only found in GA. It is beautiful and something I will cherish forever to remind me of this wonderful land, and the people who have stolen my heart. 

This whole entire week I have felt so blessed. I can see hearts being changed and families coming closer together, and that is all I've asked to come from my mission. You know the best part about my birthday? I get to give all 365 days of being 22 to my Savior Jesus Christ as a missionary. Every day is His and I will do anything and everything that I can to help the Children of God grow closer to Him. 

I know God lives. He loves each one of us as His children. He has a plan for each of us to succeed and get back to Him. He gave us our families for a reason. I am so thankful for His love and for having a Savior who I can always lean on. 

My dear family: I love all of you soooooooo much!! I hope you know that. I'm trying to be better at writing, but just know that even if you aren't getting a letter often that I think of you each day, many many times a day. Thank you for all the birthday wishes and love, I feel your love and support each day and couldn't do it without you. Thank you! I love you!!

Sister Hamilton

Pic 1: Mom and Dad's Birthday Package!
Pic 2: Aunt Sister Hamilton shirts!!! :) 
Pic 3: Ice cream cake! :)

We got the BEST!

What a week! This letter is going to be scattered because I feel that's how my brain is right now.. 

Missionary work always seems to surprise me. You think I would be used to all the totally random moments we tend to have as missionaries, yet it still gets me every time. Sister Beasley and I are doing really well. Never a problem. Our days are always filled with laughter and tender mercies. What a blessing! 

Speaking of blessings.. GRANTS!! BEST Music package known to missionary history! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and Sister Beasley's! We are so thankful to have the best music to listen to every day now. Thank you! I love you all! :) 

The Elders are teaching a couple from China, Rock and Coco. They are the sweetest couple! Well Coco, doesn't speak English.. or I should say didn't. We have been teaching her the past month or so and on sunday she proudly introduced herself to the entire sunday school class saying "Hello, my name is Coco. I am from China. this is my husband, Rock." They've been to church every Sunday for about a month now and are being baptizedJune 29th. Its been a blessing to teach them as well as the Elders. I feel like they are just as much "ours" as they are the elders. I just love them!! They are so kind! We were talking about the temple with them and Rock said "I can't wait to go on. Can you come?" Um.. yes! I would love to come :) It'd be a perfect event at the end of my mission. So right there is a huge blessing in my life right now, teaching Coco English and helping them prepare for baptism. 

I'd like to have a special shout out for old Ms. Chanko (sp..) my adorable piano teacher from way back when. Thanks to her I have managed to play the piano for our District meetings. Its not great.. but it sounds better than us singing without a piano.. haha! :) 

We received a referral from the Atlanta Mission office, so we took Sister Miller in the ward with us to go meet them. Angie called the Atlanta office and asked for them to send missionaries to her so they could teach her family. She was so sweet and  has 4 children who are members who live in Alabama, and she said its time she learned about the church. It was such a blessing to meet her! She had to go to the hospital that day and mentioned something about a blessing. We explained that we couldn't personally give her one but that we could get someone to them that could. Sister Miller called her husband and recently returned missionary son, and we got things taken care of. The Priesthood is such a blessing. I am so thankful for worthy men who hold the priesthood and are willing to use to to bless the lives of others at a moments notice. Dad, thanks for always being the best example of a great man of God. I really appreciate it. I love you. 

Oh hey, remember how I got a mission call to serve in Georgia.. like the SOUTH? Hmm.. I'm beginning to wonder where I really am considering I have eaten cow intestines, squid, and who knows what else kinds of meat this week.. I have had oriental food, like legit stuff, 6 of the 7 days this past week.. where in the world am I? I LOVE IT! :) 

I don't have a copy of PMG with me but I want to reference a part of it. President Brigham Young talks about how no articulate testimony could have ever converted him to the gospel, but when he heard the testimony of a simple farm man with horrible grammar that it just touched his heart and he knew it was true. (PMG, 199) I have found that to be true. This week I heard / felt the most powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon in my life. It came from a mouth with missing teeth, full of aints', y'alls, and gunna's. And it touched my soul like nothing else has in my life. Just like that sweet woman I too know the Book of Mormon is true and I pray that everyone can find out for themselves what she said to be true. "Its awesome y'all!" "There is power in the word!" "I feel like I just found what I'd been missing and I aint ever gon' back." 

The Book of Mormon is the true word of God. It has changed lives for the past 180ish years and will continue to do so for the rest of time. I hope and pray that my  testimony can touch hearts as strongly as that sweet sisters touched mine. 

I love you all and think about you often!! 

To use the words of the great Taylor Swift.. Hey I don't know about you... I'm feelin' 22!!!! :)

Happy Birthday to me!--I had to say it at least once.. :)

Love, The Birthday Sister,
Sister Jules

Friday, June 14, 2013

Tender Mercies All Around!

To whomever actually reads these things.. (haha) 

To be honest I don't really know what I talked about last week.. but I don't remember being in the most exciting/happy mood.. so I don't know what would have been said. haha (I realize I could read it.. but that would take up my limited email time..)  So this week I've decided that I wanted to let you all experience my mission on a different level. 

First Nephi 1:20 says,"But behold, I, Nephi, will show unto you that the tender cmercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of ddeliverance." That has become the motto of my mission. 

Each day I look for the tender mercies of the Lord, what the world would often call coincidences, but that I know are the Lord's way of telling me He's as much a part of this work as I am. Each day I write at least ONE tender mercy in my journal, but often its more like four or five. So I read my journal last night and picked some from this last week to share with you all. 

These are excerpts from my journal  the story may not make sense because it wont have all the details, but its important to me. They are my reflections and my thoughts. And I want you all to see some of them so that you too can see that God is apart of His work and that these tender mercies I see are also all around you. 

So here they are... quotes and exerpts from my journal.

--"Missionary work is hard, it requires me to be engaged 24/7. Its not only physically hard, but its also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually tasking... Sometimes its hard to not feel discouraged for a few moments... Is there more I could be doing?.. But today I experienced a TENDER MERCY. Today I KNOW the Lord is pleased with my work. My outward success does not match the effort I put in, and the Lord knows that. And He is pleased. Tender Mercy."

--"Its hot... knocking doors all afternoon.. told Sis. Beasley '3 more doors, that's all I can do. I have to get water.' 3 doors... no water.. Go one more she says.. Water never tasted as good as it did out of that Red Solo cup. I'd even say it tasted better than that Poweraide did after I finished running the Half Marathon. Tender Mercy."

--"We haven't been let in a home (non-member)  in about 4 or 5 days.. but I'm not worried.. we have been working hard and I feel the Spirit so I know I'm being successful.. Today, Heavenly Father led us to His children. Today we got into 5 homes. I know that wouldn't have happened if the Lord didn't will it. Tender Mercy."

--"Remember Jesse and Ron? The ones we met the other day and let us say a prayer? They let us come back.. And when we taught the restoration they asked 'so when can y'all come back?' Its not very often that you hear that. What a Tender mercy!"

--"I think we found 'Faith' what a tender mercy!" 

--"As we were knocking some doors I heard a "BEEEEEEP" and then a slamming of breaks.. the car gets in reverse and heads back toward us. Immediately I thought.. 'oh great. HOA, but I thought I didn't see a sign..' Next I hear 'Hey! What church are y'all from?' We responded and she says 'I have a friend that needs Christ, can you go see him?' WHAT??? Did that just happen?! Wow what a tender mercy!! Not only is it a tender mercy that we got a 'referral' but the bigger tender mercy is that she recognized us as Representatives of Jesus Christ just from us walking."

--"I felt like we needed go to see Sis Johnson, so we changed our plans and went to see her.. she really must have needed it because she talked to us a lot.. Tis woman doesn't have a lot and it turns out she didn't even have a Book of Mormon so Sister Beasley gave her one. I felt the impression, 'get it back and write a note'.. I had no idea what to write.. as I prayed thoughts came to my mind and my hand just went.. Sis Johnson cried when she read it and kissed the page.. Sis Beasley told me in the car that it was so sweet.. I just smiled because I couldn't say anything.. I do not know what I wrote.. I know that it was Heavenly Father's message to His daughter in need and my hand was merely tool that He used to get it to her. What a tender mercy it was to be His hand at that moment . No, that was a MIRACLE."

I could go on and on about the little miracles I see each week. But you want to know what the best part is? You can see them too! Like i said its my motto for my mission, so I challenge everyone to look for them. And I love that now they are starting to tell me that they see them. As a missionary I want to invite EVERYONE of you, "Will you pray for and look for the tender mercies of the Lord in your life?" 

I promise that if you do so that you will find them. When you find them, thank the Lord for them and He will show you more and more. 

I love you all! I'm doing well, life is GOOD! :) 

Sister Hamilton

Help Us Find Faith

What a week! <--I know I say that a lot.. But really each week is a "what a week!" kind of week for many different reasons. Its been a week with such different dynamics its crazy! In a good way of course, I'm learning lots and lots. So perhaps for this weeks letter I'll just write about some of the crazy moments of the week.. Good, great, and not so good. Kind of like the Preach my Gospel DVD's, you know, reality TV for missionaries. (haha)

Disclaimer #1: I love this work. I am tired. In fact, I'm pretty sure I fell asleep 10 minutes after we planned last night.. at like 9:45. haha I am working hard, but there is NOTHING I would rather be doing right now than serving the Lord. I have experienced more joy and blessings these past 4 months than I ever thought possible. Its a miracle to be here and its worth it even though its exhausting and hard. 

I'll start with the interesting experiences.. and work my way up to my favorites. (Not in order of days they occurred.) 

1. "Its a shame someone as beautiful as you won't be saved."--Thank you Pastor Pete.. that really brightened my day! I have thick skin, and I'm used to people not being interested in the message that we carry as missionaries. But it still catches me off guard every once in awhile when people say such blunt things. Also, never in my life have I had so many people talk about my looks than as a missionary. And it bugs me when its used against me almost like a "its a good thing you're your pretty, because you're stupid for believing what you do." So that's nice. But I just smile testify of what I know to be true and take Alma's advice and "depart." 

This particular man said some things which I don't need to repeat. then left us at our bikes unlocking them to leave and Sister Beasley and I were speechless almost like "DID THAT REALLY JUST HAPPEN?" and all of a sudden he pops up again! This time with a box of cookies he had purchased at Kroger. He gave them to us to thank us for our time.. so I guess Charity=Cookies? At least that put a smile on our faces as we left, a smile of confusion, but a smile none-the-less. 

2. You know that saying "caught in the rain without an umbrella"? I've decided that's not the bad thing.. its a problem when its "caught in the rain with a white skirt." We were out trying to check up on some people the Elders gave us their info of and all of a sudden Hurricane Beasilton (we named it that after our minute each night) struck. We made it to our car as fast as possible and by the time we were there you could literally RING OUT your hair and have water just pour out. NUTS. So we drove home, changed, and went to dinner looking like we had just gotten out of the shower. It was crazy, the storm came out of no where. Weather here is SO unpredictable. But don't worry, besides having drenched clothes, we're both fine. :) 

3. We met rapper T.I's buddy this week. Rapper Johnathan. He's legit, he writes rap music for some of the big rappers, but most of them he signs contracts with so they claim the work as his so the only one he could tell us was T.I. He totally looked like he fit the rapper part, then you looked in his arms and saw his little girl, and then 4 of his other children. He's a family man! 5 children and wanted to have his kids come stand by us and learn more about Jesus Christ! What a fun experience :) They were all so sweet, He gave us his number and wants to give us one of his CD's so if he does.. that will be sent home for someone else to enjoy.. haha :) 

4. Sister Beasley and I have been working REALLY hard to build the trust of the members here in Johns Creek, doing our best to teach with them there so they can see that we try our best, to serve, to let them see we work hard, and yesterday we had experiences when I felt a glimpse of success in that specific thing we have been working on. What a tender Mercy. 

A. We got a shout out in someones Testimony of how blessed they felt to have us teach their teenagers and it made them become recommitted to remembering why they joined the church and how it would bless others. 

B. We got a shout out in Relief Society from a Sister who mentioned that we had come with her to visit some less-active members and they have been coming to church the last 3 weeks and even stayed all three hours for one of them. --- Can I just say, the joy I feel when I see them walk in is indescribable! I feel so blessed to be helping them to remember and feel the Spirit once more in their life, and to help them know that the Church is an extended family that will ALWAYS be there for them, when they are ready or need it. 

C. After we shared a message at our Dinner last night, the mom asked us (the Sisters) to stay behind a minute and talk to her 11 year old son who was trying to share the gospel with his friend. We talked about how being bold with love is invitation, but just being bold is boldness in itself and not always the best approach. As we talked to him he got so excited for the new tools and ideas we showed him from Preach my Gospel and he committed to do them this next week with his friend.--that was SUCH a blessing to see her asking for our help and to see that boy already preparing to serve a mission, 7 years before he can go. Its NEVER too early to prepare for a mission, regardless of if you actually serve or not. 

5. Last but not least. I received a phone call on Tuesday from our Zone Leaders, it went like this..
"Sister Hamilton, are you ready to go on exchange?"
"Um.. YA! When? I thought you said I wasn't going on any more this transfer.." 
"You can thank us later.. but you will be leaving tomorrow afternoon and going to Paper Mill for the day, and Sister Blaylock will go to your area." 

WHHATTTTT!!!! :) I asked them if that would ever happen at the beginning of the transfer and they said "Ha, fat chance." NEVER SAY NEVER :)

So after our Trainer/Trainee follow up meeting on Wednesday I went to Paper Mill with Sister Carrigan and Parker, Sister Blaylocks missionaries. As soon as they told me I was going I knew that this was a great blessing and that it was something the Lord had made happen.

I learned so much on this exchange and felt SO blessed to be going back to my "greenie area" I got to see Rebecca, do y'all remember her? As soon as I got out of the car she came and gave me the biggest hug and burst into tears. She told me "I've got some big choices to make and I have been missing you and Sister Young, I've been praying that I could see you. Now I know God loves me and will answer my prayers." I am HER missionary, and I love her so much. She said she's excited for her baptism and ready as ever to do it. As we talked Sister Parker and Carrigan would ask her a question and she'd look at me and say "You taught me that right? :)" I cannot wait to see her dressed in white. We talked about the temple and she said that's her ultimate goal. I love that she already loves the temple so much. I made her a promise that I'd be there for it, so if its after my mission is complete I guess I'll be headed back for the south! Words cannot express the gratitude I have to my Father in Heaven for letting me see her to see how her faith is grown, to feel so much love from and for her, and to just be able to admire the strides she has already made. 

We then went to see Sister Wooten, I'm sure y'all remember her! :) She just about lost it when she saw me. she said to the sisters "You see, I just got so attached to her,. I didn't think I'd see here again, its not that I don't like y'all its just that I love her more." haha! When we first met her she was doing her best to read one book of mormon chapter a week. Now she's reading 4. and now, I asked her to read 6 which she gladly accepted. I sure do love her! 

Going to Paper Mill for the day not only helped Rebecca, Sister Blaylock, Sister Carrigan, and Sister Parker, but it also helped me. I learned so much about little things I can do to be a better missionary. I cannot explain the huge blessing it was to go there, but I also can't explain the HUGE blessing it was to come back here to Johns Creek. I just smiled as I caught myself saying to them what President Ernst said to me, "You are a very lucky missionary to be serving here in Paper Mill, but you can't be the luckiest until you serve in Johns Creek." I love the people in Paper Mill, but the Lord has blessed me to give my whole heart to the people living in Johns Creek and Duluth. This is where I need to be. There are people here who need Sister Beasley and I, member and nonmember alike. And we are going to find them.

I'd invite you all to join Sister Bealsey and I on our quest to find "Faith" the person(s), male or female, that we know is ready for the gospel and wants us to find them. We are doing our best to find Faith and those like her (or him) but could use a little extra boost from you all. 

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. I will gladly proclaim that for the rest of my life, no matter the responses I get from others. Just as I told someone this week, "Sir, I love your faith and devotion to Jesus Christ, but I cannot walk away from you without telling you that I KNOW that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that it testifies that Jesus is the very Christ that you speak of."
Who knew I could be so bold... I didn't. But there come moments that words flow out of my mouth and I am thankful for those moments. But perhaps my favorite moments don't involve those moments, but the times I get random hugs and smiles from people on the road who say "we need more people like you two." 

Please help Sister Beasley and I as we continue our search to find Faith as we work with people we meet on the street and the members in this area. Thank you for all you do. I love you!

Sister Hamilton

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"We've been going since 6 o'clock this morning... That's illegal in most places."

Why hello there!!
You know, just when I think I can't love being a missionary any more.. ANOTHER miracle happens and I have a new appreciation and love for it. Its fun to go back and read my journal entries at night. I'm starting to lose track of the number of days I say "BEST DAY OF MY MISSION SO FAR!" I really do just love it so much. Its truly the best decision I have ever made.

Opening a new area is one of the most rewarding things in missionary work I think. When you come there is literally nothing going on, as far as missionary work. You get to build the area up to your vision, well really its the Lord's vision for what He knows can be done there. When we got here we knew no one in the ward and definitely didn't have anyone looking into the church. Since that time we have built strong relationships with members of the ward and I have personally witnessed too many miracles to count from the hand of God in this area.

I have been blessed to meet some of His great children, especially this week. I have said prayers in their homes. I have testified to them in the streets. I have been eaten alive by mosquitos as I talked to them about family history. I have smiled and loved them to pieces as their 6 year old autistic son chooses to use me as a jungle gym. I have loved them before seeing their faces as I hear the noise 8 happy feet make as they play and laugh behind the door we are about to knock. I have loved them as I see them come to church after not coming for years and say to us after "thanks for helping me remember." I have loved them when they smiled with no teeth. I have loved them when I see they have nothing, literally nothing, yet they walked to the store to buy us lemonade and cookies for when we stop by the next day. I love them more than words will express and know that these people young and old, kind and not so kind, funny and mean, big and small. All of them are Children of God and all of them have found a place in my heart.

Along with feelings of love, there are others you experience sometimes on your mission.. Before I came on my mission, I thought heart break only came from stupid break ups by dumbo boys. However, I have felt it in different ways on my mission, as a missionary heartache comes from individuals using their beautiful gift of agency to choose to not have us come back again after saying they feel the special spirit we bring. This week my heart broke as the kindest woman and her sister gave, in the kindest and most loving way, the Book of Mormon back. It broke my heart because I love them and want nothing more than for them to experience greater joy through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Let me tell one more quick story. We had a great lesson with someone we are teaching, then on our way to the car I saw a man, obviously under a lot of stress, sitting on the stairs watching his 18 month old son in nothing but his diaper run around in the dirt. With a beer in one hand and his head resting in the other you could see the hurt and worry on his face. As we approached him he started to perk up a bit. We talked to him about peace, real peace, the lasting peace that comes from the gospel of Jeus Christ. His interest was peaked, we gave him a Book of Mormon and talked to him about it briefly before we said "can we come back tomorrow?" to which he responded he had just lost his job and would be home all day. As we drove passed we saw him holding with both hands the precious Book of Mormon, instead of the beer. The lesson the next day was great. Out of no where I asked him to live the word of wisdom, and promises flowed from my mouth. Absolutely the Spirit was prompting me to do so and he looked at me and said "I will not buy any more beer or cigaretts, my wife deserves better." He threw away his pack of cigaretts and promised that he wouldn't be drinking. Eric, prayed with such power and conviction at the end of the prayer. I'll never forget that prayer he said. Please keep their family in your prayers.

Sister Beasley and I are a great team working hard. With the Spirit of God, nothing is impossible and we have seen miracles happen. I feel extremely blessed. The ward is trusting us more and more and is starting to ask us to meet with their friends. The Lord's vision for this area is huge, and I am thankful to be his instrument for the time being in building it.

I was blessed to be at a baptism on Saturday, Samantha's birthday, for two 8 year olds in the ward. Samantha, isn't that so cool? It was a miracle. I am sorry I can't be at your baptism, but I hope you know how proud I am of  you for making that decision. I know Heavenly Father loves you and that He and Jesus Christ are so happy with the choice you are making!

I love you all!!! :)


Love Sister Hamilton
I love you all so much!

P.S. The title is what Sister Beasley told me last night at when we just finished planning :)