Monday, June 30, 2014

"But I CAN tell you, you're being transferred."

Hello!! :)

Now now brown cow, don't get all sappy or worried that I'm being emergency transferred in my last area. That my friends, is not the case. On Transfer day President Wolfert pulled me into his office and said "Sister Hamilton.. I don't know if you know this but you're going to be transferred very soon. I don't know who your companion is going to be, but I can tell you that you're being transferred and your new companion will be a boy." HAHA Okay President! He then said he wanted to do a semi exit interview with me because I'd always be his missionary even though President Bennion will actually give me my real exit interview. So that was a fun marriage talk, he's requested to interview that lucky fellow haha Really though, it was such a blessing and joy to be able to talk with him about my mission, the miracles, and the personal growth I've had. He gave me a really really sweet blessing which I am also so thankful for. They leave today, which is a super bummer. We'll be meeting President and Sister Bennion tomorrow. I promised President Wolfert that I would listen to him and do what he says (for one month..haha) but that President Wolfert will always be my mission president. So here's to one month with the Bennions after 17.5 with the Wolferts! 

We've had a really good week seriously, the Lord blesses his new missionaries like crazy! Its like Hma Martinez got here and became our little good luck charm! All of a sudden a bunch of the people we are teaching actually are reading the Book of Mormon, we have tons of new individuals and families to teach, and we're busy. WHAT A BLESSING! I'm so happy! :) Hma Martinez was also born in Mexico but then grew up mostly in Texas. My first companion assigned to me that wasn't from Utah or Idaho, can we get a round of applause? :) haha She's just barley 19 and studied at BYU for one year. She's really funny and super sweet. We're having a lot of fun. Life's good! 

We taught Cristal again this week about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. She's so wonderful! We haven't seen her in a few weeks but to our surpise she had read 14 chapters of the Book of Mormon. Umm Did that really just happen? Why yes. yes it did! She really has so much faith, I am so thankful to be able to teach her. 

We have had a lot of fun this week as Giselle Ramirez came back from her mission. Um.. She entered the MTC the same day I did.. and got home this week.. Weird? YES! SOOO WEIRD FOR ME! But she is SO fun! And comes out with us for lessons all the time so its a blast. And we're hanging out today. I feel like a real person with real friends. #blessing Between little miss returned missionary and Megan down the street I'm basically lovin' life and loving having friends visit! We've also made extremely good friends with our neighbor Shannon. She's a doll :) We do a lot of service for her so its awesome! 

We said a bunch of prayers with people tracting. And a lot of them were in English so I loved that :) Because that meant I got to really express myself in prayer. One of them was a sweet family from Jamaica and they have already let the English sisters go over and teach them again. It was so neat to teach them twice and then see that they are actually still meeting with other missionaries. Soo cool! 

Blanca and Carlos are letting us come back and Blanca is starting to show more interest which is another huge blessing! So lifes good :)

I don't sleep.. like at all.. I'm having way bad insomnia. So if you wanted to pray for me to sleep.. I'd really appreciate it. I'm running out of things to write or clean in the middle of the night. 

Sorry I don't have a lot of time to email today.. there aren't enough computers for our tripanionship. But just know that I love you! I'm doing well, I'm healthy and happy! Lots of good coming our way. I'm really thankful for my companions. Especially Hma Garcia Valle, she is so helpful with my spanish and is such a good friend. She's awesome. And its going to be real helpful having two companions that had Spanish as their first language.

Well.. Love you all!!! Wish me luck meeting the Bennions tomorrow

Hermana Hamilton

One year older and wiser, too!

 Hello Hello! 

Today is my B-Day P-Day :) Which means we are just relaxing and hanging out, and soon we'll be heading out to see Sister Beasley and Sister Winegar. Sister Mitton and Sister Sullivan made me breakfast this morning which was super fun too :) 

My actual birthday (yesterday) was pretty uneventful if you ask me.. But it was really good too. Just a normal day for a missionary. Church, meetings, tracting, a couple lessons, and studies. Although it was a  huge bummer that virtually no one was nice to us the first hour we went tracting. I was so tempted to say "Can you please just be nice to me..? Its my birthday." But I didn't.. People were nicer when we tracted in the evening, a super old couple we talked to a few days ago were out on their porch again and were actually excited to see us so it was fun to sit down on their porch and chat with them for a bit. I got a package from the Grants and Mom and Dad :) thanks so much! YUMMY! 

To wake me up Hermana Garcia Valle jumped on me at 6:05 and sang to me this song they sing in Mexico to wake up the birthday girl/boy. It was hilarious even though I was totally out of it. haha She then made me a yummy "mexican" breakfast and decorated the apartment. It was a good morning! :) The Branch was really sweet and everyone said birthday wishes. We left church to find a completely decorated car :) Christa from Coal Mountain got my phone number from the internet and called me, it was the absolute best! She then passed it on to Momma Aeschbacher who sent me a nice text :) My little birthday miracle was when the Ramirez's pulled out a cake for my birthday and I realized it was an ice cream cake, my favorite. They had no idea which made the surprise even better. I was so thankful! I do love my ice cream cakes! 

I'm not exactly sure what I should talk about this week.. It was kind of rough if I'm going to be completely honest. But I mean it was really good too. Rough because it was one of those weeks when you really can't get in to teach any of the people you're teaching, so it makes the days really really long.Rough because you have days of long meetings so it moves your study schedule and when you get back your spanish is crap..(Just being honest) But so good because we did a lot of service, which always help you feel like you are making a difference.And good because we had a lot of fun and had some good experiences tracting and visiting members of the congregation. 

The week started off really awesome, monday night we had an awesome FHE then embarked on a journey to attend a Pentecostal Church in Spanish with one of the people we are teaching. Well, we showed up and to our surprise not only was Lidia there with her family but also another family. making a total of 3 adults and 5 children that we knew at the church. You're probably wondering why I went into such specific detail but its important I promise.. You see.. there were only 10 adults total in this little congregation.. Two of them being Hermana Garcia Valle and I.. Why yes if we include ourselves and those we know it was half the congregation and over half the kids.. To our neat surprise the Pastor totally derails what he had originally started teaching and then starts talking about how the Lord puts you in whatever church you're in to grow and that there is no need to ever change or attend other churches. Thanks bud.. Those families have let us come back but you can tell they are way more hesitant now.. so that was exciting. 
Tuesday we taught a part-member family when they had us for lunch. It was a lot of fun :) We ended up seeing them like 3 times this week as we did service for them. Yadira (the mom) made us the BEST food. I love her :) She's retired from the Army and is hilarious. I learn so much from her as she is always serving members in the congregation and giving all she can to those in need. I hope to always be willing to give all when others are in greater need than myself. 

Tuesday also happened to be the Mitton's birthday. :) So we had a lot of fun making her breakfast in the morning and then bringing her a "district meeting" package of lots of goodies to keep her entertained in our lovely missionary meetings. #classy :) Its really fun to have her so close. 
We are working closely with Chy, a girl in our branch who is about to put in her papers :) President Ramirez has asked that we teach her and her brother mission prep at their home once a week so we are going to start that this week and she's going to start coming out with us to lessons. She's really awesome :) I love that family! Her older brother gave us some awesome CD's from his mission, one of them is Spanish Christian music.. um.. That stuff is beautiful! 

Hermana Garcia Valle and I are both training this coming transfer, there's one more spanish sister coming in so we'll be in a trio for my last transfer. It was fun to go to the "new trainer" meeting.. again.. Training program round 4.. Guess I didn't learn it well enough the first 3 times? haha It was fun to have another  meeting with President Wolfert. There were literally NO sisters at the meeting so we went out to lunch with the senior couples :) I just love them!! So yup! there were 3 missionaries ? I don't know what to call them anymore.. They used to serve here but they have since gone home.. Anyways they came here to visit so it was fun to see them. Like seeing Sister Young, err.. Rachel, at church yesterday (my trainer)soooo weird! :)
So.. I think thats about it! Besides that just the same old same old stuff day to day. I hope you all have a great week! 

Don't forget about me and please keep me in your prayers! :) I'll try to decide what pictures to send. We take about 90 pictures on average each week.. so.. haha So I really am happy life is good, its just a little discouraging sometimes to not speak as well as I'd really like to and find people who are willing to come to church. But hey, the show must go on and there's work for me to do! :)

I love you all!!! 
Hermana Hamilton

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Love and Smiles!

Hey Everyone!!

Happy Birthday Week! :)  Once again I hope you had a great week! Overall my week was pretty fun and full of miracles, a few struggles here and there of course but all in all fantastic!
Thats our girls day at the mall!! :)
The week started off SO RIGHT on last P-day at the Mall of Georgia. The first store we walked past was H&M and we both said how much we love that store so we went in even though we were supposed to be finding something for Hma Garcia's dad. Well as we were just looking at all the cute clothes I see someone I recognize trying to sneak up on me.. So I turned around and saw that it was Sister Winegar! She's serving in Dacula right now and her companion is.. Sister Beasley! The four Sisters (another companionship came with them) got permission to leave their area and come to the Mall of Georgia which happens to be right across the street from our apartment. BEST DAY EVER!! So the 6 of us just roamed the mall and had the best time ever. It was a real answer to prayers because I had actually had time to read Sis Beasleys email home last week which talked about her Great-Grandpa passing away and I really wanted to see her so I was planning on calling her that night, and instead Heavenly Father let us all "bumb" into each other at the Mall of Georgia. We all really had the BEST time ever!! Sister Winegar and I walked off at somepoint to go get a snack and walked to the store the sisters were supposed to go to.. and they apparently didn't stick to the plan. No big deal, we'll call them, right? WRONGO. Missionaries have only one phone per companionship.. And us dingbats didn't think to see if either of us had a phone.. #missionaryprobs haha So we wandered the Mall for over an hour periodically asking random people to use their phone but of course Hma Garcia and Sis Beasley don't answer. haha #storyofmylife It was a lot of fun though. At least we had car keys :)
Service and the World Cup.. what could be better? :)
We had a lot of other really cool miracles and fun experiences this week! Let me list a few:
  • We were able to teach Lidia and her family again and her daughter and nieces LOVE us. While we were knocking more doors in her neighborhood we actually knocked on the door of her sister who said she'd love to have us come and do a lesson about Chirst with them as well :) Now whenever we go to that neighborhood we get swarmed by the kids in those families. Its the cutest thing!
  • We did service at a Methodist church helping them get ready for their Vacation Bible School. It was cool to see how excited the members were to have us there helping. We helped to decorate and Hermana Garcia and I were put in charge of painting the windows to look like a cartoonist version of a jungle. It was a lot of fun! We're going back this week to help some more :)
  • The elders met a woman tracting and asked us to go back and see her. Blanca let us right in and a few minutes later her husband Carlos came home. Carlos LOVED the message we shared, we left them a Book of Mormon and when we came back the next day Carlos had already read a chapter in it and prayed about it. <--Wow! They just recently got here from Mexico and have two little kids, its such a cute family! They couldn't come to church this Sunday because they had to work but we are going to see them again tomorrow and are hoping to get them to come to church.
  •  We are teaching a young single mom named Claudia. and I do mean young.. She's 23 with 3 children.. Uh.. I'm going to be 23 on Saturday. Anyways.. not important :) Claudia is the sweetest thing, and absolutely loved the Restoration. I was surpised to have been able to teach half of the lesson in Spanish. Her daughters are absolutely precious! They came to our Branch Fathers Day party this weekend and I think they had a good time :) Unfortunately the baby got sick so they also couldn't make it to church. But she's been texting us scriptures all morning, so I think that's a good sign :)
  • We had a legit fiesta this weekend. Spanish Branches know how to party! haha It was Hollywood themed and everyone just seemed so happy. I love these people! I'm able to comminucate much better these days which is a HUGE blessing. So its all good :)
  • We were at the Tonini's this week (our Relief Society President) to help get things ready for the fathers day party and.. Hermano Tonini told us that he refused to turn off the TV when he answered the door. As I walked in I saw a little blessing.. just for me.. Its called the World Cup. You heard of it? Spain vs. Holland :) OYYYYY so good! I mean I didn't watch the game obviously.. :) but any time I heard yelling I of course took a glance or 8 :) I LOVE soccer!! Its the big talk everywhere we go. I hope USA does well today! 
So yea, its been a really great week. We found a lot more people to teach which is really nice, life's always better when you have more people to visit. 

So, my Spanish.. Its coming along :) Some days are better than others.. Some days I feel like I don't even know how to say my own name.. Others I just talk and talk and talk.. Its strange. I study grammar non stop, and just in the past like 3 days I feel like its finally starting to sink in and I'm able to construct sentences in all tenses SO much easier, which is a huge blessing. Of course its started to come when I almost hit my breaking point.. haha 

The absolute biggest miracle happened yesterday around.. 1pm when I spoke in Sacrament meeting. Lets be honest.. I was NERVOUS. I know what you're thinking. You? Nervous to speak in public? Not possible.. And I didn't think it was either but I was SO nervous it do it in another language! We were so busy all week I didn't have time to practice it at all. I had only read through the completely translated thing once, I mean I knew what it said because Hma Garcia helped me to translate the parts that I couldn't and I had done all of my prep-work/studies for it in Spanish.. but ya.. 

To make a long story short, as soon as I got up there and just started talking I wasn't nervous at all. It was such a blessing! I ended up speaking for a little over 15 minutes, not even kidding! I left the end of my talk open ended so that I could finish it in any way that I felt that I should. Which I'm not going to lie was probably a huge risk haha However, to my surprise as I finished what I had prepared and started to speak without a script words kept filling my mouth and I just kept teaching and sharing my testimony. I would look over at Hma Garcia as I was talking to make sure I was even making sense and she always had the biggest grin on and would just nod her head to let me know I was doing it right. It was one of the coolest experiences ever! The Spirit really can do miracles when you are willing to follow. There is no way I could have done that, having only been learning Spanish for one month without the Spirit of the Lord. 

That would be our "Zone" aka all the missionaries I serve around. And that would be me and Sister Spainhower making the picture much more entertaining :) 
Once again I am reminded that the Lord qualifies who He calls, but it is always in His own timing and His own way. I am amazed daily at the love He has for all of the men and women on earth. His love is perfect and His love will work miracles in our lives if we allow it. 

I love you all!! 
Love and Smiles,
Hermana Hamilton


Christa!! :)
Sister Parker and I at Zone meeting :)

The Shinkles!
Mall of Georgia :)
 Our Fathers Day party with the Branch :) Just having fun taking pictures on the red carpet 
Sister Paulsen and I

Sister Anguiano :) She had her twins a few weeks ago :)

Road trip!

When you go to the middle of no where.. Aka North of Commerce GA.. Its not uncommon for dogs to swarm the car once you park. And this was my new friend. I named him buster :)

Was that a Joke?

Hey Everyone! 

I hope you are all having a great Monday and that you had a fantastic week. I had one of the weirdest weeks of the mission that's for sure. But I guess that gives me some things to talk about? Maybe? haha 

I was going to just jump right into the madness but I think week is best told in Chronological order, which I don't normally do. But because it helps you to see how crazy, wonderful, and stupid this week was I will do it haha. 

District Meeting
This week started off great, we were going strong speaking no English on Monday until District Meeting where obviously I have to speak English haha So basically that didn't last long.. After another fun district meeting we drove up to Cumming for our companion exchange. 

While on Exchange with Sister Paulsen I had a great time but something strange happened. *Gulp* Dare I say it? As happy as I was to be "home" in Coal Mountain, to be jumping into lessons, and to be teaching so easily.. I missed hearing Spanish and how immediately loving the Latinos are. Weird right? It'd only been 3 weeks and it already became the norm and what I absolutely love. 

Here's one of the coolest MIRACLES ever.. While in Coal Mountain, a recent convert (she was baptized in Feb) came with us to two of our lessons. Sister Paulsen was telling me all about her and then when I saw her I thought "I know that woman" Immediately tears streamed down Kathleens face as she told me "I have been praying to find you. Do you remember me?" She said one or two clues then immediately I knew.. I said "Kathleen.. I knocked on your door and said a prayer with you.. Didn't I?" She then immediately pulled me into the biggest hug and said "Yes you did. And you helped me move, you didn't see me but you helped the Johnson's move their friend and that friend was me. And I got baptized and I have been asking about who you were since my baptism." I'm still speechless.. Its not often you get to see the miracles that come from your seemingly small efforts. I am so thankful for Kathleen, to have heard her testimony, and to have been able to see the change in her from so many months ago. President Eyring has told missionaries that after this life "thousands will call us blessed" for the works we did and example we left not even realizing it. I'm not certain I'll have thousands, but to know that there would even be one, Kathleen, is a miracle enough for me. Those months of being "unsuccessful" to the visible eye were more than worth it for sweet Kathleen. 
Kathleen and I :)
On exchange I got to eat dinner with the Shinkles :) It was a surprise for them which was AWESOME. Sister Shinkle was so excited to have me over and I was just so happy to be back in "my house" :) She ran upstairs to grab the package she's been putting together from me and had me take it home. I feel so spoiled and so blessed. I seriously love that family so much! 

I also got to see my dear friend Christa which was simply the best. I told her my birthday was coming up and she said she's going to come down to see Hma Garcia and I and take us to dinner because her "car doesn't have a mile limit" haha We saw the Anguianos and got to visit with them in Spanish, another family I love so much! 

The downside of exchange was even though I studied in Spanish, I taught Sis Paulsen how to contact people in Spanish and I read out loud for 30 min.. It was SO hard for me to speak and understand it when I got back with Hma Garcia Valle. So not only did I miss the language the entire 24 hrs.. It actually set me back which was a huge bummer to. But.. The miracles were totally worth it :)

We had dinner Wed night with a family in Hma Garcia's last branch who happen to live in our congregations geographical area. That's when this week went from fantastic to just plain stupid.. Dinner itself was really fun. I love the family, they're hilarious and so wonderful! The food though.. *woof* Lets just say there's nothing that makes a missionary companionship laugh harder (at a later date) or makes them better friends than both of the companions having food poisoning.. *ugh* Haha I am literally laughing at how STUPID that experience was.

So I was sick all Wednesday night until late Thursday afternoon. Whereas Hma Garcia was fine until Thursday morning and didn't feel better until Friday morning. We just laid on the floor all day.. it was awful. haha We even called Megan.. err.. Sister Mitton and Sister Sullivan and the only thing we said on the message was "help.. help.. help!" HAHA They called us and Megan said "We are going to come visit you because you are ill. Its a type of service." haha So they came to our rescue and brought us some Gatorade and crackers. The experience is hilarious... Now.. 
When Megan (for the life of me I cannot call her Sis Mitton. It is SO hard to do) and Sis Sullivan came to rescue us.. they took pictures of us being so pathetic.. haha 
So once again I didn't speak a lot of Spanish for another day or so because turns out when you aren't feeling well the last thing that that comes to your mind are words in a different language. So Friday came and we went out to work. Except apparently I needed something else to write home about because I got attacked by a wasp! So there I am sitting in an appointment just watching my hand swell. I mean.. seriously? What's gotta give? My hand stayed swollen for days.. literally.. Its still a bit swollen and bruised. haha my life! 

On Saturday we had a dinner appointment that was over an hour away, so that was a really fun roadtrip :) President gave me permission to call and talk with Alice about her baptism so we had a fun chit chat too :) Keep them in your prayers please! As for life here, we are starting to find more people to teach which is a huge blessing. Its coming slowly but surely :) We even had a family bring some of their family to church and the family members asked us to teach them I think we can arrange that :) haha

Now here's my last thing to report on. So Hma Garcia said I had to do all the talking in Branch Counsel so there I was reporting on all the people we saw that week and President Ramirez apparently is super excited about how my Spanish is coming along and he said that next Sunday the theme is missionary work so he thinks we should speak. But here's the thing.. He said it in a totally joking way. So I laughed and responded in a "ya okay.. sure President" kind of way. Sister Garcia answered more affirmatively.. Well in our meeting after church the Elders started to ask me if I was excited to speak.. I couldn't take it anymore and responded in English "Woah Woah Woah! I thought that was a joke!" I was then informed it wasn't a joke.. Language barrier.. DOH! 

We eat dinner with President and Sister Ramirez each Sunday so I asked him at dinner if it was a joke and he just laughed and said "Oh Hermana. You can do it. Listen to your Spanish you don't need more time." So.. yup. Guess that wasn't a joke. Neato! I get to speak for 10-15 minutes in church this coming Sunday on missionary work. Wish me luck! haha 

So there's my crazy week. Life's going really well! I'm happy and finally healthy again.. haha. I hope that you all have a fantastic week :) Happy Fathers Day Dad!! I love you :) 

I love you all!  
Hermana Hamilton

Monday, June 2, 2014

Couldn't be happier :)

Hey Everyone!!
Well my oh my! So much to share from this week but also, I don't know when to start. Surprised? I think not! haha Perhaps I'll just go in order of things from when they happened.
But let me first and foremost start with how much I simply love life. Really, I am so happy! The song from Wicked just came to mind where it says "..couldn't be happier" Sometimes that's how I feel out here. I couldn't be happier. Sure its humid and my hair is a mess, but remember #BIGhairdontcare. That motto is back by the way. :) But life is just so good! I get to wake up and do something I love everyday. I get to smile all the time and meet new people who I instantly love and who are immediate friends. I laugh nonstop. I'm getting more and more freckles and the worst farmers tan ever. I go running every morning in a beautiful forest thing. I go to sleep every night with a massive headache because my brain has been translating Spanish all day, yet I love it because just like I love the Southern Accent, I love the Spanish Language. Life is so good.
Hermana Garcia Valle and I at Lake Lanier this morning. I almost "accidently" fell in :)
This week I attended my last Zone Conference ever, it also happened to be President and Sister Wolferts last Zone Conference. It was the best zone conference that I have attended in my year and a half here. The Spirit was so strong and we had so much fun! I saw so many friends and learned so much. I am forever thankful to have served under President and Sister Wolfert, I will miss them terribly. When I think about going home with the new mission president (who probably won't have met me) I get so sad.. But then I realized a great positive.. And I invited Sister Wolfert to come to Sacrament meeting when I speak and she said if they didn't have to speak themselves that week they would love to. :) Boom! Problem solved!
At Zone Conference President and Sister Wolfert invited us to make June another "month of Consecration" where we more fully consecrate ourselves to the work and to the Lord. I'm super excited because we are going to see so many miracles! Hermana Garcia and I made some good goals. We were already trying to speak Spanish most of the time, but we decided for the month of Consecration we'd give up English so that I can be more immersed and learn more quickly.. Its super hard! Not only because my language skills as far as speaking are not much better than Benjamin or Logan's (who I'm pretty sure aren't speaking yet.. haha) but because we have so much fun together and we laugh all the time but now its hard to share jokes or stories haha. And of course I'm exaggerating, I can speak better than that.. but you get the picture. But it'll be good!
On Wednesday I was able to receive a blessing from our Branch President, President Ramirez,  to help me learn the language. I am so thankful for men who can use the priesthood to help us receive extra guidance and comfort from our loving Father in Heaven. Interestingly I wasn't blessed with different gifts, rather I was blessed with comfort, clarity of mind, that fear would flee, and my companion was blessed with patience (in my blessing, haha). As I've pondered those things and the advice given to remember the scripture in Doctrine & Covenants 11:21 (to first obtain the word before you try to declare it) I've realized it was exactly what I needed. Since then I've known exactly what I should study in my personal study (which I do all in Spanish these days--can you say miracle?) I still have SOOO much to learn, its a bit overwhelming but when I really think about the fact that its only been 2.5 weeks and I can already participate in lessons.. My jaw drops to the floor. The Spirit of the Lord is the best teacher.. that's all I'm sayin'!
So on Thursday we took Hermana Ramirez to teach Cristal the Plan of Salvation. It was such a good lesson! Cristal has soo much faith and she reads and does every little "assignment" we leave with her, except.. come to church. We're working on it though. :) So I taught the first part then Hermana Garcia just started teaching and a little while later to both her surprise and mine I just jumped right in and taught a whole other section of the lesson, completely not planned. That my friends, is the Spirit and the Lord qualifying who He calls. I'm telling you, there is no way that was me. You don't understand, it takes me SO long to write out questions to ask and such.. Yet in that moment, my mouth just opened and I just talked and talked.. And even answered questions using the scriptures. What??? A Miracle, hands down! No more mute Hermana for me! :) Slash.. I'm still mute. But not when the Lord wants me to speak :)
Sister Beasley, Sister Winegar, and us at Zone Conference :) We have members who live near them so we may or may not be planning a visit.. just saying :)
We had another huge miracle this week. We received a referral from some missionaries who tracted into a family from Mexico. So we went to teach them and Hermana Garcia makes the connection with them that she had taught their family who was baptized recently in Roswell Georgia. Try to tell me tha'ts a coincidence. Oh wait.. its not! :) How cool is that? Maria (the mom) is super spiritual and we were able to teach them how to pray as a family and are going back this week. So cool! :)
I memorized the First Vision in Spanish about a week in, so I get to share that a lot lately as we meet people at the door and what not. Its really cool to feel the spirit so strong whenever I say it. Oh and funny story. We were tracting and Hma Garcia gave up and walked away but I waited a second. This woman answered the door so I just smiled and said "Hola!" The woman screamed and shut the door. I laughed SO hard!! She of course reopened the door and we were able to talk with her a bit about the party they were having. But seriously I laughed so hard.
I let Hermana Garcia Valle straighten my hair.. it was super long! And so weird.. like Tangled status! It lasted only a couple of hours because of the humidity, so heres the only picture to prove it haha
I love this little Spanish Branch (congregation). These people once again just stole my heart. They are like family, I can't speak to them well yet.. But I love them! We had a Branch dinner last night to break our fasts. It was so fun to be with them. And then do an big FHE as a church family. That's really what the church is about. No.. not about eating, although when we meet, we eat :) The Gospel its about having family everywhere around the world. It doesn't matter what language you speak or where you live, you are a part of a family.
Speaking of family.. :) This week we are going on exchange. You know what that means? I get to go back to Coal Mountain for the day! Woot woot!! Sister Kelly called a bunch of people I taught up there who they haven't been able to see and when they heard I was going to be there they all set appointments. The people love me, what can I say? HAHA They love me, because I love them. So I'll let you know how that goes. And we are going to do a FHE with the Anguianos (a family in coal mountain that I love so much!) again when we exchange back so Hma Garcia and I can practice doing it in Spanish seeing as they are from Guatemala. Woot Woot! I'm stoked :)
So yup!! Lifes soo good. I'm happy, healthy, getting more freckles, and laughing my way through life. Life is as it should be :)

Oh shoot, one more quick story. So I got my Spanish name tags in the mail this week.. And can I just say.. like I love them of course.. but its so weird!! And it was surprisingly hard to not put on my English tag.. It was like I was leaving behind that mission and starting a new one.. Who knew I would grow so attached to a 2 by 4 inch name badge.. :)
Okay thats all!
I love you!!!
Hermana Hamilton