Sunday, October 20, 2013

That dog ain't got nothin' on me! :)

Hello Everyone!!
We are emailing today at the smallest library I've ever seen in the mountains of Georgia while we wait for the Zone to get up here to go to Amacalola Falls! It should be really fun! But that also means that I have no time basically before this computer logs me out.. soo... I'll try to be brief and or just hope my fingers can type as fast as I want them too .. :)
First things first! We got transfer calls today.. Well actually that is a complete lie. We didn't get transfer calls although they should have come.. haha So.. That means there will be no changes here in Coal Mountain for Sister Alder and I. We will serve together at least until the week of thanksgiving. Yup.. next transfers are the day before thanksgiving. Watch.. Knowing my luck I'll follow the same pattern of my mission and I will be going to a new area and not have anywhere for thanksgiving.. haha Moral of the story: I'm nervous but also excited to stay in this cute little country town.
I am LOVING the weather!! Oh my goodness it is wonderful! Really.. you should probably be jealous. I mean its the 14th of October (Happy Late Birthday Waybe, btw!!) and its still like low 80's or high 70's! Seriously, the best! Everyone keeps telling me its going to be a horrible winter because it was such a mild summer.. But I have high hopes that it will be a mild winter because it was a mild summer.. :)
We had our Zone Meeting this week and Sister Alder and I trained on Unity. It was fun and we have started doing more things as a zone including P-Day today and a weekly call in to talk about those we are teaching and say a prayer. I hope it helps bring some life and fun to the zone! :) If we aren't having fun.. we're doing something wrong.. :)
We went on two exchanges this week. They were really awesome.. and also really rough. I LOVE getting to meet so many of the sisters and help them out, but I HATE having to.. hmm.. how to say this.. point out ways they can be more obedient.. Its defs NOT my fav.. But we still managed to have so much fun and take lots of classic pictures. On a happy note.. I was able to serve on a college campus for a day! And that was SOOO fun!! So for all of you reading this that are currently in college.. LIVE IT UP! :)
Now let me share a few great classic stories from the week including our huge miracle! <--Did I catch your attention?
1. Let me start by getting some useful information out to all of you. Mace, you know that spray for keeping the creeps away?, well I have learned this week that is good for more than just that :) It is actually also good for keeping dogs away.. So Sister Carrigan and I were tracting, meeting some of the crazies of the world and loving it of course, and one woman answers the door. She is almost in a defensive position and goes "I have a really big dog!" So I kind of braced myself for this dog to come plowing through her.. Then she says "I'm actually suprised he hasn't tried to bite you yet.. Either way I'm NOT interested!" and slams the door.. Sister Carrigan and I look at each other completely confused.. And then we hear the growl and we know.. Yup, that KIND woman left us out to be eaten by her dog! And didn't even call it by name or anything.. WHAT???? ya.. that's real.. Don't worry though, this story has a happy ending.. It just followed us to the curb.. growling.. and snapping its teeth but never actually bit us. So that was neat. I mean really.. who does that?? So we told our dinner appointment about it and the woman says the dogs try to get her all the time while she runs so she carries mace and sprays them when they come close.. haha! So.. I may be investing in some..
2. We had Stake Conference this past weekend, it was awesome! Elder Paul B. Pieper was here from the 70 and he requested that we come to the adult session as well, which we usually aren't allowed at. We got to talk to him beforehand and he was super nice. The meeting was AWESOME! They read a letter from the First Presidency that said effective 10/1 the adult session should be devoted to figuring out how to best help move the Work of Salvation Forward. It was the coolest meeting! Seriously amazing! They did a really awesome question and answer forum thing and talked about how they can help work together with missionaries. Elder Pieper called all of us (Sugar Hill Stake Missionaries and President and Sister Wolfert) up to the front and had us serve Called to Serve. It was so fun! And all the moms in the crowd bawled :) Elder Pieper than told everyone that they had to be the answers to our Mothers' prayers. So Mom, you can stop worrying, I'm in good hands. The Stake got a new Stake President, so that will be cool to see what things he wants to change as far as missionary work goes.
3. I served in the Chicken Capital of the World.. and took a picture with a big american flag chicken.. Only in Georgia! :)
4. People have dogs here.. live everywhere.. one house had 7.. 4 labs.. 2 german shepherds and 1 little dog.. THATS NUTS!
4. We were tracting and having no success.. So we left and went to another area where both Sis Alder and I felt we should go to when we were planning.. As we prayed we asked Heavenly Father to lead us to the home of the family He had for us to meet, we also asked that we would be told by the Spirit what to testify of so that we could touch their hearts. First few doors.. no success then we came to one and this sweet woman answered the door. As I began talking I was planning on talking about the Book of Mormon but something seemed to make me tongue tied and next thing I knew I was asking her if we could say a prayer to bless her home and family. Miracle #1! :) She got the biggest smile and said "Oh yes! Please come in." Miracle #2! She then got her children to come join us for the prayer, she loved it and was intrigued by the Book of Mormon next thing. When we asked if we could come back and share more with her family she smiled and said "If it really can bring me closer to Christ, I would love that. But can you make sure you come when my husband is home? I want the whole family to be here." MIRACLE #3!!  :) Its the first family we have found, well and the first person who let us set up a specific return appointment. I definitely fell blessed! :)
Sister Alder and I have either called or visited or left notes for every member of the ward who hasn't attended in awhile and visited all the members who come regularly.. So we are going to start round two this week. Do any of you have any ideas of ways we can best help them get excited about church in general? Ive never been in a ward where a lot of the members really don't care that we are there.. So if you have any ideas of things we can do to best serve them.. please let me know! I'd also welcome any easy, cheap, and fun FHE lesson/activity ideas. We do a lot of Family Home Evening type lessons and so it would be great to have some more ideas.
Boom! Race the clock complete!
I love you all and hope you have a great week!! Don't forget to write me every once in awhile.. :)
Sister Hamilton

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