Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happy Happy Joy JOY

Hello Everyone! 

How are you all doing? I hope you are all doing wonderful! Make sure you do something great to celebrate the 4th of July. I'm not exactly sure what our plans are except to share and teach the gospel.. No shocker there.. haha We surprisingly have a few appointments already for the day so that will be nice. Besides that we'll probably walk downtown Duluth (which is adorable! completely quaint and picturesque) talking to everyone we can and visit some members. 

Today is a big day in Georgia. Don't know why? I'll tell you. Yesterday, many missionaries in MY mission went to sleep, and today they woke up in the Georgia Atlanta Mission. Another many were shipped off to the Georgia Macon Mission. Today Georgia now has 3 missions! CRAZY! 

This week has been AMAZING. Sister Beasley and I worked our butts off. July is a month of Consecration for the Georgia Atlanta North Mission. To consecrate is to make holy or set apart. Its giving more of our heart minds and strength to the Lord, His work, and His will. It means as a mission we are going to be more exactly obedient in the month of July. Sister Beasley and I decided to start it a little early so we could be ready to hit the ground running today. Already she and I have seem so many miracles and felt so much joy. I'd love to tell you about some of the ones we saw this week. 

President Wolfert came to our district for interviews this week.  It was great! He gave great advice with the area and it was good to hear that he thinks Sister Beasley and I are doing great work. He says he admires how much fun I have with opening an area. Last time I saw him he said it would bless me my whole mission.. He said it again.. YIKES! I hope that he wasn't implying anything! :) Overall I had a great interview with him and loved having a chance to learn from him. Mom, thanks for praying for me to get the best mission president. I just want you to know.. I got it! :) 

And random fact of the day.. A total of 18 Sisters are entering our mission in a few weeks.. Where are they going to go!? 

President gave us permission to go to Rock and Coco's baptism which was such a blessing! I attached a picture from it. Their baptism was absolutely wonderful. They were so happy and Coco especially was just radiating. We talked to her after and she said (in her very broken English) "I feel different. The time I went down (showed us with her hands) and came up. I feel different. I feel good!" How sweet is that?! I know that its because she was feeling clean, and feeling the love and comfort from the Lord as she followed His example by being baptized. 

Remember that sweet woman.. Ms Hamilton I told you about last week? The one that we knocked on her door? Well she is just the best. She radiates so much love, joy, and light! She even came to the baptism and said she loved it so much! I loved over hearing sisters in the ward say "Are you coming to church tomorrow?" And her saying.."Ya.. YA! I think I will!" This ward is the BEST at fellow-shipping. She came to church yesterday and again loved it. She said "The Spirit of the Lord is here, and you guys just know how to preach the word. Each time they read a scripture it makes me want to cry its so powerful." She was brave enough to introduce herself in Relief Society and even told everyone that I won her over with my name. See! I wasn't lying! :)

Caitlin is still meeting with us twice a week and asks great questions! She's still not comfortable coming to church but she'll read whatever we leave her to and keeps her commitments. I sure love her! Sister Beasley and I are learning to ask her to read more and more of the Book of Mormon each time, because she'll always read all we ask her to. She even says "Its such a good book, I want to read more." But I think she's afraid to go on.. :) She is just wonderful! What a miracle it was to just have her husband come up to us and ask us to teach her. 

We have a few more people that we are teaching who were introduced to us by members of the church. Its so exciting to see the work progress so much and see this area just start to bloom :) So amazing! I love being here! I can't believe time goes so fast. Its crazy! 

Well I hope you are all doing well! I think of you and keep you in my prayers! 

Sister Hamilton

P.S. The picture with the GPS. Sometimes, you have to leave the mission to drive to other areas. I wasn't really paying attention.. Just following the GPS to get us home from Paper Mill for P-Day and Sister Beasley says "Uh.. Sister hamilton.. Where are we?" To which I responded without question, jokingly.. "Out of the mission." I then looked around and saw MARTA.. We were indeed out of the mission.. WOOPS! :)

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