Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Work Hard, Play Hard, Laugh ALWAYS, and Cry Sometimes!

Hi Family! & Friends!
Its been a ........ week. Full of lots of different experiences, emotions, miracles, and blessings. Most weeks I try to make a note of things that I'd like to include in my email home..  But this week I didn't so excuse my ramblings and be patient with me. I apologize in advanced if things seem a bit scattered, but in reality.. That's exactly how my week appears in my brain.
First off.. Paul and Lindsey, I already told you this but thought I'd share.. :) I wore one of the custom T-Shirts they made me this last P-day.  (Has a built in name-tag that says "Aunt" on top). After we emailed we were going to go bowling. I thought the other missionaries would appreciate it as much as I do so I didn't wear a name tag. They LOVED it by the way. Well.. I forgot to put on a tag when I went to the store.. Can you say Classy missionary? :) It gets better.. I forgot a change of shirt for the rest of our day.. So drum roll please.. I wore it to our dinner appointment and then to knock some doors in the evening. NICE huh! :) I got lots of compliments and was one proud auntie sporting that shirt everywhere!
Tuesday was a rough day for me as I'm sure it was for many of you reading this email. On a happy note.. I had my first experience of the real south.. Its true what they say in our mission.. The more north you get, the more South you are. I was on exchange in Woodstock and heard more southern accents in that short day than I feel like I have in my mission here in the City. It was good to be there and experience something new and we had some really great lessons.
Its still our Month of consecration.. It was a hard week for me to stay consecrated, not going to lie. I had no problem working hard but it was extremely hard to keep my mind here. I hope you all know that I love you and wish I could have been there for the services. But, I know the Lord needed me here and I just pray that you all were blessed for my service, specifically this week.
Sister Beasley and I know we have about a week left as being companions. We've known it would come to an end so we've been doing our best to make this transfer specifically the BEST ever! Our Motto, besides "WE GOT THE BEST" is "Work Hard, Play Hard, Laugh ALWAYS, and Cry Sometimes!" We're definitely putting them to heart and having a lot of fun. Some may even say "too much fun" but I say no way! haha
I am so thankful for the little funnies and miracles the Lord blessed me with this week to let me know that He's aware and cares enough to make sure I know I'm loved. We had wonderful lessons with those we are teaching, and they are still learning lots and doing well.
Let me share a few experiences I had that brought me some joy and laughter:
--A woman gave us an umbrella because it started raining so hard the streets were flooding.We then regifted the umbrella to a man walking home in the rain when the storm came again 30 min later. Glad we got a pic with it before we gave it away! :)

--A man gave us free soda and sweets at a gas station. He said "Consider it my good Christian deed of the day, anything you want is on the house!"
--While tracting some townhomes we were walking up to one and the door of the one we had knocked previously opened.. Its pretty normal for that to happen. Sis Beasley wants to practice being a "sr. companion" so I did what she asked.. Shut up and stepped back behind a bush. Sis Beasley kind of choked.. and responded to him by saying "We're just going around helping people by giving prayers." As soon as he shut the door I lost it. It was SO funny. We then laughed until we had little tears from our laughter and then did our best to hold it together and continue onward.. 5 min later we got caught in another storm and ended up having to go home because we might as well had been swimming. Oh man good times!! haha!! :)

--The Primary children found  out about Uncle Benny's passing. I was showered with notes from all of the children telling me they love me and sharing their testimonies of Gods plan for His children. My favorite was a drawn picture of me smiling saying "You can do it Sister Hamilton!" What sweet children!
Last funny story then I will go.. So you know how Mom and Aunt Megan get the giggles? Not the laughs.. the Giggles?? Ya.. I'm pretty sure I'm more like them than I thought! Those little school girl giggles seem to find their way in me during our meetings and day to day missionary tasks all the time. Sister Beasley and I get the giggles always a the exact wrong moments.. Like during missionary correlation meeting, district meeting, while talking to the Elders, and drum roll please... and on the phone with members. WOOPS! I was calling for our dinner apt tonight and leaving a message then they came on.. Almost like when you are going to be sick unexpectedly.. I just couldn't stop them.. Then I look up and Sister Beasley has them worse than I do. I'm not exactly sure if they even could understand our phone number.. So we had to send them a text which read "So sorry about laughing at the end of the voicemail. Our phone number is..." Just another Classy missionary moment for Sister Hamilton!
Sorry that this email is so long and scattered. It was so good to hear all of  your voices. I'm so thankful that President Wolfert allowed me to call home, it was definitely another tender mercy. I want you all to know that I'm doing fine. Just got a few tears because I got to hear all of your wonderful voices. I really am doing well, the Savior comforts and blesses His missionaries and there really is no other place I'd rather be. I love you all!!
I know that the Savior is aware of all of our circumstances and needs. God the Father lives, He loves us all and has a plan for us. He blesses us in the exact ways we need to be blessed so we know that He is there for us. I know that more this week than any other week in my life. I love this Gospel. I know eternal families are and can be a reality to us all through obedience to God's laws and temple ordinances. I'm sorry to see Uncle Benny pass through this life but feel blessed and priveledged to welcome him as a wonderful Angel by my side who I know will keep me safe and help me keep going when times are tough.
I love you all!
Sister Hamilton

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