Monday, June 24, 2013

I am the luckiest!!

Hello Everyone! 

Another week has flown by.. seriously where does the time go? I feel like I live the longest days and shortest weeks--but wouldn't trade that for anything. Sister Beasley and I witnessed some remarkable miracles this week and have such a great love for  the people here, both member and non-member, and for the Savior. 

I hope many of you were able to watch the broadcast last night from many of the Apostles on Missionary Work. We were able to watch it and I loved every bit of it. I know that those men who spoke are Prophets and Apostles of God, the words they speak always seem to touch my heart. I'm excited for their continued emphasis on every member a missionary because I've seen first hand how much having members on your side can further the work along. And just to clarify.. I cannot go on Facebook, Blogs, etc. Each mission will be phased into that and so until I hear otherwise the answer is still no. So Linds, can you still keep them up for me? Thanks! :) 

I received many cards and packages for my birthday--thank you so much to all of you!! I'll talk about most of it later.. but one of them from sweet Barbara said "I hope you enjoy this Birthday Season!" Did you hear that, not just day but a season! Well I assure you all I took that to heart and decided what better way to spend my Birthday then spreading the love and joy I have even more. Each day this past week has been wonderful. The Lord gave me little gifts, disguised as Tender Mercies, every day! You ready to hear about some of them? 

Monday- Our dinner apt had other obligations so they asked us to pick up a pizza they paid for and share it with the Elders. We aren't allowed in their apartment so we just sat on benches in their complex and ate. While we were eating a man walked up and said, "Missionaries?" He told us of how he hasn't been to church in a long time but he really wants his wife to learn about it. He asked Sister Beasley and I to teach his wife about the gospel. Since last Monday we have taught her twice and she is amazing! She keeps saying "Oh well.. I believe that and I'm Catholic. Maybe its not as crazy as I thought!" :) haha. Its not everyday you meet someone who pulls out her calendar and says, "Okay, I want you here twice a week. Pick your days." And we set up appointments for the next several weeks. We even had a lesson with her on my birthday :) What a beautiful gift and tender mercy to be apart of. 

Tuesday- We knocked door after door, only to get them closed abruptly in our face.  One woman was on the phone and at first wasn't interested until a huge smile came to her face and she said "Hamilton!? I'm a Hamilton! Okay, you got me. Can you come back in 30 min?" We did and said a wonderful prayer with her. We went back the next day and taught the Restoration. It was probably the best lesson Sis. Beasley and I have ever taught. The Spirit was so strong and at the end she prayed and thanked God for coming to know that there are Prophets again today. We taught her again 2 days later with a member of our ward there who instantly became great friends. She seems so prepared, what a miracle! I can't lie.. I felt very special when she said "Well you just won me over with your smile, light, and of course that great name of yours!" Go Hamilton's! :) 

We have seen an incredible amount of ward support this past week. The Relief Society Sisters are really becoming involved in the work. We have at least 3 Sisters come with us to appointments a week or drive us to visit members who haven't been attending regularly. It is such a blessing! 

Rock and Coco are being baptized this coming Saturday. Last week we taught her the English words for bearing her testimony. As she had a lesson with the Elders yesterday they asked her, "Do you believe in God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost?" To which she replied with energy and enthusiasm,  "I understand and I BELIEVE!" What a blessing it has been to help her prepare for baptism. They have asked Sister Beasley to speak at their baptism because we have been such a part of their learning. I hope that means we can get permission to go! :) (President Wolfert has a new rule in the mission that we can't go to any baptism unless it is someone we are teaching right then and we get specific permission from him. So if you wanted to say a prayer that he lets us.. We'd appreciate it!) :) 

Now I'm sure you are all wanting to hear about my BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! Well First of all, thanks to the post-office I really did get to celebrate all week as I got letters and packages throughout the week. Mom and Dad, thank you so much! I LOVED the pictures (you better believe they are on my wall) and the treats and goodies. Thank you! Paul and Lindsey, Can I say AMAZING! I love the shirts and you better believe I'm wearing it for P-Day! Mangos=Delicious! Thanks for the letters Jenn, Barbara, Tamazine, Tabitha, and Dad! And thanks to all the others that I hear are on their way :) And thank you for the delicious ice cream cake!!

I'm not exactly sure how it got out, but somehow the ward found out it was my birthday and they spoiled me. I truly feel so so blessed! Sister Brewer took us to CPK for my Birthday lunch, the tradition lives on! :) Sister Kerr, who was coming with us to appointments, brought me flowers and a card. Sister Kalke who we helped move gave me a gift card for lunch. And Sister Hughes, our wonderful Relief Society President, who had us over for dinner gave me (and Sister Beasley) a charm bracelet with charms only found in GA. It is beautiful and something I will cherish forever to remind me of this wonderful land, and the people who have stolen my heart. 

This whole entire week I have felt so blessed. I can see hearts being changed and families coming closer together, and that is all I've asked to come from my mission. You know the best part about my birthday? I get to give all 365 days of being 22 to my Savior Jesus Christ as a missionary. Every day is His and I will do anything and everything that I can to help the Children of God grow closer to Him. 

I know God lives. He loves each one of us as His children. He has a plan for each of us to succeed and get back to Him. He gave us our families for a reason. I am so thankful for His love and for having a Savior who I can always lean on. 

My dear family: I love all of you soooooooo much!! I hope you know that. I'm trying to be better at writing, but just know that even if you aren't getting a letter often that I think of you each day, many many times a day. Thank you for all the birthday wishes and love, I feel your love and support each day and couldn't do it without you. Thank you! I love you!!

Sister Hamilton

Pic 1: Mom and Dad's Birthday Package!
Pic 2: Aunt Sister Hamilton shirts!!! :) 
Pic 3: Ice cream cake! :)

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