Friday, June 14, 2013

Tender Mercies All Around!

To whomever actually reads these things.. (haha) 

To be honest I don't really know what I talked about last week.. but I don't remember being in the most exciting/happy mood.. so I don't know what would have been said. haha (I realize I could read it.. but that would take up my limited email time..)  So this week I've decided that I wanted to let you all experience my mission on a different level. 

First Nephi 1:20 says,"But behold, I, Nephi, will show unto you that the tender cmercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of ddeliverance." That has become the motto of my mission. 

Each day I look for the tender mercies of the Lord, what the world would often call coincidences, but that I know are the Lord's way of telling me He's as much a part of this work as I am. Each day I write at least ONE tender mercy in my journal, but often its more like four or five. So I read my journal last night and picked some from this last week to share with you all. 

These are excerpts from my journal  the story may not make sense because it wont have all the details, but its important to me. They are my reflections and my thoughts. And I want you all to see some of them so that you too can see that God is apart of His work and that these tender mercies I see are also all around you. 

So here they are... quotes and exerpts from my journal.

--"Missionary work is hard, it requires me to be engaged 24/7. Its not only physically hard, but its also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually tasking... Sometimes its hard to not feel discouraged for a few moments... Is there more I could be doing?.. But today I experienced a TENDER MERCY. Today I KNOW the Lord is pleased with my work. My outward success does not match the effort I put in, and the Lord knows that. And He is pleased. Tender Mercy."

--"Its hot... knocking doors all afternoon.. told Sis. Beasley '3 more doors, that's all I can do. I have to get water.' 3 doors... no water.. Go one more she says.. Water never tasted as good as it did out of that Red Solo cup. I'd even say it tasted better than that Poweraide did after I finished running the Half Marathon. Tender Mercy."

--"We haven't been let in a home (non-member)  in about 4 or 5 days.. but I'm not worried.. we have been working hard and I feel the Spirit so I know I'm being successful.. Today, Heavenly Father led us to His children. Today we got into 5 homes. I know that wouldn't have happened if the Lord didn't will it. Tender Mercy."

--"Remember Jesse and Ron? The ones we met the other day and let us say a prayer? They let us come back.. And when we taught the restoration they asked 'so when can y'all come back?' Its not very often that you hear that. What a Tender mercy!"

--"I think we found 'Faith' what a tender mercy!" 

--"As we were knocking some doors I heard a "BEEEEEEP" and then a slamming of breaks.. the car gets in reverse and heads back toward us. Immediately I thought.. 'oh great. HOA, but I thought I didn't see a sign..' Next I hear 'Hey! What church are y'all from?' We responded and she says 'I have a friend that needs Christ, can you go see him?' WHAT??? Did that just happen?! Wow what a tender mercy!! Not only is it a tender mercy that we got a 'referral' but the bigger tender mercy is that she recognized us as Representatives of Jesus Christ just from us walking."

--"I felt like we needed go to see Sis Johnson, so we changed our plans and went to see her.. she really must have needed it because she talked to us a lot.. Tis woman doesn't have a lot and it turns out she didn't even have a Book of Mormon so Sister Beasley gave her one. I felt the impression, 'get it back and write a note'.. I had no idea what to write.. as I prayed thoughts came to my mind and my hand just went.. Sis Johnson cried when she read it and kissed the page.. Sis Beasley told me in the car that it was so sweet.. I just smiled because I couldn't say anything.. I do not know what I wrote.. I know that it was Heavenly Father's message to His daughter in need and my hand was merely tool that He used to get it to her. What a tender mercy it was to be His hand at that moment . No, that was a MIRACLE."

I could go on and on about the little miracles I see each week. But you want to know what the best part is? You can see them too! Like i said its my motto for my mission, so I challenge everyone to look for them. And I love that now they are starting to tell me that they see them. As a missionary I want to invite EVERYONE of you, "Will you pray for and look for the tender mercies of the Lord in your life?" 

I promise that if you do so that you will find them. When you find them, thank the Lord for them and He will show you more and more. 

I love you all! I'm doing well, life is GOOD! :) 

Sister Hamilton

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