Monday, June 24, 2013

We got the BEST!

What a week! This letter is going to be scattered because I feel that's how my brain is right now.. 

Missionary work always seems to surprise me. You think I would be used to all the totally random moments we tend to have as missionaries, yet it still gets me every time. Sister Beasley and I are doing really well. Never a problem. Our days are always filled with laughter and tender mercies. What a blessing! 

Speaking of blessings.. GRANTS!! BEST Music package known to missionary history! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and Sister Beasley's! We are so thankful to have the best music to listen to every day now. Thank you! I love you all! :) 

The Elders are teaching a couple from China, Rock and Coco. They are the sweetest couple! Well Coco, doesn't speak English.. or I should say didn't. We have been teaching her the past month or so and on sunday she proudly introduced herself to the entire sunday school class saying "Hello, my name is Coco. I am from China. this is my husband, Rock." They've been to church every Sunday for about a month now and are being baptizedJune 29th. Its been a blessing to teach them as well as the Elders. I feel like they are just as much "ours" as they are the elders. I just love them!! They are so kind! We were talking about the temple with them and Rock said "I can't wait to go on. Can you come?" Um.. yes! I would love to come :) It'd be a perfect event at the end of my mission. So right there is a huge blessing in my life right now, teaching Coco English and helping them prepare for baptism. 

I'd like to have a special shout out for old Ms. Chanko (sp..) my adorable piano teacher from way back when. Thanks to her I have managed to play the piano for our District meetings. Its not great.. but it sounds better than us singing without a piano.. haha! :) 

We received a referral from the Atlanta Mission office, so we took Sister Miller in the ward with us to go meet them. Angie called the Atlanta office and asked for them to send missionaries to her so they could teach her family. She was so sweet and  has 4 children who are members who live in Alabama, and she said its time she learned about the church. It was such a blessing to meet her! She had to go to the hospital that day and mentioned something about a blessing. We explained that we couldn't personally give her one but that we could get someone to them that could. Sister Miller called her husband and recently returned missionary son, and we got things taken care of. The Priesthood is such a blessing. I am so thankful for worthy men who hold the priesthood and are willing to use to to bless the lives of others at a moments notice. Dad, thanks for always being the best example of a great man of God. I really appreciate it. I love you. 

Oh hey, remember how I got a mission call to serve in Georgia.. like the SOUTH? Hmm.. I'm beginning to wonder where I really am considering I have eaten cow intestines, squid, and who knows what else kinds of meat this week.. I have had oriental food, like legit stuff, 6 of the 7 days this past week.. where in the world am I? I LOVE IT! :) 

I don't have a copy of PMG with me but I want to reference a part of it. President Brigham Young talks about how no articulate testimony could have ever converted him to the gospel, but when he heard the testimony of a simple farm man with horrible grammar that it just touched his heart and he knew it was true. (PMG, 199) I have found that to be true. This week I heard / felt the most powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon in my life. It came from a mouth with missing teeth, full of aints', y'alls, and gunna's. And it touched my soul like nothing else has in my life. Just like that sweet woman I too know the Book of Mormon is true and I pray that everyone can find out for themselves what she said to be true. "Its awesome y'all!" "There is power in the word!" "I feel like I just found what I'd been missing and I aint ever gon' back." 

The Book of Mormon is the true word of God. It has changed lives for the past 180ish years and will continue to do so for the rest of time. I hope and pray that my  testimony can touch hearts as strongly as that sweet sisters touched mine. 

I love you all and think about you often!! 

To use the words of the great Taylor Swift.. Hey I don't know about you... I'm feelin' 22!!!! :)

Happy Birthday to me!--I had to say it at least once.. :)

Love, The Birthday Sister,
Sister Jules

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