Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Wait! Where'd your posse go?"‏‏

Hello Family and Friends!
First, the quote came from a guy in the grocery store who asked me that question when I checked out in a different line from my companions.. haha :) So I call them my posse now.
Another wonderful week in Marietta/Rosewell/Sandy Springs Georgia has flown by! I honestly don't even know where to start. Its the end of my first transfer in the field and I love being able to say I've been in GA longer than I was in the MTC! :) The people here seriously just warm my heart. I love them all so much. Their adorable accents always make me smile, and no I'm not just talking about the Southern accent, which I don't actually hear all that often.. its usually masked by French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese etc as I seem to be living where all the immigrants settle outside Atlanta. Its beautiful, its home.
 Let me try to get some of the highlights of the week.
McKenzie and Taylor: We teach them once a week and they aren't the best at keeping their commitments but we can tell the Gospel is something they ultimately want so we are trying to work with them. We were all a little worried about the lesson we were going to have with them on Tuesday because as all missionaries know, sometimes there comes a time when you don't teach someone as often and that's always really sad because you come to love them so much. The lesson was AMAZING. McKenzie said, "you know, all this would make much more sense if I would just get my butt to church! I'm going to do that!" Unfortunatley she had to work this sunday but she has promised us she'll be here this coming sunday. She also said how baptism has been on her mind and she knows it somethings she wants. Taylor wants to be baptized as well. They both committed to pray about a date to be baptized and were much more engaged in our lesson and we could see them really applying everything to their own life. It was amazing. I certainly do love those two.

Cassandra: Cassandra has been reading the Book of Mormon and each time we walk up to her I see a smile bigger than I thought imagionable. Yesterday when we saw her she had a HUGE smile and litterally RAN to us to tell us what she had learned. We have been asking her questions she has about the Bible, of things that are confusing, and using the Book of Mormon to explain it. She loves that :) She's great, and always make me happy because of how much joy she has about her! She's legit! :)
While walking on one of the most busy roads in our Area we found behind trees a HUGE camp ground.. No joke a camp ground with cabins and such. Just a little gem hidden off of Rosewell Road. Now I say Gem.. but it was honestly kind of creepy.. Haha I just couldn't believe how random it was.
Speaking of Random.. shout out to MITCHELL GRANT! Why? Oh thats because I see at least 2 Dominican hair salons each day. they all have insanely hilarious pictures and title names. I thought you might enjoy that. Oh and I meet a  bunch of Dominicans. So.. hey Atlanta is the place to be!
On Saturday it was 85 degrees. Which is wonderful and I loved it, until I realized that if its 85 and its not even spring.. I'm going to be hating my life in a few weeks.. haha I put on my make-up that has sun screen in it and thought it would be enough.. But I still got burnt. We went and practiced teaching with a young couple in our ward and she said to me "You just have  light and love and excitement that radiates from you, its amazing. I know the people you teach feel it. Just one thing you should work on is not being so nervous." I was so confused becuase I wasn't nervous.. she then said "I mean you've been blushing this whole time I'm so sorry." Oh.. ya.. by blushing she's actually referring to my sunburn.. HAHA Oh no.. time to buy real sun screen.
Last two items of business. We had a training meeting with President Wolfert of all those whom came in the transfer I did with their trainers. Seriously President and Sister Wolfert are amazing! I love them and they teach us all so much! It was amazing to see Sister Blaylock and Sister Reese. We all had fun and were taught a lot of good things to remember so that we can use our training time effectively and continue to become great missionaries :) 
Remember how I really like Sister Blaylock? And how she and I and Sister Dickerson had fun in the MTC? well.. We just got a call about 5 minutes ago with some CRAZY news. Transfers for people in their 2 transfer training program mean nothing, becuase you stay with your trainer. Right? WRONG-O. Sister Blackett is being Transfered to the University of Georgia-Athens and Sister Blaylock is coming here! Which is crazy becuase Sister Blackett is going to be joining her MTC companion and Sister Blaylock was my MTC companion for a couple days. WEIRD! I'm super sad to see Sister Blackett go, but I'm excited to work more with Sister Blaylock. :)
Well thats about it for the week. Um.. write me letters.. I look super pathetic when I don't get any mail and my companions get a lot.. And we wouldn't want that to happen.. right?
I love you all!
Sister Hamilton
Pic 3: sister Reese and I
Pic 2: The three of us, Sister Reese Blaylock and I were companions while Sister PaePaeTaaTa Young and Lapin were companions, now our trainers. So we got a picture with them :)
Pic 1: Ghost Town Camp Ground!

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