Monday, March 11, 2013

Crazy south weather!

Hello Everyone!
First things first:
Happy Birthday this week to Paul and Patrick!
Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad on the 5th and Heidi and Patrick on the 6th!
Thanks to Heidi for my calendar so I don't forget important dates :)
Another fast fast week here in the greater Atlanta area! I can't believe its already P-Day! But man do I need a few hours of break or what. We work so hard that I get SO tired. Not like I stayed up to late or ran too far, its hard to explain. We choose to just refer to it as "mission tired." :)
The work is great and I love it. We are starting to teach a few more people but it seems as soon as more people want to learn more the ones we had been teaching all of a sudden want to learn a lot less.. If you know what I mean.. But Hey! Its all good! :) We are still working hard and finding people to teach. We are teaching this sweet girl named Cassandra. Finding and teaching her has actually been a funny story, you ready? :) So we found Cassandra last Sunday while walking around town. She works at Little Ceasars and is the person who holds the "$5 pizza" sign. She is awesome, she always is playing yo-yo or hula-hoop! Anyways so when we talked to her on Sunday she thought what we were doing was so great and loved meeting "lovers of Christ." She didn't want a book of mormon, but wanted our card to check out Mormon.organd asked us to come back to that spot on Tuesday for her next shift. When we came back she had a lot of questions for us about the Restoration and we were able to talk to her a lot and she asked if she could still have a Book of Mormon. We gave it to her along with a couple chapters to read and she told us when she would be working again. When we got back we talked a lot about the atonement, things went great she had read and told us her next shift. We came back and had a great lesson about prayer and she as accepted the invitation to come on a church tour with us tomorrow. She's pretty awesome and has such a love for life it makes teaching so fun! :) I suppose teaching Cassandra is really following the principle of "teach when you find" It doesn't matter that cars are driving past the spirit is still strong and we are all able to learn from each other.
We had Zone Conference this week with our zone and the zone next to us. Out of about 60 missionaries there was a grand total of.. 3 sisters! Yup! just my companions and myself :) And Sister Wolfert of course. In fact most of the speakers forgot that we were there.. and would just say "Now elders.." or "Elders we need.." So I guess we're off the hook? :) Just kidding hehe. Zone Conference was seriously the bomb! I loved it! We learned some really great principles and it was just fun to be with other missionaries and to learn from President and Sister Wolfert. What was hilarious was Sister Wolfert had us sisters with her and all the Elders were with President and we come back with treats and a goodie-bag and the Elders had gotten a throw-down about obedience, haha! the perks of being a Sister :) I also got my bike at zone conferences, my comps keep bothering me to name it.. so any suggestions? :)
The weather here is.. interesting. It reminds me a lot of Bay Area winters, like its windy and cold but temperature wise its not super low. You know what I mean? Although on Saturday and Sunday there were actually some snow flurries around, that was crazy! Nothing stuck or anything. But the people here were hilarious! We would knock on the door and they would look at us like we were crazy for being out in that weather, and before saying bye to us would say "Y'all be careful out there in the blizzard" or "I'll be prayin' for y'all while you're walkin' in the blizzard." Haha just a little snow, and everyone thinks its a blizzard! haha :) Today is a nice day though, just need a light sweater. Its crazy how that happens!
Once upon a time I said we had dinner with members every night, well once upon a time that wasnt true anymore. But its all good :) Dinner isn't about the food, its about building relationships and talking to the members so they trust us to teach their friends. Since dinner appointments arent as common anymore we are doing a lot of "Campion Days" aka we work through dinner and then come home an hour early to eat. Its actually working out great because we are able to talk to so many people during dinner time because they are home from work. :) So Friday was a big time champion day because we worked through dinner and it was SOOO cold. We were big time troopers. But point of the matter is we discovered not to long ago that our fire place actually works. Its a gas fireplace so it can be turned on at a light switch so we decided we were going to have a camp out, so that is exactly what we did. After a hard and long day of tracting and teaching in the cold we came home, turned on the fire (haha) and roasted hot dogs, smores, and starbursts. It was SO fun. We all needed a good laugh. We printed one of the pictures with all of us as a post card and are sending it to our Sisters in UGA (University of Georgia-Athens) who happen to be a tripanionship of each of our good friends in the mission. :)
Everything is going well. I am getting more comfortable with bringing up the gospel quickly in conversation and am less scared to knock on doors. Its funny becuase my companions are more comfortable with knocking on doors and talking to people there, and I would much rather walk up to someone on the street and spark up a conversation. So I'm definitely learning from them. :) the Lord truly is great, and He has blessed us to see many miracles every day. Being one of His missionaries is such a great experience, I love it!
Read the Book of Mormon, it will teach you so much about any stage in life you are in and will help you feel so much peace. It truly is the book that will bring anyone closer to Christ.
I love you all and thank you for the mail, its always makes the days happier. Hint hint.. :) Dad, you're off the hook, you are a champ at letter writting. :) I love you Dad! And I love you too mom :)

Sister Hamilton

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