Monday, March 11, 2013

These "feet" were made for walkin'

Hello Family and Friends!
I honestly can't believe its P-day again! How does it happen so fast? When I look at my planner and see all the things we have done each day the past week I cannot understand how we got it all done, let alone how it feels like it only took one day. Time certainly is a funny thing.
Missionary work is amazing. A couple, the Savoldi's, spoke to us in Sacrament meeting yesterday. They are leaving on thursday for their 4th mission, this one in Italy. Sister Savoldi quoted Isaiah and Mosiah. In Mosiah it reads (Ch15:15-16)
"15 And O how beautiful upon the mountains were their feet!
16 And again, how beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of those that are still publishing peace!"
She talked about feet and how beautiful they are as long as they are doing good things. Like people they come in all shapes and sizes, are sometimes funny looking, are strong, can endure, and work. Our Master's feet were perfect and so beautiful because they were only used for doing good. It would be to our benefit if we stoped and thought for a moment, "If the Master were to walk in MY footsteps, would He be proud?" Or simply sing the tune "Have I done any good in the world today? Have I helped anyone in need? Have I cheered up the sad and made someone feel glad?....Has anyone's burden been lighter today, because I was willing to share? Have the sick and the weary been helped on their way? When they needed my help was I there?"
For my letter this week, I'm going to tell you all about what my little wide 6.5 sized feet did this week. Of the places they walked, of the good they helped do, and of the lessons they helped me to learn.
This week has been really amazing. First off the weather these past few days has been sooo nice! It was raining SO badly on Monday--Wednesday which made walking around.. fun.. basically flash flood status. :) And there's this beautiful thing in GA called no side walks and hardly any paths to front doors. So my feet got wet and muddy and cold as we walked to find, talk to, love, and smile at God's children. I have had to clean off my shoes a lot at night :) Its fun though, as long as I had my umbrella I loved it! :)
These past few days this place turned to heaven. 70 degress with basically no humidity and no wind. BEAUTIFUL! I have LOVED walking around in the sun shine, everyone we talk to seems to be happier too :) My feet were placed on the pedals of my bike to help us cover more miles in a day. Woot woot! :) We rode our bikes two days this week, the picture at the bottom is me playing Safety Kid. Just rockin' the helmet, no big deal.
Because of feet, we were able to find many sweet people to talk to. Hear of beautiful families and lives centered on Christ. We were able to see families at their homes and teach a family more about the gospel around a camp fire. Ya, that's real. And it was probably one of my favorite lessons so far. This family has used their feet to bless their lives as they walked a mile to church because their car broke down. They are truly loved by my companions and I, but more importantly loved by God.
Our feet lead sweet Cassandra around the Church building and walked quietly through the chapel. Cassandra loved the church tour and said she felt so much "peace" she kept begging us "oh please, lets stay a little longer, I dont want to leave." So for those moments, our feet stayed planted as we helped her to explain and feel the Spirit which was so strongly present there. I was able to invite Cassandra to be baptized and she promised that if she came to know it was true and if she could always feel this peace that she would. :) We will continue to teach her, but most importantly her feet are taking her closer to the Savior, no matter what her final decision of baptism is.
The ward members have been extremely supportive this week and have walked with us as we taught our lessons. I had no idea so many of them wanted to come along. Even better is ALL of them found us on sunday, or their husbands, and told us about how wonderful it was and how they can't wait to go back and teach whomever it was they taught! :) Sister Blake came with us when we taught Cassandra and she said to us "I just love her! Is that normal?" We all laughed and said yes it was, that we love those we teach because we see them as God sees them and are blessed to feel a glimpse of His love for them.
Lastly, my feet lead a researcher from the MTC around for the day. Yup, just another Celeberty Sister Hamilton moment, no big deal :) Our mission was chosen, along with a few others, to be shadowed by the MTC research department this past week, and again in 6 week to compare having 3 weeks in the MTC vs 2 weeks. It was really neat to be shadowed, interviewed, and taught little by Brother Zeidner. Plus it was just weird to have a man following our companionship all day... haha But I definitely learned a LOT from him. He had great insights about teaching and how to see others so that they can feel our love for them.
Did I ever tell you my ward is in the same building as the Portuguese branch? Well it is. :) So that's super fun. And they fed us missionaries a Brazillian feast yesterday :) they are so sweet! And one of the girls is getting baptized adn wants to be a missionary so I'm excited for that. the elders want me to talk to her, but I don't know any Portuguese so we'll seee.. haha
well I really have to go now! :) I love you all! Kristi, I'm SOOO EXCITED!! :)

Sister Hamilton
P.S. Chicken and Waffle Chips are real.. :)

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