Friday, March 1, 2013

Life is SO good!

Hello Family and Friends,

Another week has gone by! How crazy is that? The mission does this thing to time, I can't explain it. The days seem like years, seriously when I lay my head on my pillow at night I can't even remember what I ate for breakfast. It seems like YEARS since I had been in bed. But yet, here I am another P-Day and I feel like I was here yesterday. WEIRD!!!

Overall, all is well here for me! I am extremely happy, and that's genuine joy. Like for real, I'm happy. This truly is the Lords work and I am so lucky to be apart of it. We aren't teaching very much but by golly I love talking to everyone on the street. Sure, some look at me like I'm crazy, some pretend I'm not there, but every once in awhile someone gets excited about what message I have to share and they talk to us and accept our invitation to learn more. And for those, 1 in 20 people, its more than worth it.

People are generally nice. Some of them are even sweet enough to say "ya'll dont need to come back" with their cute 'ol southern accents. Its almost like in waves, one day everyone is nice (doesn't mean they care about our message) and the other, everyone we talk to isn't so nice.. But I love the work all the same and some days when the trend is "not so nice" I make it a goal to make someone laugh or smile. Probably bothers them more, but it makes me have fun.. haha :) Whenever someone says "Oh no thanks, I'm a Christian" I usually respond "That is wonderful! So are we! Isn't our Lord Jesus Christ amazing?" Poor people.. they were hoping to get me to put my head down and be sad after that comment, little did they know they were sparking up a conversation! :) Now I don't want you to think I'm being rude or sneaky, becuase I assure you I am not. I just love showing people how much the Savior means to me and can mean to them.

We are teaching this awesome single mom and her teenage daughter. The Mom is a photographer, and daughter a soccer player so I'm able to relate to both of them pretty well which makes teaching nice. Its so amazing to watch their testimony grow and faith in our Savior. They have said baptism is a goal and they love coming to church with us on Sunday, but worry that the Word of Wisdom might be hard to keep, so we are trying to help them and keeping them in our prayers.
We have a car, as the picture would suggest but we also do a good amount of walking. Anywhere from 3-4 hours a day sometimes more. And starting Wednesday, when we get my bike, we will be riding bikes and walking and hardly using the car. Its nice to have a car for dinner appointments because our area covers parts of 3 or 4 cities, but I've got be honest. I LOVE when we are out walking. It just feels nice, even though my poor white skin doesn't love the sun so much yet.. Thanks for that one Dad.. :)

Oh no! I'm almost out of time! Okay quick quick quick.

A family in our ward told us of their daughter who had a hard time getting back in to real life after her mission because while she was on her mission she said "I have come to a mission cliff, and am choosing to jump off." Now I am not saying I am committing mission suicide.. But I am going to follower her advice and the advice of Elder Holland. "Your mission is a new time, a new adventure, a new dedication to the Lord, a new you, and you can NEVER go back." Because I have made this decision now, I hope to feel the most joy in being in this service. BUT I do need your help. :)

I am, as a missionary, one of the most prayed for people in the world. Millions of members in thousands of places and hundreds of different languages are praying for me. And believe me, I feel the support of your/their thoughts and prayers. But I have a favor to ask you.. There are only a handful of people praying for those whom I meet on the street and what not.. My companions, my district, mission President etc. But they are the ones who deserve prayers. Will you join me in my efforts and praying for Gods children in the Paper-Mill area? Pray for them to be happy, to feel peace, to do well in whatever they need, but most of all please pray that if they are looking to come closer to their Savior that they will recognize myself and my companions as His representatives. They are such special people who deserve to be thought of and prayed for. Thank you so much! 

Well I think that's probably it for now. I am having a blast I just think it is so fun to meet so many new people a day and we definitely find SO many things to laugh about :) Like our attempt at car washing.. Oh! I should probably let you all know that I am becoming "strong like bull" haha! I don't know if I told you last week but I won our MTC push up competition by doing 60 :) and I have made it a goal the past two weeks to do 200 push-ups a week, along with running 1-2 miles each morning. Its so nice to have companions that want to actually work out! :)
Anyways, thank you for all your letters and prayers. I sure love mail! And if I didn't respond, its because I dont have your address (mainly from dear elder letters) so do me a favor and write me again with your address and i'll respond. Oh and Kristi, you said you were emailing me, but I never got one.. so ask mom. :) 
I love you all!

Sister Hamilton

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