Sunday, June 22, 2014

Was that a Joke?

Hey Everyone! 

I hope you are all having a great Monday and that you had a fantastic week. I had one of the weirdest weeks of the mission that's for sure. But I guess that gives me some things to talk about? Maybe? haha 

I was going to just jump right into the madness but I think week is best told in Chronological order, which I don't normally do. But because it helps you to see how crazy, wonderful, and stupid this week was I will do it haha. 

District Meeting
This week started off great, we were going strong speaking no English on Monday until District Meeting where obviously I have to speak English haha So basically that didn't last long.. After another fun district meeting we drove up to Cumming for our companion exchange. 

While on Exchange with Sister Paulsen I had a great time but something strange happened. *Gulp* Dare I say it? As happy as I was to be "home" in Coal Mountain, to be jumping into lessons, and to be teaching so easily.. I missed hearing Spanish and how immediately loving the Latinos are. Weird right? It'd only been 3 weeks and it already became the norm and what I absolutely love. 

Here's one of the coolest MIRACLES ever.. While in Coal Mountain, a recent convert (she was baptized in Feb) came with us to two of our lessons. Sister Paulsen was telling me all about her and then when I saw her I thought "I know that woman" Immediately tears streamed down Kathleens face as she told me "I have been praying to find you. Do you remember me?" She said one or two clues then immediately I knew.. I said "Kathleen.. I knocked on your door and said a prayer with you.. Didn't I?" She then immediately pulled me into the biggest hug and said "Yes you did. And you helped me move, you didn't see me but you helped the Johnson's move their friend and that friend was me. And I got baptized and I have been asking about who you were since my baptism." I'm still speechless.. Its not often you get to see the miracles that come from your seemingly small efforts. I am so thankful for Kathleen, to have heard her testimony, and to have been able to see the change in her from so many months ago. President Eyring has told missionaries that after this life "thousands will call us blessed" for the works we did and example we left not even realizing it. I'm not certain I'll have thousands, but to know that there would even be one, Kathleen, is a miracle enough for me. Those months of being "unsuccessful" to the visible eye were more than worth it for sweet Kathleen. 
Kathleen and I :)
On exchange I got to eat dinner with the Shinkles :) It was a surprise for them which was AWESOME. Sister Shinkle was so excited to have me over and I was just so happy to be back in "my house" :) She ran upstairs to grab the package she's been putting together from me and had me take it home. I feel so spoiled and so blessed. I seriously love that family so much! 

I also got to see my dear friend Christa which was simply the best. I told her my birthday was coming up and she said she's going to come down to see Hma Garcia and I and take us to dinner because her "car doesn't have a mile limit" haha We saw the Anguianos and got to visit with them in Spanish, another family I love so much! 

The downside of exchange was even though I studied in Spanish, I taught Sis Paulsen how to contact people in Spanish and I read out loud for 30 min.. It was SO hard for me to speak and understand it when I got back with Hma Garcia Valle. So not only did I miss the language the entire 24 hrs.. It actually set me back which was a huge bummer to. But.. The miracles were totally worth it :)

We had dinner Wed night with a family in Hma Garcia's last branch who happen to live in our congregations geographical area. That's when this week went from fantastic to just plain stupid.. Dinner itself was really fun. I love the family, they're hilarious and so wonderful! The food though.. *woof* Lets just say there's nothing that makes a missionary companionship laugh harder (at a later date) or makes them better friends than both of the companions having food poisoning.. *ugh* Haha I am literally laughing at how STUPID that experience was.

So I was sick all Wednesday night until late Thursday afternoon. Whereas Hma Garcia was fine until Thursday morning and didn't feel better until Friday morning. We just laid on the floor all day.. it was awful. haha We even called Megan.. err.. Sister Mitton and Sister Sullivan and the only thing we said on the message was "help.. help.. help!" HAHA They called us and Megan said "We are going to come visit you because you are ill. Its a type of service." haha So they came to our rescue and brought us some Gatorade and crackers. The experience is hilarious... Now.. 
When Megan (for the life of me I cannot call her Sis Mitton. It is SO hard to do) and Sis Sullivan came to rescue us.. they took pictures of us being so pathetic.. haha 
So once again I didn't speak a lot of Spanish for another day or so because turns out when you aren't feeling well the last thing that that comes to your mind are words in a different language. So Friday came and we went out to work. Except apparently I needed something else to write home about because I got attacked by a wasp! So there I am sitting in an appointment just watching my hand swell. I mean.. seriously? What's gotta give? My hand stayed swollen for days.. literally.. Its still a bit swollen and bruised. haha my life! 

On Saturday we had a dinner appointment that was over an hour away, so that was a really fun roadtrip :) President gave me permission to call and talk with Alice about her baptism so we had a fun chit chat too :) Keep them in your prayers please! As for life here, we are starting to find more people to teach which is a huge blessing. Its coming slowly but surely :) We even had a family bring some of their family to church and the family members asked us to teach them I think we can arrange that :) haha

Now here's my last thing to report on. So Hma Garcia said I had to do all the talking in Branch Counsel so there I was reporting on all the people we saw that week and President Ramirez apparently is super excited about how my Spanish is coming along and he said that next Sunday the theme is missionary work so he thinks we should speak. But here's the thing.. He said it in a totally joking way. So I laughed and responded in a "ya okay.. sure President" kind of way. Sister Garcia answered more affirmatively.. Well in our meeting after church the Elders started to ask me if I was excited to speak.. I couldn't take it anymore and responded in English "Woah Woah Woah! I thought that was a joke!" I was then informed it wasn't a joke.. Language barrier.. DOH! 

We eat dinner with President and Sister Ramirez each Sunday so I asked him at dinner if it was a joke and he just laughed and said "Oh Hermana. You can do it. Listen to your Spanish you don't need more time." So.. yup. Guess that wasn't a joke. Neato! I get to speak for 10-15 minutes in church this coming Sunday on missionary work. Wish me luck! haha 

So there's my crazy week. Life's going really well! I'm happy and finally healthy again.. haha. I hope that you all have a fantastic week :) Happy Fathers Day Dad!! I love you :) 

I love you all!  
Hermana Hamilton

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