Monday, June 30, 2014

One year older and wiser, too!

 Hello Hello! 

Today is my B-Day P-Day :) Which means we are just relaxing and hanging out, and soon we'll be heading out to see Sister Beasley and Sister Winegar. Sister Mitton and Sister Sullivan made me breakfast this morning which was super fun too :) 

My actual birthday (yesterday) was pretty uneventful if you ask me.. But it was really good too. Just a normal day for a missionary. Church, meetings, tracting, a couple lessons, and studies. Although it was a  huge bummer that virtually no one was nice to us the first hour we went tracting. I was so tempted to say "Can you please just be nice to me..? Its my birthday." But I didn't.. People were nicer when we tracted in the evening, a super old couple we talked to a few days ago were out on their porch again and were actually excited to see us so it was fun to sit down on their porch and chat with them for a bit. I got a package from the Grants and Mom and Dad :) thanks so much! YUMMY! 

To wake me up Hermana Garcia Valle jumped on me at 6:05 and sang to me this song they sing in Mexico to wake up the birthday girl/boy. It was hilarious even though I was totally out of it. haha She then made me a yummy "mexican" breakfast and decorated the apartment. It was a good morning! :) The Branch was really sweet and everyone said birthday wishes. We left church to find a completely decorated car :) Christa from Coal Mountain got my phone number from the internet and called me, it was the absolute best! She then passed it on to Momma Aeschbacher who sent me a nice text :) My little birthday miracle was when the Ramirez's pulled out a cake for my birthday and I realized it was an ice cream cake, my favorite. They had no idea which made the surprise even better. I was so thankful! I do love my ice cream cakes! 

I'm not exactly sure what I should talk about this week.. It was kind of rough if I'm going to be completely honest. But I mean it was really good too. Rough because it was one of those weeks when you really can't get in to teach any of the people you're teaching, so it makes the days really really long.Rough because you have days of long meetings so it moves your study schedule and when you get back your spanish is crap..(Just being honest) But so good because we did a lot of service, which always help you feel like you are making a difference.And good because we had a lot of fun and had some good experiences tracting and visiting members of the congregation. 

The week started off really awesome, monday night we had an awesome FHE then embarked on a journey to attend a Pentecostal Church in Spanish with one of the people we are teaching. Well, we showed up and to our surprise not only was Lidia there with her family but also another family. making a total of 3 adults and 5 children that we knew at the church. You're probably wondering why I went into such specific detail but its important I promise.. You see.. there were only 10 adults total in this little congregation.. Two of them being Hermana Garcia Valle and I.. Why yes if we include ourselves and those we know it was half the congregation and over half the kids.. To our neat surprise the Pastor totally derails what he had originally started teaching and then starts talking about how the Lord puts you in whatever church you're in to grow and that there is no need to ever change or attend other churches. Thanks bud.. Those families have let us come back but you can tell they are way more hesitant now.. so that was exciting. 
Tuesday we taught a part-member family when they had us for lunch. It was a lot of fun :) We ended up seeing them like 3 times this week as we did service for them. Yadira (the mom) made us the BEST food. I love her :) She's retired from the Army and is hilarious. I learn so much from her as she is always serving members in the congregation and giving all she can to those in need. I hope to always be willing to give all when others are in greater need than myself. 

Tuesday also happened to be the Mitton's birthday. :) So we had a lot of fun making her breakfast in the morning and then bringing her a "district meeting" package of lots of goodies to keep her entertained in our lovely missionary meetings. #classy :) Its really fun to have her so close. 
We are working closely with Chy, a girl in our branch who is about to put in her papers :) President Ramirez has asked that we teach her and her brother mission prep at their home once a week so we are going to start that this week and she's going to start coming out with us to lessons. She's really awesome :) I love that family! Her older brother gave us some awesome CD's from his mission, one of them is Spanish Christian music.. um.. That stuff is beautiful! 

Hermana Garcia Valle and I are both training this coming transfer, there's one more spanish sister coming in so we'll be in a trio for my last transfer. It was fun to go to the "new trainer" meeting.. again.. Training program round 4.. Guess I didn't learn it well enough the first 3 times? haha It was fun to have another  meeting with President Wolfert. There were literally NO sisters at the meeting so we went out to lunch with the senior couples :) I just love them!! So yup! there were 3 missionaries ? I don't know what to call them anymore.. They used to serve here but they have since gone home.. Anyways they came here to visit so it was fun to see them. Like seeing Sister Young, err.. Rachel, at church yesterday (my trainer)soooo weird! :)
So.. I think thats about it! Besides that just the same old same old stuff day to day. I hope you all have a great week! 

Don't forget about me and please keep me in your prayers! :) I'll try to decide what pictures to send. We take about 90 pictures on average each week.. so.. haha So I really am happy life is good, its just a little discouraging sometimes to not speak as well as I'd really like to and find people who are willing to come to church. But hey, the show must go on and there's work for me to do! :)

I love you all!!! 
Hermana Hamilton

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