Monday, June 30, 2014

"But I CAN tell you, you're being transferred."

Hello!! :)

Now now brown cow, don't get all sappy or worried that I'm being emergency transferred in my last area. That my friends, is not the case. On Transfer day President Wolfert pulled me into his office and said "Sister Hamilton.. I don't know if you know this but you're going to be transferred very soon. I don't know who your companion is going to be, but I can tell you that you're being transferred and your new companion will be a boy." HAHA Okay President! He then said he wanted to do a semi exit interview with me because I'd always be his missionary even though President Bennion will actually give me my real exit interview. So that was a fun marriage talk, he's requested to interview that lucky fellow haha Really though, it was such a blessing and joy to be able to talk with him about my mission, the miracles, and the personal growth I've had. He gave me a really really sweet blessing which I am also so thankful for. They leave today, which is a super bummer. We'll be meeting President and Sister Bennion tomorrow. I promised President Wolfert that I would listen to him and do what he says (for one month..haha) but that President Wolfert will always be my mission president. So here's to one month with the Bennions after 17.5 with the Wolferts! 

We've had a really good week seriously, the Lord blesses his new missionaries like crazy! Its like Hma Martinez got here and became our little good luck charm! All of a sudden a bunch of the people we are teaching actually are reading the Book of Mormon, we have tons of new individuals and families to teach, and we're busy. WHAT A BLESSING! I'm so happy! :) Hma Martinez was also born in Mexico but then grew up mostly in Texas. My first companion assigned to me that wasn't from Utah or Idaho, can we get a round of applause? :) haha She's just barley 19 and studied at BYU for one year. She's really funny and super sweet. We're having a lot of fun. Life's good! 

We taught Cristal again this week about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. She's so wonderful! We haven't seen her in a few weeks but to our surpise she had read 14 chapters of the Book of Mormon. Umm Did that really just happen? Why yes. yes it did! She really has so much faith, I am so thankful to be able to teach her. 

We have had a lot of fun this week as Giselle Ramirez came back from her mission. Um.. She entered the MTC the same day I did.. and got home this week.. Weird? YES! SOOO WEIRD FOR ME! But she is SO fun! And comes out with us for lessons all the time so its a blast. And we're hanging out today. I feel like a real person with real friends. #blessing Between little miss returned missionary and Megan down the street I'm basically lovin' life and loving having friends visit! We've also made extremely good friends with our neighbor Shannon. She's a doll :) We do a lot of service for her so its awesome! 

We said a bunch of prayers with people tracting. And a lot of them were in English so I loved that :) Because that meant I got to really express myself in prayer. One of them was a sweet family from Jamaica and they have already let the English sisters go over and teach them again. It was so neat to teach them twice and then see that they are actually still meeting with other missionaries. Soo cool! 

Blanca and Carlos are letting us come back and Blanca is starting to show more interest which is another huge blessing! So lifes good :)

I don't sleep.. like at all.. I'm having way bad insomnia. So if you wanted to pray for me to sleep.. I'd really appreciate it. I'm running out of things to write or clean in the middle of the night. 

Sorry I don't have a lot of time to email today.. there aren't enough computers for our tripanionship. But just know that I love you! I'm doing well, I'm healthy and happy! Lots of good coming our way. I'm really thankful for my companions. Especially Hma Garcia Valle, she is so helpful with my spanish and is such a good friend. She's awesome. And its going to be real helpful having two companions that had Spanish as their first language.

Well.. Love you all!!! Wish me luck meeting the Bennions tomorrow

Hermana Hamilton

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