Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Want a new you? Forget the gym and got to GOD!" - Baptist Church

Well Hello Everyone! Another nice Monday! :) 

I don't have much time today or much to report on so I'll try to keep this short and sweet and to the point.. :) 

First, do you love the email title? haha That was the sign of one of the Churches in Johns Creek. It changed right before I left the area and I thought it was so funny. I love how the churches almost compete to have the best signs. There's a road that has 30 churches on it.. and they are always trying to one-up each other with the best sign. I'll definitely miss biking down that street. 


My new home!! :) Look at all the land!!
I am serving in the COUNTRY. Don't believe me? Look it up! Turns out Coal Mountain is actually a real place. A tiny tiny town outside Cumming GA. I live on a 20 acre farm that has 3 homes (the one we live in and 2 of their kids..), 8 horses, 6 dogs, 4 cats, 20 chickens, and millions of bugs. We also don't get any phone reception in our apartment.. so we go stand by the stable to get reception when we have to make phone calls. Yes.. THAT IS REAL! #farmlife

Its crazy, but oh my it us BEAUTIFUL! We live in a members basement apartment. They are in their late 70's and so cute! Its kind of weird to be honest. But I'm starting to love it. Sometimes they come down the stairs and knock on our door and ask if we want some ice cream or to read scriptures with them or play the piano. Sure love having and adopted Grandma and Grandpa upstairs! 

My companion is Sister Alder, she came out with me in the MTC. She's really funny, and my first 19 yr old companion. She was actually the first 19 yr old sister in the mission. So basically we're famous.. haha! :) She is from Bountiful Utah and went to cosmetology school before her mission. We are finding many things to laugh about and are both a little confused on how to do missionary work in the real south and real country because both of us have been in the suburbs our entire missions. But its way cool. I'm seriously so excited, I know there are great things to come! :) 
Sister Alder (my comp), Sister Wardle, Elder Coleman, and I. All of us came out together and were at missionary leadership together so we got a pic. :)
We are having a lot of fun opening the area and starting from ground Zero.. Its always tough opening an area, well truthfully I don't know any different.. but the miracles you see are more than worth it. I love being able to see where Johns Creek is now and read my journal to remember where it was when we got there. (Same with Paper Mill) If that doesn't prove that the Lord is a part of this work I don't know what will. Because lets be real.. no missionary could open an area and within a few months have families they are teaching, people preparing for baptism, and have a ward family. And definitely this crazy Sister Hamilton couldn't do it! :) Just more proof the Lord blessed us with so many miracles. 

Speaking of miracles.. I want to tell you of a few I saw before I left Johns Creek.
1. I called a less-active member (someone who hasn't been coming to church in awhile) that I love dearly to tell her I was being moved to Coal Mountain. She cried on the phone and wanted me to know that I have changed her life. She them told me "Sister Hamilton, I am going to be in my front left pew again someday, I am going to be filled with the spirit and I am going to think of you. Thank you for bringing God back to me." I responded with full intention "And I will be sitting right there with you." That my friends, is a miracle. Because she always told me not to waste my time that she would never consider going back to church. Lesson to be learned: Don't ever give up on someone. And if you can see them as God see's them you'll never want to or be able to. 

2. Danny used to drink multiple 6-packs of beers a day.. He called to tell me he hadn't drank in 5 days. And that he was going to be at church again on Sunday. That is a miracle. 

The last miracle I want to talk about is the miracle of how much I already love this place. I love Coal Mountain. The Bishop asked us to share our testimony and when I went up there and saw everyones faces I felt so much love for ALL of them!! The Lord has something very very special planned for Coal Mountain and I feel extremely blessed to be here to witness a part of it. And I hope you are excited to witness it with me. Please continue to pray for me. We literally are starting from scratch.. no investigators.. no one to even try.. We are just visiting members each day and knocking doors. Please pray for the people here, I know there are many here that are ready.. And Sister Alder need your help because if you pray for us then the Spirit will lead us to them. 

Our God is a God of Miracles. I love Him. I love His plan for all of us. Each day I think, "Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief." as I try to find those who are prepared and do what we can to build this area. I know with your prayers and the Lords mercies He can help my unbelief and miracles will shower this beautiful green country! 

I love you all!!!
Sister Hamilton

P.S. I GET MAIL NOW!! :) So woot woot! So I am getting it at our new place.. and some of it is finally showing up to my last apartment.. woops! haha

The Beckstrands in Johns Creek. I LOVE THEM!! :) Sis Beckstrand embroidered me that pillowcase :) 

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