Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The joys of experiencing the greenie fire again!

Hi Everyone! 

My Companions! :)
It was a really good week this past week. I have learned a lot and had some fun experiences. Truthfully I'm not sure where to start. Maybe I'll just try to do a rundown from the days of the week.. That might help me get focused. 

Well at the beginning of the week our water was out for 2 days. It was all good. A sweet ward member let us shower at their house and so we just tried to stay out of the apartment as long as possible. Lucky Sis Nielsen, she was on exchange in Milton so she didn't have to deal with it, but poor Sis Allen who joined me got to have "fun" haha 

We had Zone Conference this week and it was the best!! There are a lot of things that many of our companionship's of Sisters have been struggling with and Sister Nielsen and I had no clue how to help, but what was such a tender mercy was all of the training's of Zone Conference addressed the needs of all our companionships. I learned SO much and hope that we'll be able to use the training's as a basis of how to help these sisters in the future.

Want to know what was absolutely mind boggling?! When I first entered the mission, and had my first zone conference we had 1 companionship of sisters (mine) for the 2 zones. This week we had 24 Sisters between the two zones. THAT'S CRAZY!! Our mission is seriously growing so fast with the number of sisters. We'll reach 100 in the next 2 transfers. Pretty cool! 

Sis Mitton
Another GREAT part about Zone Conference was having 4 of my 6 companions there! How cool is that! So I had a nice picture taken with all of them and will be sure to attach it. That also means Sister Beasley and I had lots of giggles and fun! Man I miss that girl! Also, I saw Megan Mitton! She's doing really well and it was fun to talk to her about how she's doing up in the COUNTRY sense I am serving in the city. She's done a great job training, my money's on her training again next transfer :) 

Having fun :).. Don't ask :)
We are still teaching Shelby and she is learning so much! She has great faith, I am so impressed. There are times in our lessons she'll ask a question, then before we answer she'll say something like "Actually.. it doesn't matter. If its true then God can make it so no matter what." We are working on her shooting toward a specific day for baptism, instead of just hoping for baptism. I loved one of her experiences that I'd like to share with you all. She said "I now know God is our Heavenly Father and He likes to be called that. I tried to pray this week by saying Heavenly Father, and then one night I was really tired and I just wanted to say a quick prayer. Next thing I knew I was praying in my head and it just came out ' My Heavenly Father.' I think that made Him happy." :) I know that that moment made Him happy. He loves to hear from us just as all Fathers love to hear from their children.

I got to go on an exchange with 2 new missionaries aka greenies who have only been out a month. My goodness they were SOOO full of energy and so excited. It was a miracle to be with them. Their excitement and devotion to the work was inspiring and it felt nice to be reminded of the urgency and fearlessness new missionaries have. I think all missionaries would do well to serve around new missionaries every once in awhile, I know I'm so thankful for it! I feel re-energized and ready to get back to work! 

I had a really cool experience on Wednesday I'd like to talk about :) We went to meet Miahn, a friend of one of our members who wanted us to go see her. As we walked up to the door we could smell a wonderful lunch and the door was open. As we knocked she came running to the door, looked at our name tags and said "You believe in Jesus?!" To which we happily responded, "We sure do!" She told us to come in and sit down and she would give us a great lunch. Her friend was sitting at a table and Cathy had been reading Miahn bible verses as she cooked. We had a wonderful conversation about the Savior and missionary work.

As we spoke of the Savior I asked if I could share a scripture out of the Book of Mormon, that's when Cathy turned a little feisty. She said, "No way. That book is not scripture and I do not want to hear from it. I'll let you read out of it if you can show me in the Bible where it mentions that book. But that book does not talk about the Christ. Not the real Christ." I paused for a moment, because at that point I had a choice to make, and I had a new missionary with me looking terrified.  And I could either prove exactly what she wanted, using the Bible, or I could do avoid the confrontation.. I responded by saying "Cathy, I admire your devotion to the Bible. I too treasure the words in it. I would like to prove to you that this is the word of God about the Savior in a different way if you'll let me. I promise you that if you let me read you 3 verses from this wonderful book of scripture that the Spirit of the Lord will enter your heart and you will know that the Book of Mormon Testifies of the Savior Jesus Christ." She hesitated, but then agreed. I then opened to the Book of Alma, chapter 7 and read verses 11-13. As I read the Spirit came so strong and I soon heard Cathy saying "amen" under her breath. As I finished I bore testimony of the Savior and that He really did all that the prophets had testified that He would.  What happened next was even more of the miracle. She said "I love the next verse" SHE WAS READING AHEAD! :) She then read it to me and said "Sister, thank you. I probably will never read the Book of Mormon, but I know just like you said that it testifies of Christ and at least now I can tell other people that it does testify of the Savior of the world." What a miracle!! :)

I know that every time we read the Book of Mormon we can feel closer to the Savior. Don't believe me? Try it.. Cathy did :) 

Anyways that's all I have time for.. Enjoy the pictures!

I love you!
Sis Hamilton

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