Monday, March 3, 2014

Where am I? :)

Well Hey There!! 

Another fast and crazy week here in Georgia! Lots of things to talk about and lots of funny stories to share :) And a miracle or two of course :) But before I go on I  have a sticky note to make sure I don't forget to start by saying Happy Birthday to Paul and Patrick this week! And a big I'M SORRY to those who had birthdays and I didn't give you a shout out.. I hope my birthday cards got to ya at least :) Oh! And Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad on the 5th and Heidi and Patrick on the 6th!! 

I've had a pretty good week, its been sunny for the most part, so that makes me so happy :) I woke up to rain this morning.. So I made Sister Smith sing "There is Sunshine in My Soul Today" during our studies this morning.. because by golly if its not sunny outside at least my soul can have sunshine.. haha :) 

Fun things to give you a heads up on is this week:
1. The Dixons are being baptized on Saturday :) Woot woot! Sister Dixon was talking to me about and I said "Well basically its going to be a party!" Of course in the most reverent way possible.. She got the biggest grin on her face and said "Sister Hamilton, I'm going to bring party hats for dinner!" HAHA I hope she does, how fun would that be! :)

2. We are having a visit from Elder Quinten L. Cook (from the quorum of the 12 apostles), Elder L. Whitney Clayton, and Elder Erich W. Kopischke! So we'll have a meeting with them on Saturday and next week we have a meeting with Elder Kopischke and Elder Giddeons. So lots of trainings and such. Maybe we'll find out we get our iPads? But I won't hold my breath haha Its all good, I love our "old fashioned" missionary work and wouldn't have it any other way! :) 

As far as the rest of the week goes its been awesome. There have been some things said/experienced that I think are best described as "straight up nuts!" and there have also been tender mercies and many blessings. Overall, there are so many reasons to smile and be happy! :)
  • We had dinner with a sweet family and the 6 year old girl reminded me so much of Sammy! She LOVES pink and sat across from me at dinner with her head proped up in her hands saying things like "I bet its fun to be a missionary!" " Do you think I can be a missionary?" "What's it like being a missionary?" "I want to be a missionary like you some day!" It was the sweetest thing ever! I also loved that she said "Want to borrow my Frozen soundtrack?" Eh..? Huh? Disney has a new hit? Who knew! Not this chick! haha She was sad when I told her I couldn't listen to it, but decided that it would be okay if she sang me a few songs. haha so cute! 
  • A sweet man told us while tracting "I think its so great what y'all do each day. Your parents must be very proud." Its a blessing to meet kind people who give you words of encouragement! 
  • We knocked on a womans door and she was really nice and gave us an etremely nice tip.. "Don't knock on the door across the street.. He'll run you off with his shotgun, and I'd hate to see you have to run in those cute skirts." HAHAHA Where am I?! Mom, don't worry. I didn't go across the street. 
  • As I was walking up this house I noticed that the brick steps were a little worn.. and falling apart.. That should have stopped me from going forward but so many homes in GA are like that so I ignored it and walked up while still chatting with Sister Smith. Right before I took a step onto the porch I looked down.. Not down on the wood deck.. down, down, down, and could see weeds and grass.. Turns out there were 3 planks missing in front of the door that had fallen through.. And luckily I didn't fall down and join them! Although it would have probably caused me to laugh even harder! haha Again.. where am i? 
  • We saw another front door that had a cute porch, but the stairs were randomly in the yard and didn't actually connect to the porch. haha (most front doors are on the second story) So the family I guess goes through the garage? Where am I? :) 
  • We are still teaching Wendy and John, they are doing really well :) Both read part of the Book of Mormon and really like what they are reading and some men from the ward came by and gave them priesthood blessings for Wendy's health. They were both so appreciative and said they felt the spirit so strong. Its such a blessing to be working with them :) 
Okay, last thing I want to share is a story from yesterday. Sister Smith and I try to talk to 70 new people each week and we needed 8 more. I told Sister Smith before we got out of the car to do our second hour of tracting that we were going to find a new person to teach before dinner. As we were walking back to do the other side of a street there was a house with a very steep driveway, honestly I did not want to walk up it. I thought to myself "the house looks empty anyway.." trying to justify moving past it. As Sister Smith said "Well that's one way to deter people from coming to your door" I knew we had to knock on the door and up we went! A woman came to the door and told us she was currently reading a book about Mormons put out by her church (UH-OH!), but that she wasn't sure how true it could be because it wasn't put out by our church (Phew!). I encouraged her to ask us one or two questions of things she read that she didn't believe could be true. I was amazed that she did!

We were able to teach her a lot and she asked us to come back! Such a miracle! But it gets better :) We also learned that Sister missionaries were teaching her mom and that her mom told her she wanted to be baptized into the church, but unfortunately passed away from cancer before she could be baptized. I completely believe in Angels, and I know that her mom was helping us to find her daughter that day. I so look forward to seeing Carrie this coming week and hope she looks at to answer more of her questions. Please keep her in your prayers :)

Thanks for all that you do! I love you all!! 
Sister Hamilton

P.S. Write me :)
here are some pictures from last week :)

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