Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Oh my! What a week/day it has been! 

Seriously, Sister Smith and I have seen some serious miracles! And I cannot wait to tell you all about them! I can already tell I'll probably be pretty long winded, so long as time will allow, so do me a favor.. Get up, stretch, go get a snack, then settle and stay awhile! And if you don't plan on reading the whole thing, please at least read the last paragraph, becuase I am going to ask you to help me with something. Deal? And the hilarious one liners.. because everyone needs a good laugh :) 

The weather has been teasing me all week.. its beautiful, like mid 70's with blue skys, then the next day POURING down rain. Sister Smith loves the rain.. Me.. not so much. I think the whole living through one of the wettest year on record in GA has had a bigger effect on me than I thought.. haha So I have to laugh when its sunny and I am in the best mood ever, and she is just sweating becuase it feels to hot to her. Poor thing will die this summer.. And then she laughs becuase as soon as I see its raining I have to give myself a peptalk, or 8, to go out and work. 

Sister Smith and I have been working so hard and are so blessed. Please don't misunderstand, I am not by anyway implying that us working hard has brought us all these miracles and lessons, on the contrary.. Each night we get home I feel completely overwhelmed at all the blessings we receive and I think, I better be even more tired tomorrow. Just hoping that perhaps I can show the Lord my gratitude through giving my all and working hard. I won't talk about our Zone Meeting with Elder Kopischke, but I will just say that it was wonderful :) 

I think the best way to organize this email is to share experiences per topic/individual so.. here I go! 

Lets start with, John and Wendy who are doing fantastic by the way! 
  • Wendy is still calling us each day with questions from the scriptures she has read/ the pamphlets we have left. 
  • Natalie, a recent convert, came with us to teach Wendy and they were instant best friends :) Natalie now calls us and asks us a question, we teach her, and then she calls Wendy to teach her. Its the coolest thing!
  • Wendy informed us at one of our lessons that she and John have been talking and they want the whole family to be baptized, they still haven't attended church but they said they feel the spirit so strongly.
  • "I just want to tell everyone to wake up and feel it! Its all the same truths but in more debth, I can't see why anyone wouldn't want this for their family." We all smiled and laughed and said "Wendy, believe me.. we feel the same way!" 
  • Their sons are attending Youth Night and really love it too :)
Sister Spencer:  
  • We are teaching a kind woman whose last name is Spencer, so we call her Sister Spencer and her 9yr old daughter. They are so sweet! 
  • Sis Spencer said she wouldn't agree to coming to church until she read part of the Book of Mormon and prayed about it. As we were there a couple of days later I wanted to jump for joy when I heard her say (to her daughter) "Hey darling these girls have a really great church with lots of girls your age. I think you'd really like it do you want to go?" I probably had a stupidly large smile on my face becuase she wasn't just inviting her daughter to church, she was telling me that she had read and felt the spirit. :)
  • Unfortunately she got really sick and couldn't come to church, but she said she feels peace whenever she read the Book of Mormon and she wants us to come today for a couple minutes so she can download it onto her tablet so she can show anyone she meets when she's at the drs. She's awesome :) 
Brother Wood:
  • We talked to Bro. Wood throughout the week and he was doing well. I had to laugh becuase Sister Smith called him by his first name on the phone and he said "Um.. that's Brother Wood to you." Haha I love that man! 
  • He was so sweet when we saw him, he tried so hard to talk with us but was having a hard time forming sentences. He told us how he loves that everything we teach talks about families, and he loves knowing he is a part of Christs family. 
  • He also talked about how he was worried about life after this and said, but then boom! you showed up, and now I know I'm in a big family, and I'm not worried. :)
  • Can you keep him in your prayers? Bro. Wood had a small stroke this week. So please just pray for his recovery.
We really just saw so many miracles and blessings. We had 7 members of the ward come out with us to lessons and such. That's a HUGE deal. And then in Relief Society they started a missionary minute and I was so excited to see about 5 hands jump into the air to share experiences they had that week. :) So amazing! 

I had the opportunity to spend a couple hours with one of the YW who came with me tracting and to an appointment. It was so cool that we were let into a home and were able to teach the first lesson. Katie who is just barely 16 rocked it! :) She had the biggest smile on and was so excited to be there, I'm so excited to work with more of the YW. 

The Dixons are doing amazing :) I cannot say enough good things about them. We had dinner at their house this week, breakfast for dinner :) And dare I say it.. I... uh.. I like grits! There I said it! I have officially had them enough to have aquired a taste and actually really liked them. Who am I? haha 

Alright, now for the funnies of the week :) 
  • The Jerls let us come over and they told us that their house was our house and we only needed to know two rules.. 1. Do not ask, just do it. and 2. Never take the last Dr. Pepper. haha I love that family!
  • Tracted into a funny guy who told me "Typical story, two women holding bibles come to tell me about Christ, although.. you are much prettier than I expected." I'm not sure whether to take that as a compliment or not.. Thanks for calling me pretty.. but No thanks for thinking missionaries can't be good looking.. sheesh! haha
  • Another man told us at the door "Lets be honest Sisters, I like my life of sin."
  • A woman told us before she shut the door "Happy fishing! If you know what I'm sayin'." haha 
Now my request for you all. With permission from Wendy I would like to ask you all to pray for her and her family, by name, each day this week. John and Wendy have two sons, Kadir and Kamran. Wendy wants so badly to make it to church but because of her lupus never knows how she is going to feel, she has great faith and believes if all of you are praying for her that God will grant her the strength to make it to Church soon. Please keep them in your prayers, I know that miracles can happen when we all join in prayer. 

Thank you for all you do! :) I love you!! And.. you know, if you wanted to write me.. I wouldn't complain :) Oh and mom! That postcard was honestly the best thing I have ever seen! :) 

Sister Hamilton

The picture is me with some of my favorite Johns Creek Sisters who provided the meal for our Zone Conference :) so fun!

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