Monday, December 16, 2013

Well Sisters.. You just ate Wild HOG!

Hey Everyone!! 

Sister Pabst and I at Walmart
I hope you are all doing great! Its been a crazy week here in GA.. You see Sister Pabst and I have been working way hard, like super hard :) and we had 7+ appointments set up at the beginning of the week. All of which were different people I might add and we had members of the congregation who were willing to come with us to each lesson. Success? Well DUH! Unfortunately.. we either received a phone call from or when we called them each and every one of them sounded like they had been infested with the plague.. So alas, all 7 appointments.. poof.. gone. Better luck next time.. DOH!

Even with the craziness of cancelled appointments we've had a great week :) What made it so great you ask? Well hey! Let me tell you! That is my job in writing this email after-all. 

Perhaps I should start with the biggest accomplishment this week.. I didn't gain 152352342304lbs. I'm not sure why members think we don't get enough treats and anytime we are in their homes they have to WATCH us eat cookies to make sure we get our sugar intake for the hour.. I'm not going to lie.. Its rough.. I never knew I could look at cookies and feel pain.. haha Moral of the story, please don't force feed the missionaries!

So back to the important stuff.. We had our Zone Meeting this week so it was fun to see all of the Sisters. We have 3 more companionship's of Sisters in the Zone than when I started here its kind of crazy but its fun :) And we went on our first of many exchanges for the transfer so that was good. I was with Sister Porter on Tuesday and Sister Vincent on Friday, both sisters I have never gone on exchange with so that was cool! I've officially gone on exchanges/been companions with 40+ sisters in the mission, poor girls! haha

I'm not exactly sure what order to say things in.. so Here's some of the short/sweet experiences from the week!
  • After dinner last night, biscuits and gravy, Brother Hill announced, "Well Sisters.. You just ate Wild HOG! How do ya feel?" I think he was flabbergasted that Sister Pabst and I didn't flinch we just went, "Huh, that was pretty good!" They told us about all the meats they have in the freezer.. none of the least of which is squirrel. So apparently the next time we eat there (not Christmas) will be squirrel. But hey, when in Georgia, do as the Georgians do! 
  • We got to see Barbara a couple of times this week, once at a lunch/memorial for her son that passed away a year ago, and once at her home. I love her! As we talked to her at her home we told her about how much we care for her and want to help her whenever we can. She responded by saying "Well girls, i know you love me! I feel peace when you're around. You're my support, and its not a coincidence that I only cried as you hugged me and my one other friend. There were 50 people there, but as soon as you got there I felt loved and supported." I love the chances we have to talk to her and help her to understand a little better God's love for her. That's really what this work is all about. 
  • I got to play Santa's Elf for service :) Aka took pictures of 100's of kids who came to see Santa. It was so fun to feel apart of Christmas. I mean sure, I talked to people all day about the Christmas Season, but it was just extra special to see all the kids light up as they got to talk to Santa. AND! He even told me that Lucas, Samantha, Tyler, Cameron, Katherine, Logan, and Benjamin have all been good this year! So keep being good kids, Santa is excited for your Christmas! :) 
  • President and Sister Wolfert came and spoke in the Coal Mountain ward for church tomorrow :) It was really cool to have them there. We knew they were going to be there so we worked SO hard to have someone come to church. We invited everyone, but no one would commit to come, or the ones that said tehy'd like to come couldn't because they caught the plague. So Saturday right before I got in bed I said another prayer.. and I begged Heavenly Father to help someone come to church. I knew people were sick.. I knew its busy because of Christmas.. etc. but I trusted Heavenly Father to not let all of our efforts be wasted. I saw a miracle the next morning at about 8:55. As we were greeting everyone in the Chapel I noticed Misty sitting in the congregation with her daughter. We have been trying to teach them but like everyone they have been sick. She gave me a hug and said "I got your note and I'm feeling better so I came!" We had stopped by this week and she wasn't there.. I know her getting better and coming to church was a direct answer to my many prayers this week. There is no other explanation for her "just happening to feel better" Sunday morning. I am thankful for a loving Father who listens to and hears my prayers. I know he does the same for all of us. 
  • Bishop Pennington joked with President Wolfert and said "Our Relief Society President is moving, I'd love to be able to call Sister Hamilton, can you give me permission to do that?" President laughed and laughed as he told me about it then said, "Sorry Sister Hamilton, as much as I know you'd love to stay here in Coal Mountain but I just can't guarantee how much longer you'll be here. But I must say, you've really won the hearts of this ward! They LOVE you!" I'm really hoping that wasn't a hint of "You're leaving at the end of this transfer.." I really just LOVE this place so much. :)
  • The weather isn't terrible.. Some days its like 60's.. Some its 40's.. Two this week were in the 30's.. And Humid. Ya.. NO thanks! But I still haven't busted out my "thick" coat so Its really not too bad. This week should be high 50's and 60's. So I'm excited for that! 
  • I knocked doors in a neighborhood completely themed after Robin Hood. Yes.. Friar Tuck Ct and everything! haha
  • We stopped by the Schwartz, a family that we are starting to teach. And Ms. Schwartz was so excited to see me and said "Oh girls! I am so excited for our get together on Wednesday. I'm excited to learn! :)" can I just say how cool it is to have someone excited to learn and also that she set up the appointment with her friend in our Congregation without us asking? THE BEST! :) 
Well that's probably it for the week. I love you all and hope you are doing great! Keep spreading the Christmas Cheer!! Don't worry about me, I'm doing great. Don't need anything, I have everything I have ever hoped or dreamed for. I can't wait to talk to the family next week!! AHH!! so excited!! 

I love you all! Merry Christmas!!
Sister Hamilton

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