Saturday, August 3, 2013

Y'all got any money?

Well its begun. Another transfer come and gone. Where has the time gone? I'm being serious.. where did it go? Its been an interesting week. Its gone so fast, but at the same time it seems like a million years since I last wrote home. Probably because a lots of things have changed since my last email. Missionaires I served around went home. Sister Beasley headed off to the sticks. I got a new companion. We were told we are incharge of 2 zones of sisters, not one. More than doubling the amount of Sisters we get to keep track of. Taught a good amount of lessons. Met some great people. And have had to develop a new motto because of the humidity.. Ready? I think it is best shown with a hashtag.. #bighairdontcare My hair is getting bigger and shorter.. but I haven't had it cut.. NICE! haha
Mitch! You're friend, Sister Kelly, is being trained by my trainee Sister Beasley! Small world? I think yes! They are also in the same Zone (Stake) as Sister Megan Mitton. I'll get to see her and her new missionary at Zone Conference in a few weeks. We'll try to get pictures :) Also, random fact of the day Daniel Grim went home this week. It still shocks me that we were in the same mission. We figured that out like 3 months ago.. can't remember if I told y'all or not.
Well.. I hit my 6 month mark so we took some time to celebrate it along with the Elders by doing an old fashioned burning.. Don't worry. Smoky the Bear was present and we did indeed prevent forrest fires. Sis Beasley burned a sock, I burned a very tired shirt, Elder Johnson slacks, and Elder Robinson an old and tired suit. I'll attach a picture. :)
We did a lot of good ol' fashioned service this week. Moving, weeding, paining, staining a deck, etc. It wasn't too hot so it was really nice. We have lots more set up for the next week or so too! I like when we do more hands on service because it is a change of pace. Not to mention its nice that people are finally recognizing that Sisters CAN do service. And the Elders aren't the only one that can. But.. I must say.. my favorite change of pace activity for this week was.. Making cookies :)
OH! before I forget. This week.. I ate frog legs! Add that to the list.. :)
Here are two fun experiences from the week..
Sister Nielsen said something like "we're here to leave the Saviors peace and blessings with you." So the man stuck out his hand, as if he was waiting for something.. So she says "Oh, well actually its a prayer.." To which he pulls his hand back, the smile leaves his face, and he shakes his head and goes "No.. thanks." And shuts the door. HAHA
We started teaching this man, Cortez, on the steps in his apartment complex. His cute little daughter was there running around too. At first he was not friendly, but we offered to say a prayer to bring him peace and he agreed. After that he copmletely changed and was asking us questions about how he could feel that way always. We gave him a Book of Mormon, taught about it and read from it. (It was a WONDERFUL experience!) Then the funny happened.. His friend walks up and starts to kind of bash Mormons and what not and says "Well as for me I stick to the REAL Bible." To which Crotez responded, "Yo man! Don't you dare put down this book. This is Jesus' Book! See, His name is on the cover, and look His name is on their tags.. its His church. Come on man." Never have I ever had someone we just met and taught briefly about the Book of Mormon then turn around and defend it and basically bear their testimony of its truthfulness. If that isn't the coolest thing, I'm not sure what is! It definitely shocked me and made me have a BIG ol' smile on my face! :)
We are still seeing lots and lots of miracles here in Johns Creek. What a blessing! :) We are continuing to teach Jeff, Ms. Hamilton, Q, and a few others who are really progressing. The joy that comes as you watch someone learn about the gospel and allow the Spirit to touch their heart is amazing. I'm thankful for each moment.
We stopped by to see a family that I've never met in my 3 months here and to our great suprise Brother Beckstrand was home. He is the complete definition of a retired rancher. Cowboy boots, hat, buckle, and plaid shirt. And oh my is he hilarious with the best stories! I feel like I've gone hunting/fishing a thousand times with how vivid his stories are.. haha. He was sad that his wife didn't get to meet us so they had us over for dinner a few days later. Sis Beckstrand teased/blamed Sis Neilsen and I for being the type of people who encourage her daughter to try jumping off bridges into rivers, glow in the dark hide-n-go-see etc. up at BYU-Idaho. :) They are just the sweetest and most loving people. They came to church this Sunday and asked us to come by their house each week to share a message. I already love them so much already, I can't wait to see them each week!
Well I think that's probably all I have for the week.. I can guess your eyes are burning from reading so much and you probably didn't read most of it.. haha :) Just kidding?! I hope :)
I hope you all know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I am thankful for the prayers you say for me, I can definitely feel them and I know they strengthen me to go just a little further each day. I love this work. It is exhausting and hard, but it is more than worth it. I am thankful for the gospel and for God's plan for families. I know without a doubt that He is aware of each of us and more happiness and joy than we can imagine planned to come our way.
Elder Nelson says "Ask the missionaries, they can help you!" And I don't know that we can always help, but I promise that we do our best to help! :) But speaking as a missionary.. can you do me a favor and "Ask the missionarie!" becuase they need your help.. We need your help. You'll never know how much your acts of service, smiles, or hugs can do to bless the lives of missionaires.
I love you all!!
Love, Sister Hamilton

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