Monday, August 12, 2013

Why Hello There!

Why Hello there everyone!
I hope you are all doing great, that everyone is healthy and happy and enjoying summer. Let me give you a recap of some of the highlights of the week.
We have had a few really powerful lessons this week. Its always a blessing when the teaching appointments you have end up like the ones described in D&C 50:22  "Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are aedified and brejoice together."
We are still teaching Jeff and this week we had a great lesson with him. We were teaching him the restoration and we taught him how Christ called apostles on the earth when He was setting up His church.  I then opened my mouth to keep going and saw myself teaching Jeff about how right after Christ died the apostles came together to call one more so there would be 12 (having to replace Judas). I honestly have never taught that in a lesson.. it just kind of came out of my mouth. We used that example to show how once the apostles have God's priesthood power and authority, they can call more apostles under the direction of Christ through revelation. As we then taught Joseph Smith's first vision we asked "Well Jeff, what do you think just happened?" He sat there in silence for a bit, then responded "I think Christ just called an apostle who could then call others." His sweet wife Mary says "Oh my goodness! So that's how we still have apostles today! That's amazing!" Honestly I can even feel the Spirit now as I can picture him really searching for an answer and allowing the Spirit to teach him. It really was a wonderful lesson. I learned so much. I am completely amazed each time the Spirit seems to just give me the words to say in the lessons.
On Tuesday Sister Nielsen and I were doing our companion study and going over our plans for the day when we both remembered we had told this woman, Eve, that we could come back this morning. Eve wasn't necessarily.. interested.. When we knocked on her door originally. She told us it wasn't a good time but that because we were God's servants she'd let us come back. I truthfully didn't think much of it. Sis Nielsen and I were debating whether or not to go.. thinking "well.. if she isn't there then we'll be early for district meeting.. we won't have a key.. so we'll be stuck in the parking lot." I know.. STUPID EXCUSE! You don't have to tell me.. I bet you are wondering if we went huh.. :) I'll tell you!
As we kept studying again at the same time we both just stood up and said "We have to keep our word.. We have to go." And off we went. Eve answered the door and thanked us for coming and let us in right away. She sent her oldest off to gather her other kids and sat down and talked to us. She said "I want to hear about the message you have. I know its important. I felt peace, even from just talking to you. Then as soon as I sent you away I felt completely guilty. And I prayed all week, especially this morning,  that you would show up. I wouldn't have blamed you if you didn't though.." I was shocked.. completely shocked! I didn't know people could feel the Spirit just from talking to us.. What was the best is after we said a prayer with her she smiled and with tears said "The peace is back, thank you." She asked us to teach her family next week. Aka tomorrow :) But we have a meeting.. so we went by today before emailing to see if we could change it. She was SO thankful to have us come by again and we got a different time set up to go tomorrow. We shared with her some scriptures and spent a lot of time just getting to know her children. It is perhaps one of the most special miracles I saw this week. God certainly is aware of His children.
We had "Mission Leadership Counsel" for 2 days this week (Thurs, Friday) for.. 7 hours both days. It was a lot, but it was really great. I learned SO much. Sis Nielsen took back some great ideas of what we can do to help the people living in our area who we work with and also what we can do to help our Sisters specifically.
One of the things President Wolfert trained us on was "praying for miracles, and then expecting them" So Sister Nielsen and I prayed for a miracle on Friday and then decided we better "expect" it. And let me tell you about the result.. :)
We went to see someone we were teaching and they weren't home. So we decided to stop what we were doing and look around. We figured Heavenly Father knew we would be going there so we needed to see the real reason we were in the area. We were about to leave but decided to go to one more block of homes. We met a woman, Roxanne, who was smoking and looked like she'd had a rough day. She allowed us to say a prayer with her and she said she felt so much peace afterward. As we were about to introduce the Book of Mormon I decided to switch things up a bit and show her the pictures and use them to show the stories of the Book of Mormon. We finished and she kept quiet for a bit.. Then as she was asking us questions about the resurrection she opened it back up to the picture of Christ in the Americas and said "This just opens a whole new world. This is amazing. Please tell me this is true." :) As we walked away we looked back and saw her reading the Book of Mormon. We'll be teaching her again this week. Truly a miracle! :)
Random story.. I carried a Korean Book of Mormon around with me at church today.. And one of our Korean members brought a Korean friend.. So I got to give it out! :) And She loved church and wants to learn more.. What a tender mercy! :)
I heart attacked someone for the first time on my mission.. Lots of Hearts taped to Ms. Hamilton's door :) And she loved it. #sistermissionaryforsure

Well that's probably all for now. A lot of people have decided to stop learning.. all at once so that's a little rough. But the Lord has blessed us to find more people to teach. I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to be a missionary.
I love you all! The mailbox is empty.. hint hint.. 
Sister Hamilton

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