Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My projects was better than yo' projects!

Hi Everyone!! :)
I live in a magical place where pixie dust covers cars, fences, and futters all around. And of course by Pixie Dust, I am referring to pollen that literally layers everything. Yes, bright yellow pollen is everywhere. I have never been so thankful in my life that I don't have allergies.
Did any of you get a chance to watch conference? I sure hope you did! Conference for missionaries is like going to the mid-night premier of Batman or Harry Potter aka its the most exciting thing in the world! I was so excited to watch each conference and cannot wait to reread the talks given. Its amazing how no matter where we are in life the words of the Prophets can touch our hearts and teach us how we can be better and how we can better lift others. I can't even begin to describe the warmness that filled my soul as I watched President Monson enter the Conference Center. I didn't have to be there to feel that power and know without a doubt that he is the Lord's Prophet in these days.
I loved the talks given. Sister Dalton's on the worth of women made me so happy to be a woman, not going to lie :) Elder Nealson's about "Catching the Wave" of missionary work specifically made me excited. Are you doing all you can to "Catch the Wave" of missionary work? We can all catch the wave differently, but what's important is we can all catch it. Some of us catch it by allowing a desire to spark within us to learn more, others can feed the missionaries, some go to lessons and teach with the missionaries, and some even serve missions themselves. One thing we all can do though is to be kind to each other and invite everyone we meet, through our examples, to come unto Christ to find His light and feel His love make a difference. Will you do that? I know you will becuase ALL of you already do this for me. You inspire me to do good, to serve, to love, to smile, and to be better. Thank you for "Catch[ing] the wave" and helping me.
This week has been great. P-Day was awesome! We went hiking around the Chattahoochie river and also saw some Civil War Ruins, (so the sign said..) haha It was really fun. After that we went and got ice cream. It was fun to just relax and do something different with my District. That day was like Marathon city.. I ran 2 miles that morning, we hiked for 3 hours and then we biked 12 miles.. Lets just say I slept REALLY well this week. We bike a lot, about 8 miles a day. But you know what they say.. Missionary work is WORK. :)
I sure love the people we are teaching so much. I don't have much time to tell you all about them but I will share this one experience we had with D'lan. D'lan wants to learn about the gospel so much and has a wonderful desire to follow Christ. We asked her if we could begin our lesson with a prayer to which she responded, "I hoped we would! bow yo' head, close yo' eyes. and don't laugh." Then proceeded to offer the prayer. It was so sincere and full of love. She thanked God for sending us to her and asked that the Lord would continue to help her to learn "how to be baptized into the Mormon church." How sweet is that!? :)  She told us she believes the things we are teaching her but has one problem right now, that her boss changed her schedule 2 weeks ago and she has to work every Sunday morning. She was so sad that she couldn't come to church and said she keeps begging her boss to let her work Friday so she doesn't have to work Sunday, but he won't change it. She then looked at us with eyes begging for help and asked, "Will y'all pray that my boss will let me have Sundays off? I think if we all pray together it might work." It was so sweet. So pray we will! Will you all please join us in that prayer? :) Thanks! You are the best!
Well everyone else we are teaching are wonderful and I love teaching them. 
I love you all! Thank you for your prayers. Have a wonderful week!
Sister Hamilton

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