Monday, April 29, 2013

"I love Jesus with all my heart, but I'm a do my own thang"

Hi MOM and DAD!! :) And Everyone else who reads these :)
First off, Thank you SOOOO much for all your support. I am so blessed to have you all in my life. Thank you for the letters and for all the help you give to me. Its nice to know I have so many great people behind me cheering me on while I'm a missionary! You're all so wonderful.
This week I learned what Elder Clayton meant when he said (in the MTC) "Soon you will become someones missionary. Not just a missionary. But SOMEONES missionary." It has been a blessing to feel love from those I teach, because I truly love them so much. I am thankful to be their missionary, and pray I can always live up to their gratitude and love.
My companion, Sister Young, said something to us this week as we were thinking about how blessed we have been in Paper Mill that has caused me to think a lot.. She said, "Sometimes people call missions a tithing for your life, because its about 10%. So you come out here and give the Lord everything you have to thank Him for the life He's given you. Then something remarkable happens.. He blesses you on your mission more than you could ever imagine.. I feel like I'll have to serve Him my entire life to thank Him for my mission." I couldn't agree more. I came here to try to help others find Christ and show them the way that the windows of heaven can be opened in their life for them to receive blessings, and in doing so I have been blessed more than words can describe.
Last week I told y'all there was a chance that I would be a trainer. Well it turns out that.. I was right. haha :) It also turns out that my feeling of not staying in Paper Mill was.. (unfortunately).. right. Man I'm good at guessing! Just kidding :) Seriously though, I have been called to train a new missionary, I don't know her name yet but I am sure she is great. She will enter the Mission Field tomorrow and have her first experience of missionary work as President puts them all on the MARTA *(aka GAs BART) and has them be a missionary. Oh.. the Marta.. haha :) So I'll pick her up bright and early Wednesday morning and then take her to our new area. I will be serving in the Johns Creek ward (still in the Roswell Stake) and will be opening that area.
Yesterday was Stake Conference, it was really great! I loved it and learned so much. AND DAD! I met you! Okay it wasn't you.. but I did meet a Mark E. Hamilton. This sweet old woman came up to me and said, "I want you to meet Brother Mark Hamilton" and took me to see him. (I thought to my self.. uh.. no.. its okay that's not allowed..haha) His family is from Auburn CA. Small world. Anyways, We were talking to some of our Paper Mill ward members and this man comes up and asks Sister Blaylock, "WHERE IS SISTER HAMILTON!?" I can't say I wasn't a little scared.. I thought "Oh no.. what did I do wrong.." Turns out he was the Ward Mission Leader in the Johns Creek ward where I'll be serving and the Zone leaders told him my name. He was SUPER nice and introduced me to many of the ward members there. They were all so kind and excited to have sisters in the ward!
Everytime he introduced me he'd say, "This is Sister Hamilton, she's coming to our ward. And did you know she's only been out 3 months and is training!? That's how we know she's a good one!" Each time I couldn't help but smile and think "Little does this man know.. almost every sister is training." I'm thankful for his kindness and enthusiasm. Now I just hope I can live up to his kind introduction of me. The Bishop told me that I'm an answer to their prayers because the ward has been asking for Sister Missionaries for years. In the past 20 years they have only had Sister's once, for 2 months until one of the sisters had to go home sick. The ward was so GREAT! I'm excited :) And it helps make leaving Paper Mill not as sad because I know the ward in Johns Creek is wonderful as well.
Now that the business is all taken care of it will be my pleasure to tell you about some of the great miracles which I have been blessed to witness this week. There are many of them, but I brought my journal so I'll try to determine which ones I should share.. Again.. forgive me for my crazy email and for being so scattered.
When I came to Paper Mill we didn't have anyone we were teaching, and all we did was find people through talking to everyone. It took weeks and weeks to find people who were somewhat interested. But one of the miracles I saw this week was having 3 people whom we are teaching tell me when I said I was being transferred "Sister Hamilton, promise me you'll be here for my baptism." It breaks my hear to leave this area after I saw it go from 0-amazing. We have so many people interested in learning and progressing toward making covenants (promises) with God. It is such a blessing, and I know that it happened because we didn't give up and the Lord blessed us. We did not find any single one of them without His help. There are people everywhere ready to hear the Gospel but just as Joseph Smith said, they are kept from the truth because they know not where to find it. I feel blessed to have helped people find the truth they had been looking for.
D'lan is learning and growing. She is such a strong woman of faith who I feel greatly blessed to know and have taught. She told each of us how our individual spirit says something different but all of them have touched her heart. You were probably wondering where the title of this email came from.. It came from her cute and genuine description of my own personality. I gave her the biggest hug and thanked her for being so wonderful. She told the elders that we are her "3 babies" and that she'll be praying that we get sent back here. :)
Rebecca too is such a woman of faith. Truly her example is remarkable and I learn so much from her. She has taught me so much. She says that we are "her angels" and she, is one of mine.
I would like to tell you quickly  of Joshua. We had a lesson with him and it was great, he has been trying to read the Book of Mormon but it is hard for him to understand. We invited him to start over, and we would come every few days to talk about what he learned and read some with him to help him. We were about to leave when Sister Blaylock felt she should ask him if he had any questions. He asked us a simple and wonderful question, "Are there any Brothers? I know you are all sisters.. but are there brothers as well?" We replied yes of course! And I thought he was going to ask to be taught by the Elders. When we asked him what he wanted to know about them his next question surprised me but filled my soul. He asked, "Well.. can you guys help me know how to be one? I'd like to be a brother." We all smiled and said "What a great question! Sure we can help you!" I was blessed with the opportunity to invite him to be baptized, which he accepted. He said he will continue to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, and that he wants to join the church and serve a mission. I have learned so much from teaching him. My heart is full from the blessings I am able to see from stopping my bike and opening my mouth. I know its what I have been called to do, share the gospel with everyone. I hope and pray I can always do my best to talk to everyone I can and invite them to come to Christ.
We have met some of the nicest people this week! Here are a couple:
Jennafer: When we told her we were Representatives of Jesus Christ she said "Really?! I've been waiting for you! Please come in." Before we left she said "I knew you would come, I have something for each of you." She gave us all scripture tassels for our bible to mark pages they have cross gems on them. So sweet! She also gave us a beautiful photograph which she titled "Majesty"
Mohsina: We talked to hear at the door, she kindly told us she was Muslim and not interested. But the more we talked she said "You have such wonderful spirits please come in." She fed us dinner and gave us beautiful dresses of hers from India. She is possibly the nicest woman I have ever met. I feel blessed to know her.
Well Its been a wonderful week! I am so excited to go to Johns Creek! I love you all and if you do have time.. letters are always wonderful.. hint hint :)
I love you!
Sister Hamilton

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