Monday, February 4, 2013

MTC Week Numero Uno!!

My Dear Family and Friends, 

Please endure this letter with me as I write all the funny and sarcastic remarks I am not allowed to say in the MTC. :) 

Let me paint a beautiful picture for you of what the MTC is like... The MTC is a magical place. I rest my head to sleep at night promptly at 10:30 pm. When the lights are turned off our room turns into Disneyland with a Katy Perry sponsored Fire Work show as our sheets and blankets create sparks from the static. We also live the Katniss dream here as we survive the Hunger Games. I do mean quite literal hunger games.. we are hungry all day long. They place us in districts (I'm in District 5.. look it up), and each night before bed read names of individuals over the loud speakers. There is no need to fret, these Elders and Sisters do not die, they merely get their visas approve and get to leave this magical place. The food is never ending, every Elders dream, except for one Elder in my District who is afraid of getting fat. Last but not least, the MTC is like the CIA building! How cool is that. No one in or out without a handy dandy name badge with a key code in it (Dad, its just like ones for the Jail..haha..). Plus, no need for cameras to watch over, you have a companion next to you at all times except for the bathroom. 

If you couldn't tell I'm having a hard time being serious all the time. All day I think of these funny things to say and often times I do and they are followed by a quick "SISTER HAMILTON!" from my companion, who then politely asks me to be more serious and focus on the work. Mom and Dad, I promise I am focused on the work. I just want to enjoy my time here, and sometimes a joke is needed when you have been studying all day.

Let me give you a brief synopsis of my time here thus far because there are lots of people waiting to use the computer here in the Laundry room. 

Each day we wake up at 6:30 I have surprisingly been the first one ready EVERY DAY. And so today I decided I earned 10 minutes of laying in bed time, where I still ended up being the first one ready. Weird right? I am just trying to remember to be patient and not annoyed when we are a few minutes late to things. 

My district is one of the first districts in the history of the MTC to be 50% 50%. We have 6 elders and 6 sisters. Myself, my companion, and one other sister are going to GA while the rest in our District are going to KY, there is another district that got here the same day as us that is all going to GA. So in all we have 8 Elders and 6 Sisters going to GA. I love my district, we have a lot of fun. Our teachers told us "Work hard, play hard, and enjoy the MTC" So that is what we are trying to do. I'm really thankful for studying so much at college because it really helped me to be able to focus all day in a classroom studying. We literally get to a classroom by 7:30 and don't leave until bed time. its the same class room each day, thank goodness it has one window and a blue wall. We have a BEAUTIFUL view of... another building. Again, bare with the sarcasm. :) 

Thursday was good, just class and orientations. We met our Branch Pres, he's awesome. Gym time today was great. I met a Herma going to Brazil and she could only use her mission language so I had fun picking out the words that sounded like spanish and trying to speak to her. It actually worked and we talked for about 10 minutes! Success! :) I always look for someone to talk to in other languages just to hear them practice and have variety in my life. Also I write with a million colored pens because its the only thing different I can do. (Now I realize I might sound like a downer, I'm not I promise, it is really good, and I'm happy! Its just very regumented and scheduled.) 

Friday was much better than Thursday. We went to class at 7:30am and had a million hours of study time. We were supposed to have orientation but it got canceled so we literally studied from 7:30 till lunch at 11:30. It was good, I learned a lot. Studied some spanish to break up the time. That was fun, as always :) After Lunch we had another hour of personal study and then class until dinner at 4:30. After dinner we had class until 8:30. After class was over our schedule had been changed but they hadn't told us what we were supposed to do. So we asked our teacher if we could go back to our residence even though its not allowed until 9:30. When we told her of our day she said "Oh ya! You worked hard, you deserve it! Go write in your journals and relax, write home and just have fun." That was BEAUTIFUL! It was so nice to an hour and a half to just do what you wanted. (30 min for Comp planning). We got mail on friday so it was fun to be made fun of from the district for having the MOST LETTERS. I got almost 20. :) Thanks everyone! Thanks for using I got them and had so much fun reading them with my extra time. It was great. I promise to write you back when I have time. Perhaps tonight because its P-Day.

Today we had class in the morning and then a Sister is sick so I went to relieve her companion and so I was in our room for 4 hours just studying. She slept most the time. When she woke up we went on a walk and she let me speak some spanish to her. Really its like my guilty pleasure :) So that was fun. Now I'm writing you! woot woot!! :) 

Well I have to go, my 30 minutes is up. I can't figure out how to load pictures so I'll try next week. It's weird being called Sister Hamilton all the time. No one knows my name here... its so weird! Well, life is good. I'm happy and getting used to my new life. My district is great, no complaints with my companion, she is sweet. It's nice that we hang out with all the girls from our district prettty much all the time so its just like having roommates. Sorry for the typos, I'm typing crazy fast. 

Last but not least, as Lindseys letter asked... how is the food??? It is..... drum roll please... GROSS. Ya.. Its okay though, the fruit is seriously amazing. I have eaten my weight in fruit everyday I'm pretty sure. And I have peanut butter and crackers every night.

Also a special shout out to James Peter Grant for sending me doughnuts! Thanks so much James! And Elder Murray sent me some scotcheroos(?). They were good. If you are going to send me food you are way nice. Please send me goood stuff because I dont eat much.. Beef Jerky would be nice, Mom.

Oh, and.. The Church is true. I love studying it. It's amazing how fast the spirit comes when you give a simple testimony. We have taught twice so far and I love it. 

Okay I love you!!


Sister Hamilton

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