Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Week Two is here!

Family and Friends, 

Another week has gone by here at the MTC and I have learned SO much! 

I have learned that God truly is good and He blesses his missionaries with His Spirit more than I could have imagined. His spirit is always with us testifying of the things we say when we teach. It's amazing how bearing a simple testimony of Gospel truths can bring the spirit like "WHAMM" (Word coined by my Branch President). But seriously, it's remarkable that when we testify in lessons, in class, or just in conversation His spirit will come because it's the Spirits job to do so.

I have also learned why missionaries love mail and packages so much. It is always nice to read about the "real world" during tiny breaks or right before bed. I absolutely love hearing about the things you are doing or want to do. Thank you to everyone who has written. Special thanks to Tamazine and Mom who have written me every day without fail so far! Woot Woot! Seriously you guys are the best! Its always nice to know, come dinner time, I will have at least two letters to read. Shout out to Tamazine for also sending me a much needed package of Cheez-its and other treats! Those, along with mom's beef jerky have definitely become my go-to dinners now. Thank you so much! 

We teach a lot! Like 2-3 lessons a day. Its great! When we aren't teaching, we are studying, and when we aren't studying we are probably goofing off. :) What.. everyone needs a little fun in their life! My district is awesome. The elders have a hard time staying focused, but hey! can you blame them? I am always impressed that when it is time to focus, they get right down to business and they teach with such a great spirit and are able to testify so profoundly. It's amazing! I have definitely learned so much from them. We sisters of the district get along pretty great, its basically like having roommates. And one of them is obsessed with you and they follow you everywhere you go. Get it? Haha I always forget that I'm supposed to follow my companion when she stands up to leave the classroom, so I usually refer to myself as the lost puppy dog and then jump up to follow her. Honestly though sometimes that's what it feels like, I'm a little puppy following someone no matter what. It's kind of hard to do. Not going to lie, I look forward to gym time so I can be by myself. My companion is nice and we get along just fine, its just hard to always have to be next to someone. 

With that said, I have been learning a lot about why we need companions and I cant imagine trying to teach without one. I am always amazed how our ideas mesh and build on each other. And this is only week two! Craziness! I can only imagine how it will feel when we are in real life (aka out of the magical land of missionaries).

We teach our teachers who act as investigators, both of them are progressing a lot and even though I know its not really I still love them and want them to continue to get to know their Savior. We also taught an inactive woman from Tonga, that time teaching felt more real. She was so sweet and had such a pure testimony. She doesnt go to church because she was called horrible names when she first moved to America in LA. She said whenever she goes back to Tonga she attends church because she feels welcome. We would all do well to learn from her experience and realize that our own actions toward others really can have a profound impact on their lives. Try to remember that others want to feel welcome and have a friend. I know that by doing so the world would be a better place. 

My companion has been very sick the past few days so I have been spending a lot of time taking her to and from the clinic and residence halls. Poor thing. It has definitely changed the dynamic of our companionship because she always feels like death. I mean I get it though, being sick totally sucks. She has been sleepign a lot yesterday and today so hopefully she will start feeling better. President gave me permission to be in a tricompanionship with Sister Blaylock and Sister Dickerson. That is SOO much fun. We just laugh and have fun but everything works out well and when we teach or even role play the spirit is there so strong. I learn so much from them.

I am still the last one out of bed and first one ready in the morning! woot woot!! Who would have guessed it :) Oh And random WAYYY exciting fact. When I got here I could only do 5 push-ups, yes I know weak sauce. But I have been working  on them every day and doing weights and now I can do 20 real men push-ups! yes, be impressed :) I know I am. Sister Heywood and I are having a competition to see who can do the most by the time we leave. I will win :)

I see Hermana Pickett (Lexi) every day at all the meals and I love it. It is such a blessing to see her and to just talk and have fun. Sister Cheung got here this week and I have seen her a lot too! It's a small world here in the MTC. Oh, and it happend, I got sister Hamilton's mail.. woops! :) Make sure if you write me, it's Mailbox #368 so she doesn't get my mail :) 

Happy Late birthday to Tamazine and happy birthday (today!) to Kristin!! Yay for birthdays!! :) 

Walking around the temple is awesome, every time we leave the MTC grounds I scream.. "FREEDOM!!!" :) It's so beautiful right now, which is nice. Although I do miss the signs "do not slip on the ice. You will fall and break your leg." haha ya that's real. 

Alright time to get back to being a missionary. Write me! And I promise to try to write you back!

I love you all. Life is good but the food is way gross. Just thought I'd state that again :) However, thanks to you guys and the treats and food you are sending me I am not losing too much weight. So THANKS!!! :) 

God is great, I love being apart of His work, and wish you all the best.

With Love, 
Sister Hamilton

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