Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"Apply SON screen to avoid a SIN burn"

What up Family!! :)
Please take a second to take in that glorious church sign. :) I really think that is one of the things I will miss so much about the South. How on earth do they get so creative? haha 

We've seen a lot of miracles which has been a total blessing and overall I'm thrilled. Life's really really really great. Today I saw one miracle in particular that made me super happy so I'm going to share it first. :)
Once upon a time I had a roommate named Lulu.. who was from Marietta Georgia whose family went to a Spanish branch. And I tried to track her/her family down for 17.5 months so that I could see her. No luck. Sisters would tell me they saw her I'd ask them to give her my email, pretty sure they never did.. And alas.. no Lulu for Hamilton. Then this morning we were at breakfast with the Kings (la Familia Reyes) :) and Chi asked me to type my name into her Facebook so she could add me as a friend. She was then looking on my Facebook and said "Wait.. how do you know her?" Pointing to a picture of Lulu and I. We talked and next thing I know we're taking a picture and she's messaging it to Lulu who responds and they have a nice little chit chat. :) Lulu says she's going to come to church to see me. 17.5 months of searching TOTALLY worth it. I am SOO excited to see a face from home! :)
Other items of business that I have to talk about now so I don't forget. This is for you Paul, so listen up! I have learned how to make the best "Chile" ever. You are going to LOVE it. So.. You need to have the following ingredients ready for me when I get home so that I can teach you and you can love it as much as I do. Its seriously delicious on EVERYTHING. So.. 10 habaneros, 3 limes, 1 red onion, 1 bushel of cilantro, white rice vinegar, and olive oil. I don't think I'm forgetting anything.. And Heidi, yes I am getting lots of good recipes and learning so I can share :)

I went to the Drs this week for my first "annual" skin check, since I had to have the mole and such taken out. Best and funniest response from Dr. Raman "Well good news. No cutting today!" Uh.. thanks? haha You could have just said "everything looks great!" So I'm all good and don't have to have that.. experience.. for another year :)
Okay so back to some real missionary stuff.. Like always the week seems like a total blur and I have no clue what happened what day or where to start. So let me start with the World Cup. I kept hearing about how it was opening up so many doors for missionaries all over the place and quite frankly I just didn't believe them. Because we always got one of two responses.. 1. NO response at all or 2. The games on can you come a different time? Cool. Well we were tracting on Saturday and this family answers the door I say family because I'm pretty sure there were like 5 people. And the game was on but the game put them in such a good mood they ALL came out to talk to us. First those 5.. then a ton of kids.. then Abuela.. then more.. and more.. haha Next thing we know we're all having to yell to talk because everyone is just so happy. We asked if we could say a prayer so the cute old Abuelo yells to have everyone be quiet so we can say a prayer with all of them. What?? Did that really just happen? Why yes. And yes I am still in shock. So that was my world cup miracle story and it actually was about the church, not just me getting a sneak peak at the game :)
Let me tell you about Elizabeth and her family because they are totally another miracle of our week. We got her information from other sister missionaries who tracted into her and her family, but the thing was I knew I had knocked on that door before. Mom, you know how I am about remembering numbers and such.. I just knew that address. So when we got there and I saw her son who we had met a few weeks before I remembered.. We had met him while his mom was teaching Zumba and I had the strongest feeling we needed to go back. And we had once but no one was there.. It was so amazing to see the Lord provide a way for us to meet them again and start teaching them. Its amazing how perfect His plans are.
So we taught them and they are just awesome! We were able to teach the family twice last week and are teaching them again tomorrow. They didn't come to church but lets be honest.. A lot of the branch members didn't even stay for all of it because of the World Cup haha. I was really thankful to be able to teach them and contribute in the lesson. Its always the BEST DAY EVER when I can actually speak and teach. Remember, some days the language is easy others its ROUGHSKIES! :) But most of all I'm thankful that the Lord provided us a way to go back again and teach that family.
One night we were tracting and a sweet woman Lucy. She let us right in and within a few minutes tears streamed down her face. She told us how we came right at her breaking point and she didn't know how much further she could go. She's so worried about her daughter who still lives in Mexico with her husband and baby and was just sad. A big blessing was that she was actually taught by missionaries a few years ago so she let us in right away because she recognized our tags. The Lords timing really is simply beautiful!
Let me finish off this gem of a letter with telling the story of the wonderful birthday party for the one and only Juanita :) It was our dinner for the night so that was awesome! :) haha I especially loved when everyone sang Las MaƱanitas and things went CRAZY. I even took a video it was so funny. Then poor Juanita basically shoved her own cake in her face so that Hmo Tonini didn't do it to her. haha I also was attacked by cake and it landed in my eye. cool. Really though, I just love these people. I love that you can see that they are each others family. They are absolutely amazing examples of pure love and service and I learn so much from them. I cannot imagine my mission without them. If nothing else, I was here to learn spanish so that I could learn from their love and example.
I love you all!! have a great week!!!
Hermana Hamilton
P.S. Scott and Chelsea! Happy Anniversary and thanks for the marriage package.. HAHAH I LAUGHED SOOO HARD. #17months #classy :) I loved it. I didn't believe my companion that it was really for me. Very nice! :)

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