Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"Ma'am! What did you do to your leg?"

Hey y'all! 

I have had one of the weirdest weeks.. On one hand it took forever, and on the other I feel like its gone so fast that I don't think I ever left this computer chair. I know what y'all are thinking.. "I reckon Sister Hamilton's gone crazy!" And I reckon I have a bit.. :) At the moment it seems I am like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, simply waiting for the big tornado to hit. Although unlike Dorothy each time I am abruptly uprooted I don't find myself saying "there's no place like home" because each new place I go to feels like home and I love each town/city as much as the rest. I'm sure we won't be uprooted with these tornado's, although I am curious to see if and where they touch down, but who knows if I'll be spared from the tornado called transfers in a couple of weeks :) 

In case you couldn't understand facts within that metaphor.. We have tons of tornado warnings this week and we'll have some sever storms so that'll be an adventure. Sister Smith is excited to hear the tornado sirens for the first time.. haha Its her duty to listen for the sirens, since in the storm I can't hear them very well. And its my job to tell her when the sky turns green as she's color blind and might not realize :) We're so ready! haha 

I have my student teaching interviews tomorrow, please keep me in your prayers that it all goes well! Please and thank you! :)

So last time I emailed I had a minor surgery thing done on my leg that morning.. I'm not sure why it didn't quite sink in that having a chunk taken out of the back of my calf would make it difficult to walk.. uh duh! It has proved to be much harder than I thought and the recovery definitely is NOT as fast as I want it to be. I have this ginormous bandage on the back of my leg.. and its not uncommon for people to say "Ma'am! What did you do to your leg?" as we're walking away from their door. Its often not uncommon for me to respond quickly and nonchalantly "shark bite." Haha Oh the looks I get :) I often laugh to myself when they say "Oh darlin' you need to sit down. I'll let you go so you can get some rest." And I think, or we could rest with you right there on your front porch. Nevertheless, all is well :)  I guess I overdid it one day and so the Sister Training Leaders came the next day and played musical baby sitter. Every couple of hours they'd trade who got to sit with me while Sister Smith went out and worked with them.. haha Its okay, you can all laugh. I know I did all day when I would look at them and say "Okay, I can't take it anymore. Lets go." and they'd say "oops, Sister so-n-so has both sets of car keys." Keeping me trapped inside, the little sneaks! haha 

We had fun teaching the Spencers again this week. We taught the Word of Wisdom mostly and I thought it was so cute that as we taught Sister Spencer kind of gasped and said "I didn't know all this.. why didn't anyone tell me sooner.. I could have been much healthier.." She said a beautiful prayer for strength to stop drinking Coffee and not need an electronic cigarette anymore. At church one of men of the congregation came up to Sister Spencer and asked her which church she attends (probably meaning which church she used to attend) She responded with total sass "I go here." HAHA :) He just laughed and said "Good, the more the merrier, we're so happy to have you!" You go Sister Spencer! :) And then when she saw our dinner calendar being passed around she said to the woman sitting next to her "I don't have to sign up to feed them, I just text them and say "get over here, suppers on the table." haha :) I LOVE HER!! It is such a blessing to watch her faith and understanding of the scriptures grow. She's starting to participate in our Sunday School class and is making a lot of friends at church, what a miracle :)

We went back to see Brother Wood, the cute old grandpa we teach from time to time. He actually looks a lot like President Eyring, and we told him that and he said "Well that's not my fault" and we just laughed and laughed as we explained it was a good person for him to look like. haha He's just such an adorable old man. He was happy to report that he has read all of 1 and 2 Nephi, but he's a little disappointed because its written more like the Old Testament, and he loves the New Testament most. So we explained more about the timeline of the Book of Mormon and then read part of 3 Nephi with him. He absolutely loved it and said "Now that is where I want to get to! Just a few hundred pages to go!" 

**So I still have the hiccups.. right.. 10 months and counting. Well this woman just sat up in the computer lab and said "That's it! Who has the Hiccups!?" I just laughed and raised my hand, she told me I needed to go stand upsidedown in the corner. Apparently she used to make her students do it and it worked.. I said "oh darn.. I'm in a skirt, but next time I'll wear pants so I can try." Her response you ask? "Oh hunny it don't matta, we're all girls. I won't look." HAHAHA I love all the different hiccup remodies I get from people on a daily basis. So entertaining :) **

Anyways, as for the rest of the week. We were able to do a ton of following up with people we have met in the past and got a few return appointments, that was definitely a blessing from the craziness of my bum leg. We had a great time with Sister Connolly a woman who was baptized in August. She's so funny and I love how excited she is to tell more people about the gospel and get ready to go to the temple. We met a woman named Tammy, she's a member but hasn't been in 20+ years, who owns a womens self defense company. She offered to give us some free classes and maybe even some "disguised" weapons.. NICE! haha We are starting to work with a Sister from the Spanish Branch, Sister Norma :) She wants to learn english better so she asked if she could come out with us to some of our appointments and asked if we could teach her the missionary lessons in english so that we all can practice. We went by their home and me the family, they are so sweet! I am excited to have her coming with us to appointments. She said "I may not remember how to say my name in English, but I will never forget my testimony." She's so sweet! 

Last thing to report on, did I ever tell you about a woman named Lisa? Well she rides the bus each day to midtown (ATL) with our Bishop and a few weeks ago he asked us to visit her, so we did and it was wonderful! She put in her calendar to come to church with us yesterday, and it was amazing to have to walk in the church doors and sit with us :) She told everyone that she wants to adopt us and plans to come back to church when she gets back in town. Just another little miracle, they are seriously all around! 

To finish off this email I'll tell you something that Pomai, a woman teaching relief society, said as she was comparing the joy of the gospel to her favorite pie. She said, or should I say she more like yelled.. "I'm on this hastening the work kick.. because I'm like I want you to have your own favorite pie!" And then she laughed and said.. "I guess I sound kind of silly.. but I mean, if they don't want their own pie, I at least want them to taste mine." 

Yup Pomai.. I get it! There is so much joy availale through the gospel I jsut want everyone to taste it and then get their very own favorite pie. Its available for all of us. And the fruit of the gospel is so amazing and good! 

I love you all!! Have a great day!!
Sister Hamilton

P.S. here's some pictures.. ones old.. didn't take many pictures this week.. only of a fire and my stitches.. and I don't think everyone wants to see  that.. just mom :) 

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