Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"He Healed Me"

Hey Everyone! 

I've had a pretty good week, and hope you have too! Let me try to update you on the whirlwind of a week I've had. Let me just start by saying it really is amazing how much I absolutely love the people here. I know what you're thinking "there she goes again.." but its true. I love the people here so much, its hard to explain. Their hugs and smiles mean the world to me. 

Sister Smith and I
Last night we had dinner at the Dokos' and their grandma from Blue Ridge was here. For those of you who don't know, Blue Ridge is very north Georgia it's the mountains and little towns up there.. And the people there have the thickest and best accents ever! :) As Nanny talked with me I just tried to memorize her face, the wrinkles, the no teeth, the light in her eyes, love in voice.. I wanted to take it all in. Sister Smith thought she was speaking a different language because her accent was so thick.. and I just thought it was music. :) I am not a perfect missionary.. But when I go home at least I will be able to know that I loved these beautiful people with all that I have. 

Let me tell you about another who has just stolen my heart. She is Sister Spencer's daughter, I'll call her Annie. Annie is 9 years old today! Woot woot! Since we started teaching them a few weeks ago Annie has started to change, just like her mom. Sister Spencer said that she now keeps her room clean, doesn't argue, and is just happier all round. Annie LOVES church and the activities on Wednesday. In fact, yesterday they were late for church because Sis
ter Spencer was sick but Annie wanted to go so bad that she got dressed with a fever and came so that Annie could come. Annie texts us everyday and now loves to say the prayer when we come over. And she gives great hugs! She and her mom are working toward being baptized and love the new family they have found within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

Sis Spencer was really sick this week and so we brought over some people from the church including some of the men to give her a priesthood blessing. She prayed with all of us and the Spirit was so strong! We went by the next day to check in on her, she was completely up and about feeling good. She told us how she felt so much peace yesterday and said "Want to know a secret? The reason I'm so happy today is because, I still feel it!" I'm so thankful for the Spirit of peace and comfort that comes into our lives as we strive to follow Christ and learn of Him. 

Helen and her grandma came to church again this week :) She gave me a big hug and said "I told you we'd be here for now on." haha Love that honesty! They're doing well, church 2 weeks in a row, and came to an activity this week. We have been really blessed lately to be working with so many wonderful people, both members of the church and not. 

Sister Henderson is a woman who comes to church usually about once every 3 months. And my oh my is she awesome! That woman is full of attitude and spunk and I love it! We've been visiting her more often and doing some service for her :) As I was speaking in church yesterday I saw her come in the back (two weeks in a row mind you) but when she saw me she walked out. At first I thought.. Yikes! What'd I say! But then the next thing I knew she came in the front doors and sat down on the front row giving me the biggest grin. Best thing ever! 

Let me tell you a story about the House family. We thought we had dinner with them.. Turns out it was actually the Halls.. but the L's were connected making a U.. and HAUS is House in German.. so when Sister Smith read it to me she said "house" and so I called the House family up you know saying I saw that they signed up to have us over for dinner etc.. Whoops! Well the Elders were the ones who gave us their humber and they said "why do you need it? Bro House doesn't like Sisters.. And you know what I thought? Sweet! Another Challenge! I love making people fall in love with Sister Missionaries :) Its kind of a goal of mine. 

My Dixon girls! :) 
I need to give credit where credit is due.. So credit ultimately goes to Grandma Smith who taught mom the importance of thank you notes, who then engraved it in my brain. I'm basically obsessed with Thank-yous. We "hide" one in every house we go to for dinner so they find it after we leave. I mean, they do so much in having us over for dinner the LEAST I can do is leave a note you know? Well we did that for the House's and apparently they were really impressed. We saw Bro House at the Dixons later that week and he pulled his phone out to show the Dixons a picture of the thank you we left and said "My wife said this is why Elders can't quite keep up with the Sisters" hehe :) Sister Dixon then went on about how she always finds notes from me in her purse etc. So I guess Grandma was right.. thank you notes really make a difference! :)

The title of this email comes from a sweet woman we met tracting.. As we told her we were representatives of Jesus Christ she grabed our hands and said "He healed me" What a powerful spirit that brought! Just as He healed Janine, He can heal all of us as we turn to Him. 

I hope all of you women and girls watched the General Womens meeting. Wasn't it remarkable! Oh my goodness I LOVED it! It was amazing, I can't wait to read it and watch it again. I just felt so full of love during the whole thing. So amazing! :) 

I'm so excited to watch General Conference this weekend. Are you!? Remember, watch one more session than you did last time! And have a question in mind that you want the Lord to answer as you listen. I promise that if you pray about that question that the Lord will answer your prayer/question thruogh the Spirit and words of His chosen leaders. 

One of the things that I have always learned the most from President Monson is to never let a prompting go without acting on it. Unfortunately you don't often know that you are acting on promptings until you find one that you didn't act on quite as fast as you should have. And unfortunately I had that experience this week.. I try to always be willing to throw out the plans when either my companion or I feel there is something else we need to do. For weeks I have had this name coming to my mind.. and always put them in the planner to go see.. but something always seemed to come up and it never happened. Well then our Bishop and Relief Society President suggested we go see that exact person (not knowing I've been thinking of them for weeks). So we went and saw this sister this past week. My heart broke as I saw the pain in her eyes and loneliness. How could I have not gone when I first felt we should? Why on earth did I make the Lord have to have two people tell me to go see her.. Shouldn't the Still Small Voice had been enough? I gave her the biggest hug and apology that I could.. 

I'm not telling you that story to make you feel sorry for me.. so you can say "ya but you did this and this right.." I tell you it so hopefully you can learn from my mistake.. Please don't ever ignore a prompting. As children of God we are here to help each other.. If you have a good thought, something nice to do for someone, just do it.. don't question the source. You'll NEVER regret following it! However, you will regret not following it when more of the bigger picture is revealed. 

There definitely are hands to lift, hearts to cheer, and hugs to give all around us. I hope that all of us will be the type of people that the Lord doesn't have to wonder if we will follow, but He can trust us to be His heart and hands here on earth. I pray each day to be better at following, at acting without being asked, to be a true disciple. 

I love you all just as much as I love the people here! I hope you have a great week! 

Sending love and smiles! 
-Sister Hamilton

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