Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Now.. It's Everything

Hey hey!
I hope you are all doing great and that you had a fun and WARM week! My week was crazy.. seriuosly a whirlwind.. On one hand I feel like so much happened and that it has been a month since I last wrote to you.. and on the other I feel like I blinked and just so happened to be in a completely different library. Darn this whole time-warp thing..
Sister Harris and I :)
Y'all are probably all wondering about how I'm adjusting to my new area etc.. I've got 3 words for you.. I LOVE IT! I would say "It's the best" but we all know that saying will always stay in Johns Creek.. But hey! Paper Mill, Coal Mountain, and Allatoona are pretty close! :) My new companion is Sister Harris from.. SANDY UT. Yup, just down the street (or up?) from Mom and Dad. Actually, super close to Paul and Lindsey. Small stinkin' world. Sister Harris is hilarious and we've been having a lot of fun! She's been out 3 months so its pretty exciting, I think it will be really fun to watch as she kind of breaks out of the "i'm being trained mode" and realizes the potential she has. 

So.. Leaving Coal Mountain was rough.. Okay, that was dramatic. But it really was hard. I love the people there so much! The Lord was so good to me last week and blessed me to see so many miracles before I left to go to Allatoona. Here are some of the things that happened before: 
  • Georgia reached a record low temp of 6 degrees.. YIKES! Thank goodness I still had my coat from the MTC which I haven't used since then.. But you want to know what is completely crazy?? 3 days later it was back up to 65. This place is nuts! haha 
  • We taught Misty and her kids about Christ's love. It was so amazing as I told the kids about Christ's miracles and they were just in awe, Jack even said "Wait.. this is real?" haha what a cute 9 year old! We were able to help clear up some of their questions and the whole family said they'll be there at church :)
  • We taught Barbara and Kelsey, it was wonderful. Barbara was NOT happy to hear I would be transfered and she gave me the biggest hug and said "I don't care what anyone else says, your whole mission was to find me, and help me feel hope and love." I love her! 
  • Sister Berg made us breakfast and then drove us to transfers and Jackson came up to eat with us.. so I teased him a bit and said "Jackson.. just admit it.. you loved us teaching you the lessons and you're going to miss me." To which he responded immediately "Yup! But don't think I came upstairs to say bye.. I just came up for breakfast.. Mom doesn't ever make me breakfast anymore." ah HA! I knew it! I knew deep down he liked us coming over and teaching the missionary lessons. :) I'll totally count it as a win! 
Now here's a quick rundown on Allatoona: 
  • This area is seriously TINY! I'm in Woodstock and Ackworth, but the geographic area we cover is so small.. yet is has SOOO many streets.. Its kind of overwhelming to be honest.. Dare I say it? I offically love the country! I miss the farm land, gravel roads, and accent. 
  • One time I made fun of Sister Pabst for not hearing the Southern accent.. Well.. Sister Harris told me before we went into a home "oh he has a super thick accent!" Well.. Ya.. I didn't hear it until I really focused.. I guess I'm so used to it now its just second nature.. Georgia Georgia Georgia.. 
  • We are teaching the Dixons, a super sweet family. Like seriously I love them already! Their older daugther got baptized on the 4th and now the rest of the family (mom, dad, and sister) want to be baptized as well :) So we are teaching them the lessons and helping them pick a date they want to work toward to get baptized. One thing Sister Dixon said that was so cute was this.. "When Emma first started going to the Mormon church 6 months ago I looked into it.. I didn't mind because it taught the same things I believed and just a little more which I figured there was no harm in." We asked how she felt now.. to which she responded after a long pause with tears in her eyes and said "Now.. its everything." I too know its everything.. When we center our life on the Savior Jesus Christ and His teachings.. it becomes everything and we have so much more peace and love in our lives. I'm not sure there are better moments than watching others come to see that too. 
  • President and Sister Wolfert spoke in our church service yesterday. As they were speaking I kept having scriptures and thoughts come to my mind of things I would like to say to the congregation.. Weird right? Well it continued and then I had the thought "You're going to speak next." Which is crazy because they already announced all the speakers and the time was running out.. Well when Brother Collins came to the stand to announce the closing hymn he said "Before we sing, Bishop Hailstone would like Sister Hamilton to come to the stand and address us for a few minutes and share her testimony. Say WHAT?? Did that just happen?? Why yes it did.. Yikes! 
I am so thankful for the whisperings of the Spirit and the peace that they bring to my soul. I am thankful that the gospel has become my everything. I know that when we allow it to be our everything life becomes more JOYOUS! Its a real thing! :) 

Thank you for all that you do to support me. I appreciate all the prayers and letters :) 

Have a great week! I love you!
Sister Hamilton

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